Kirby and the Mirror's Return
Publisher(s) BigBony Hand
Platform(s) N/A
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, Puzzle
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It was all over when Dedede smashed the Dimension Mirror, right? That's what everyone thought. But the Mirror was a link to another world, and no world is destroyed that easily. Funny things start happening. Mirrors everywhere started swirling purple, and the aura floated out the doors and windows. Worst of all, Maxim tomatoes started dissapearing! Luckily Kirby found Shadow Kirby in his house's cupboard, who explained everything. Another adventure was about to take place!


Kirby: Kirby is playable as always. He has a few new moves as fighter, and a few new Copy Abilities.

Shadow Kirby: Shadow Kirby is playable for the first time in Co-op and the all-new Mirror Mode!

Magolor: After using the Master Crown power to revive himself, he still wears it, but it only boosts powers. He helps Kirby in turn for the fun in Magolor Race.

King Dedede: Trying to patch stuff up with Kirby, King Dedede helps his usual rival out. He also wants to see the Mirror World.

The Squeaks: You can play as any Squeak, and can change between them. Story is fighter equivalent, Spinni is Sword eqivalent, squeakers are the bomb eqivalent, Storo is the Fighter equivalent and Doc is the UFO/Jet equivalent.


Story mode: Play as Kirby and friends through the game, eventually destroying the mirror.

Race: Kirby-Kart is now a thing! Heaps of unlockable characters, from Taranza to Winged Eggers!


Concept of Waddle while Waiting's gameplay

Waddle while Waiting: Waddle Dees and Doos star in an all new rhythm based, paint styled rope game. More of Dedede's minions are unlockable.

Mirror Mode: More enemies, puzzles and tricks you've never seen before! Play as shadow Kirby or the evil Dark Meta Knight with different goals!

Shiny!: The Squeaks need more gold! Play through the levels, but harder and more chests filled with more sparkly goodness and collectibles.


The Dimension MirrorSummons enemies, fires energy, slaps hands, summons black holes, makes swords and slashes, summons pillars of spikes in varying directions and puts anyone to sleep within a quart of the screen.The Mirror's using it's powerful dark magic to defeat Kirby! It must win! It will not accept defeat! Never!
Dethskullk KingFires energy orbs, hits Kirby with hands, rams Kirby, laser beams from eyes and does other attacks with hands, from the Master and Crazy Hand duo.That's it! The Dethskullk King wants revenge. Using his vast fortune, he got some upgrades!
BlockdupPillars of blocks in varying directions, punch and throwing, flying press and skids, but quickly regains balance.Blockdup doesn't want anything with Kirby. He just looked at him funny...
'Mazing MummySlaps hands, rotates arena, summons Super Mumbies, shoots lasers, unwraps (slapping Kirby) and fires necrom energy from chest.A sleeping monolith, disturbed by ruckus and energy caused by the Dimension Mirror
Mazing Mummy
Sandstorm KrackoSummons sandstorms, drills Kirby, swoops, summons Sandons (sand minions) and creates other wind/sand related problems.Kracko has had ENOUGH. He has to take Kirby! Almost intangible, that big eye may be vulnerable...
DreemurrSummons Knightmares, pinches stage, summons evil flowers, summons giant stars and shoots beams.Your best nightmare is the Angel of death...

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