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Main Abilities


Just wait for the right moment, and FIRE! Your arrows are imbued with the power of Courage! Hide behind fake scenary to avoid damage, but don't hide too long. They won't know, trust us. - Flavor Text

Move Controls Description
Shoot B Kirby will fire a single arrow in front of him.
Snipe-Shoot Hold B shortly then release Kirby will fire a stronger, bigger arrow in front of him.
Gleaming Star Shot Hold B longer then release Kirby will fire a glowing, more powerful, larger arrow in front of him.
Sharp-shooter While holding B, press up or down. Kirby will aim up or down whilst charging.
Sky Shot Up + B Kirby will fire a single arrow directly above him.
Sky Shot Shower Press up, hold B, then release. Kirby will fire a single arrow above him, which will split into 3 around him.
Arrow Slash Dash + B Kirby will quickly lunge, and slash in front of him, using an arrow as a blade.
Leaping Quiver Dash jump + B in midair Kirby will fire 6 arrows diagonally down and in front of him in the air.
Camouflage Press down Kirby will pull out a fake tree, bush, rock and hide behind it, to defend against all attacks but explosions or fire attacks. 
Hitman B during Camouflage Kirby will slash out of his camouflage and fire an arrow out.
Crawl Left or Right during Camouflage Kirby will slowly walk about, with Camouflage still in effect.


"Paint your enemies with colours and create paintings to attack!" - Flavour Text

Move Controls Description
Painting B Kirby will pull out an easel and create either a Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt or Bomb to attack enemies.
Paint Ground Dash The ground will be painted colours as Kirby dashes.
Brush Slash Dash + B Kirby will lunge forward, using his brush as a blade. 
Paint Ball Slash Up + B Kirby will fire three randomly coloured paint balls diagonally upwards. 
Easel Block L/R An easel will appear in front of Kirby to block attacks. Essentially Paint's variation of the Guard move.
Sacrificial Painting Down + B + L/R Kirby will destroy his ability, left with a Maxim Tomato. 


  • If hit by Paint Kirby's moves such as Brush Slash, enemies' front/back will coloured Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Pink, Black or White, depending on where he hits them. 

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