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"Join Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and all their friends as they try to stop 0³ before he brings back Kirby's worst enemies!"
In this classic title, Kirby relives some of his past adventures, while making new ones at the same time.
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Kirby and the Copy Computer
Developer(s) Zentech Studios New Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo Retro System, Zentablet
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer, Online, Minigame
Age Rating(s)
E10, PEGI 12, CERO B
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby series
Media Included NRS Disk, Zentablet App
Kirby and the Copy Computer is a game in the Kirby franchise developed by Zentech Studios for both the Nintendo Retro System and the Zentablet. It is a spiritual successor to both Kirby Super Star's mode Milky Way Wishes, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, using elements from both.




Name Image Description Gimmick
Kirby 200px Kirby's back, and flying solo this time around...or so he thinks. Though he can still call his buddies with his Cell Phone, they aren't playable this time around, and are only there to complete certain puzzles, as well as root Kirby on in his quest to get his ability copying back! Copy Computer
By inhaling a foe, you can now spit them out as the enemy itself rather than a star, and analyze it with the Copy Computer, saving it to be used whenever you feel like it.
Renja Renja (KatCC) A mysterious man who stole Kirby's ability to copy abilities. His motives are unknown, but it looks as though he's not gonna give them back easily. He seems to be going somewhere with them, though, which leads one to wonder... Ability Theft
Renja can steal the abilities of foes, using them for his own, similar to Kirby's Copy Abilities.


Copy Abilities


Ability Description Notes
Animal TBA Can cut grasses and ropes; can grab enemies
Archer TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Ball TBA ---
Balloon TBA Can fly differently
Beam TBA Can grab enemies
Beetle TBA Can cut grasses and ropes; can grab enemies; can fly differently
Bell TBA ---
Bomb TBA ---
Circus TBA ---
Clean TBA ---
Cook TBA Can only be used once
Copy TBA Can only be used once
Crash TBA Can only be used once
Cupid TBA Can cut grasses and ropes; can fly differently
Cutter TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Fighter TBA Can light fuses
Fire TBA Can light fuses; can melt ice
Ghost TBA Can fly differently
Hammer TBA Can push down stakes; can light fuses
Hi-Jump TBA ---
Ice TBA Can put out fires
Jet TBA Can light fuses; can grab enemies; can fly differently
Laser TBA Can light fuses
Leaf TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Magic TBA Can cut grasses and ropes; can light fires
Metal TBA ---
Mic TBA Can only be used three times
Mini TBA Cannot inhale, fly, or slide while in this form
Mirror TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Missile TBA ---
Needle TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Ninja TBA Can cut grasses and ropes; can grab enemies
Paint TBA ---
Parasol TBA Can put out fires; can grab enemies
Sleep TBA Can only be used once
Smash TBA Can cut grasses and ropes; can push down stakes
Spark TBA ---
Spear TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Stone TBA Can push down stakes
Suplex TBA Can grab enemies
Sword TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Tornado TBA ---
UFO TBA Can only be used until the end of the certain stage you're in
Water TBA Can put out fires
Wheel TBA ---
Whip TBA Can grab enemies
Wing TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Yo-Yo TBA ---


Ability Description Notes
Assassin TBA Can cut grasses and ropes; can grab enemies
Blowdart TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Charge TBA ---
Crab TBA Can cut grasses and ropes
Fan TBA Can cut grasses and ropes; can put out fires
Gold TBA ---
Mushroom TBA ---
Tank TBA Can light fuses

More to come...


Main page: Kirby and the Copy Computer/Music



  • Originally the main villain was going to be Magolor's scrapped design, but was replaced by Riasma.
  • The Copy Computer itself may have been made somewhere in Zolara, the location of the Adventures of White series, due to the markings on it bearing the Dark Matter Resistance insignia.
    • This is supported by White's appearance as a playable character via DLC.

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