This a list of characters in Kirby and the Heroes of Popstar.


Character Description Unlocked Ability Category
Kirby L

Kirby, The Star Hero

The Hero of Popstar is Back! He and his pals are gonna beat that mean Dark Matter! Starting Star Spin Standard

Keeby, That yellow little speedster!

The Yellow Blur is here! He will do anything to defeat Dark Matter! Starting Speed Rush Speedy

Prince Fluff, Yarn Prince

The Blue Puff ball is here! Hey, No Yarn, No Sweat!! Unlocked after being found on World 2. Yarn Whip Standard

Madison, or Kirbette!

The Girl Kirby is back! Madison will destroy whatever gets in her way! Unlocked after being saved on World 3. Ribbon Twirl


Brown Kirby

Hitby, the Kirby Soilder

The tough Kirby! He rocks the world like no one else! Unlocked after being found on World 4. Rocky Aura Power

Konby, The Ice Cream Kirby!

Konby is Cold as Ice! Well, not really. He's always ready to lend a helping hand! Unlocked after being saved on World 5. Snow Roll Technical
Green Kirby

Kippy, The Smartest Kirby around!

Kippy is the nerd of the group. He is always trying to do his best! Unlocked after being found on World 6. Yammar Blast Power

Meta Knight, the masked Kirby Knight

The lonewolf of the group. He lends a hand to the gang on this adventure! Unlocked after beating World 1 and World 2's haunted houses. Sonic Sword



Character Description World

Dark Matter....

The hardest boss in the game. The main antagonist of the game. 8

King Dedede, the rotten king of Draamland!

The snotty king of Dreamland. His hammer sure packs a punch though! After defeating him, he decides to give you some money. 7

Galacta Knight, The Knight of the Galaxies

The knight of space. He always uses his Galaxy Sword to attack. After beating him, he will fly off like a coward! 6

The evil Magalor has returned

The evil wizard of Dreamland. He has returned and will do anything to destroy Kirby! 5

The evil rainbow coloured bird is back...

The rainbow blur is back! You will never see him coming! 4
Whispy woods

Whispy Woods, the Ordinary Evil Tree!

Yep, the Tree is back! And why you may ask? He was the first Kirrby Boss ever. 1
Chef Kawasaki SSBR character

That hard boiled Chef Kawasaki!

The Chef of Chaos has returned! He is harder then ever, but after beating him, he will give you advice every level! 2

The Father of all Bombs, Poppy Bros SR.!

That old Bomber never gives up! He's at it again with Dark Matter! 3

New Characters

Character Unlocked Description Ability Category
No image yet Complete Puzzle mode twice. Kirby's Speedy butt kicking friend! Golden Boost Speedy

Waddle Dee, the Waddling Orange Runt is back!

Complete Puzzle mode as Keeby twice. The servant of Dedede decides to take action! Spear throw Standard

Waddle Doo, the one eyed wonder

Complete Story mode twice. The Beaming Waddle wonder! Eye Beam Power

Yarn Kirby, the Yarn Protector

Beat Story mode with Prince Fluff. The protector of Dreamland, but in Yarn form! Needle Shot Technical
Kirby TCS5

Soccer Kirby, the super striker Popopo

Beat Story mode with Keeby. This Team Player is going for the team that isn't Dark Matter! He will kick your butt! Literally! Soccer Smash Power

Neoby, the Neon Kirby!

Beat puzzle mode with Meta Knight three times. The Neon Popopo takes abbrasive action! Neon Blast Standard
YE Kirby

Scout, Master of Disguise

Beat Story mode with 2 players. The Kirby master of Disguise! Spike Ball toss Speedy
Metal Kirby KDL3D

Stuby, the Hard Core Kirby!

Beat Puzzle Mode 8 times. The Thick Headed Popopo is ready to Rock! Rocky Roll Power
Beat Super mode. The Galaxy Loving little Purple Guy joins the adventure! Galactic Shield Technical

Super Nova is Back as the strongest character in the game!

Kirby gets the Ultimate Star. The best character in the game, and is now activated to be better then ever! Super Nova Sonic Blast! Ultimate
Snow Bowl Kirby KDL3D

Snow Bowl Konby appears as the Ultra form of Konby!

Konby gets the Ultimate Star. The King of Snow has returned! Snow Bowl Roll! Ultimate
Sparkling Spark Kirby KDL3D

Super Plasma Kippy is the ultimate form of Kippy!

Kippy gets the Ultimate Star. The King of Volts has returned! Super Wott Smash Down! Ultimate
Monster Flame Kirby KDL3D

Monster Flame Hitby comes in as Hitby's Ultimate form!

Hitby gets the Ultimate Star. The King of Fire has returned! Blaze Dragon Blaster! Ultimate
Flare Beam Kirby KDL3D

Destruction Beam Keeby is in the zone as Keeby's Ultimate form!

Keeby gets the Ultimate Star. The King of Magic has returned! Magic Beam Spin! Ultimate
Bulb Kirby KDL3D

Hyper Light Madison is Madison's Ultimate Form!

Madison gets the Ultimate Star. The Queen of Light has appeared! Hyper Light Shock Wave! Ultimate

Gooey, not much to say.

Beat Puzzle mode 5 times. Gooey. Nuf said. Tounge Slap Standard
Character Unlocked Description Special Category
Sleep Kirby

Sleep Kirby Translation: Troll

Fail at Story Mode 10 times. TROOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! Snore Blast Standard

Insecto Meta Knight is Meta Knight's Ultimate form!

Meta Knight gets the Ultimate Star. The King of Metal Returns! Metal Hammer Slash Ultimate
Robot Kirby KDL3D

Cakey, Meta Knight's Best Friend!

Beat Super mode with Meta Knight. Him and Meta are Best Friends! Blue Blaster Technical
KRTDL FourKirbys

The Multi Kirbies, Kirby, Keeby, Konby and Kippy. Hitby didn't make the try outs.

Beat Puzzle, Super and Story mode with Kirby, Keeby, Konby and Kippy.





Kirby=Sword Slash

Keeby=Beam Spin

Kippy=Leaf Storm

Konby=Double Spear Throw

Speedy, Standard, Power and Technical
SSBNS Kirby Trophies (8)

Jet Rocket Cakey is Cakey's Ultimate form!

Cakey gets the Ultimate Star. The King of Jets returns! Mega Rocket Turbo Slash Ultimate

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