Kirby and the Light Shards (Kirby: Quest For The Light Diamond in Japan) is a 2.5D Kirby game for the Hammicube, set to release in May 2017.

Plot/Beginning Cutscene

A new villain, named The Shadow, attemps to destroy the Light Diamond to give himself infinite power. However, a Light Guardian stops him just before he destroys it. The two fight briefly, but then The Shadow creates a pulse of dark energy, knocking the Light Guardian away and splitting the Light Diamond into shards, which scatter all around. The Shadow laughs evilly before warping away. A while later, Kirby walks towards the site where the Light Diamond was and sees the Light Guardian injured. Kirby runs over and the Light Guardian explains what happened. The Light Guardian, who has now revealed his name is Iffirn, instructs you to find the first Light Shard, which is "not far away", to heal him.


World Levels Boss Music
Green Greens 10 Whispy Woods
Kirby- Green Greens remix02:30

Kirby- Green Greens remix

Wishy Washy River 20 Wish and Wash
Chalky Rocks 20 Rocko
Dust Desert 25 Cactimmy and Cactammy
Tech Town 30 HR
Horrible House 30 Baron von Dee's Soul
Stickstink Sewers 35 Gally Gator
Pop Star City 35 HR-2
Planet Popopo 40 Evil T
Shadow Dimension 50 Shadow Kirby
The Shadow's Lair 1 The Shadow

Playable Characters

Image Name Abilities Health Unlocked After
Kirby Inhales enemies to copy their ability 5 HP (10 Half-HP) Beginning
Iffirn Flies, shoots light beams, and slashes with his sword 8 HP (16 Half-HP) Green Greens-1
Baron von Dee Turns items into upgrades for characters and attacks with his cane 5 HP (10 Half-HP) Horrible House
Adeline Paints objects to aid characters 5 HP (10 Half-HP) Green Greens


All the old Copy Abilities return in this game, along with some new ones. Some Copy Abilities have been changed.

Image Name Description Moveset
Cutter (Artwork)
Cutter  Slice things with a sharp boomerang!

Attack button: Cutter Boomerang

Hold attack button: Hyper Boomerang

Mash attack button: Multi-cutter

Jump+attack button: Cutter Drop

Ground pound+attack button: Final Cutter

Crouch+attack button: Stealth Cutter

Sword Kirby
Sword  En guarde! Hit enemies up close!

Attack button: Chop

Hold attack button: Spin Slash

Mash attack button: Multisword Stab

Jump+attack button: Upward Slash

Ground pound+attack button: Sword Dive

Crouch+attack button: Stealth Slash

Club (NEW!) Get some serious knockback on your enemies!

Attack button: Club Smack

Hold attack button: Home Run

Mash attack button: Club Spin

Jump+attack button: Anti-air Club

Ground pound+attack button: Crater Club

Crouch+attack button: Smack-o-line

Sleep Kirby
Sleep Spread sleeping powder on enemies! Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Attack button: Powdered Dreams

Hold attack button: Sweet Dreams

Mash attack button: 40 Winks

Jump+attack button: Bubble Bus

Ground pound+attack button: Sleep Shower

Crouch+attack button: Nappy Nap

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