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Casual Country

Level Number Particles Level Type? Super Ability? Mini-Boss? Level Gimmick?
1-1 3 Plains No No None
1-2 4 Plains Yes; Ultra Sword No None
1-3 5 Underground No Yes; King Doo None
1-4 4 Plains, Tunnel No No None
1-5 5 River, Plains No No None
1-6 5 Trees, Plains Yes; Broad Cutter No None
1-7 (Extra) 3 Woods, Tunnel No Yes; Gigant Edge Yes; Rain, making some parts of the ground slippery


(Whispy Woods)

Fragment 1 Woods No *Yes; EX Mode, Ultra Sword No None

Ominous Ocean

Level Number Particles Level Type Super Ability? Mini-Boss? Level Gimmick?
2-1 3 Beach Yes; Monster Flame No None
2-2 4 Beach No No None
2-3 4 Beach, Underwater, Underwater Cavern No No None
2-4 5 Stormy Beach, Stormy Sea No Yes; Water Galboros None
2-5 5 Dark Underwater Cavern No No None
2-6 4 Beach, Underwater Yes; Super Wheel Yes; Blocky None
2-7 (Extra) 3 Underwater Shipwreck No No None
2-Boss (Sour Stuff) Fragment 2 Dark Underwater Cavern No No None

Mindless Mountain

Level Number Particles Level Type Super Ability? Mini-Boss Level Gimmick?
3-1 3 Mountain No Yes None
3-2 4 Water-filled Cavern No No None
3-3 5 Mine No No None
3-4 5 Mountain, Snowcapped Mountain Yes; Monster Flame Yes; Gigant Edge None
3-5 4 Mine No No Minecart Segments
3-6 3 Plateau No No None
3-7 3 Caverns Yes; Super Wheel No Dynamite
3-8 (Extra) 6 Mountain, Temple No Yes; Bonkers None
3-Boss Fragment 3 Temple, Mountain No *Yes; EX Mode Grand Hammer  No None

Bewildering Boreal

Level Number Particles Level Type Super Ability? Mini-Boss? Level Gimmick?
4-1 5 Snowy Plains No No None
4-2 3 Snowy Plains, Snowy Cliff Yes; Monster Flame Yes; Grand Wheelie Snowfall, making it difficult to see the Gameplay
4-3 5 Snowy Plains, Frozen Pond, Snowcapped Hill No No None
4-4 4 No Yes; Mr. Frosty None
4-5 6 Snowcapped Mountain, Frozen Cavern, Flooded Cavern Yes; Mega Mirror No Thin sheets of ice, acting like modified mirrors from Triple Deluxe
4-6 5 No No None
4-7 4 Snowy Plains, Snowcapped Mountain, Clouds No No None
4-8 (Extra) 3 Clouds, Temple No No None
4-Boss (Ice Dragon) Fragment 4 Frozen Temple No *Yes; EX Mode, Monster Flame No None

Intense Island

Level Number Particles Level Type Super Ability? Mini-Boss? Level Gimmick?
5-1 3 Clouds No No None
5-2 4 Island No No None
5-3 5 Island, Water Cavern No No None
5-4 4 Clouds No Yes; Kracko Jr. Wind Bursts that push characters back or forward
5-5 5 Icy Cavern No No None
5-6 4 Island, Lava Cavern Yes; Super Wheel No None
5-7 6 Island, Lava Cavern, Icy Cavern, Thunder Clouds No Yes; Phan Phan None
5-8 (Extra) 3 Lava Cavern Yes; Ultra Sword No Flame Pillars that chase Characters, resulting in instant Death
5-Boss (Kracko) Fragment 6 Clouds, Thunder Clouds Yes; Ultra Sword No None

Noisy Jungle

Level Number Particles Level Type Super Ability? Mini-Boss? Level Gimmick?
6-1 3 Jungle No No Plants that make noise to attack, like bouncing Drum-Plants
6-2 4 Jungle No Yes Plants that make noise to attack, like bouncing Drum-Plants
6-3 5 Ruins Yes; Mega Mirror No Giant Plant that chases Kirby and Co. 
6-4 6 Desert No No Twisters that shoot across the area
6-5 4 Egyptian Temple No Yes; Water and Flame Galboros None
6-6 3 Flooded Jungle No No None
6-7 (Extra) 5 Jungle Yes; Broad Cutter No Sound Waves that bounce off walls and enemies
6-Boss (Clambering) Fragment 6 Jungle  No No None

NEmotionless Quagmire

Level Number Particles Level Type Super Ability? Mini-Boss? Level Gimmick?
7-1 5 Bog Yes; Mega Mirror Yes None
7-2 5 Bog Yes; Super Wheel No Rain, making some parts slippery
7-3 3 Wetlands No No None
7-4 5 Cavern No Yes None
7-5 4 Grave-yard No No Tentacles that attempt to grab characters into the ground, instantly taking their ability away 
7-6 5 Wetlands No No None
7-7 6 Temple No Yes None
7-8 3 Burning Wildland Yes; Ultra Sword Yes Volcano in the background shooting fire balls at the characters
7-9 (Extra) 5 Grave-yard Yes; Ultra Sword Yes Kracko and Kracko Jr shoot at Kirby and Co. throughout the level
7-Boss (Dark Meta Knight) Fragment 7 Bog Yes; All of them  No None

Dark Kirby Fight Areas

  • 1-2: Slice a giant tree (Fire Sword)
  • 1-6: Knock a Nest out of a tree (Pounding Sword)
  • 2-1: Burn a large mast in your way (Lightspeed Archer)
  • 2-6: At the end of the race with the Wheelie, Grand Wheelie and Bonkers, dash past the exit and smash a docked ship (Explosive Archer)
  • 3-4: Light a small cabin on fire past the exit (Volcano)
  • 3-7: After escaping the exploding mines, drive up a ledge and break the wall, forming the portal as you leap out of the mountain (Rock Stone)


  • It's speculated that the same ship you wreck with the Super Wheel in 2-6 is the same one you can explore in 2-7.
  • In 4-7, when tumbling down from the clouds, Coo, Rick and Kine can be found as giant snow statues in the background. 
  • In 5-7, somewhere in the middle of the level, three enemies who bare resemblence to ChuChu, Nago and Pitch appear together, Cuttimari, a five armed octopus whom grants the Cutter ability, the Cat-like enemy Catslice whom grants Sword, and the Normal ability enemy Flaparo. This may or may not be a tribute to them, and would only be noticed by the more aware players. 
  • Kracko regenerates his health, but at such a slow rate, that even the casual player wouldn't notice.

References to past Games

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