Kirby and the Combine Rod
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multi-Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action/Adventure 2D Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Media Included N/A

Kirby and the Combine Rod is the first Kirby game on the Wii U to be played like most entries in the series. 


Dreamland is threatened by a force that causes several creatures of the land to fall into a deep slumber. Many of them were to be manipulated into destroying the land.

Kirby's House is shattered by some creatures, fortunately escaping. A portal with a mysterious rainbow glow appears in the distance, and Kirby is compelled to it.

King Dedede and Bandana Dee are walking around the castle when half of the structure tumbles and crashes into a mess. Dedede and Bandana Dee intend to punish the creatures, but they themselves are overpowered. 

Meta Knight was sitting upon a cliff, then looked back at the sleeping Sword and Blade Knight. Meta Knight sees the portal as Kirby did, and he rushes toward it as well. 

Kirby is running along the path when Meta Knight soars in. King Dedede and Bandana Dee crash land right in front of Kirby, and the four decide to see what the portal was all about.

Story Continuing Later...


Kirby and the Combine Rod marks the return of mixing Abilities from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, whilst playing more like Returns to Dreamland and Triple Deluxe. 

Copy Abilities

Instead of being directly combined into new things like in Kirby 64, Combine Rod literally mixes the two powers together, with one power being the base power. About 19 regular copy abilities are available, and also 7 Super Abilities.

  • Apologize for stretch* 
Archer Beam Bell Bomb Circus Crash Cutter Fighter Fire Hammer Ice Leaf Needle Ninja Paint Stone Sword Spear
Archer Lightspeed Archer Trailing Archer Soundwave Archer Boxing Glove Archer Flaming Archer Earth Shaking Archer Chilly Archer Leafstorm Kunai Range Archer
Beam Trailing Archer Double Beam Tunebeam Trailing Bomb
Bell  Soundwave Archer Tunebeam
Bomb Explosive Archer Trailing Bomb
Cutter Chilly Cutter
Fighter Boxing Glove Archer
Fire Flaming Archer Volcano Fire Sword
Hammer Earth Shaking Archer Pounding Sword
Ice Chilly Archer Icy Cutter Icy Sword
Leaf Leaf Archer Shield-Sword
Mirror Reflective Archer
Needle Barbed Sword
Ninja Kunai Ranged Archer
Stone Volcano Rock Sword
Spear Large Arrows Archer
Sword Fire Sword Pounding Sword Icy Sword Barbed Sword Rock Sword Double Sword Longsword

New Paint Ability

The Paint Ability has changed from being a one use ability can be granted from Paintooth. It now has similarites with the Stone Ability.

Super Abilities

Broad Cutter (Can collect items through walls)

Flare Beam (Can hit switches and bomb blocks through walls)

Grand Hammer (Can pound whatever is below, hold L and R to increase size twice)

Mega Mirror (Can teleport into hidden places and go in the background and foreground with L and R)

Monster Flame (Can burn wooden things)

Super Wheel (Replaces the Snow Bowl Super Ability; used for areas that require walls to be smashed/racing segment.

Ultra Sword (Slashes in an arc to destroy blocks and cut ropes)

Levels that have Super Abilities usually do not have them until the end, at which they are needed to open a portal that has a Dark Kirby battle with Dark Kirby using a set Ability.

Super Abilities never stop time, changed from Returns to Dreamland.


  1. Casual Country (Boss: Whispy Woods)
  2. Ominous Ocean (Boss: Sour Stuff)
  3. Mindless Mountain (Boss: Smash Crash Stone)
  4. Bewildering Boreal (Boss: Ice Dragon)
  5. Intense Island (Boss: Kracko)
  6. Noisy Jungle (Boss: Clambering)
  7. Emotionless Quagmire (Boss: Dark Meta Knight)
  8. Drowzy Dimension/Doom Dimension {Western and Japanese release respectively} Neo Zeo

See Here for the levels list

Enemies and their abilities


Big Waddle Dee None Poppy Bros. Jr. Bomb
Blade Knight Sword Ringle Bell
Blipper None Rocky Stone
Bomber Crash Scarfy N/A
Bouncy None Search Crash
Bronto Burt None Sheeld 'N Sord Shield-Sword
Broom Hatter None Sheld None
Cappy None Shotzo N/A
Carry Dee None Sir Kibble Cutter
Chilly Ice Soarar None
Chip None Sodory Sword
Como None Spynum Archer
Craby None Squishy None
Dekabu None Tick Needle
Flamer Fire Tsukikage Ninja
Foley Bomb Waddle Dee None
Giant Gordo N/A Waddle Doo Beam
Glunk None Water Galboro Water
Gordo N/A Wheelie Wheel
Grizzo None Whippy Whip
Hot Head Fire Whombo None
Jingle Bell Yiima Mirror
Kabu None Zeeroo Beam
Knuckle Joe Fighter Super Sir Kibble Broad Cutter
Lanzer Spear Super Waddle Doo Flare Beam
Leafan Leaf Super Bonkers Grand Hammer
Mamanti None Super Yiima Mega Mirror
Mumbies N/A Super Hot Head Monster Flame
Nidoo N/A Super Wheelie Super Wheel
Noddy Sleep Super Blade Knight Ultra Sword
Pacti None Zzyon None
Pacto None Mini Edge Sword
Paintooth Paint Whee-woo Wheel
Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol Barbrik Needle
Pierce Spear Cersiss Circus


  • Kirby Tracker 1 Player

Use the Gamepad to try to catch the Kirby Species whom can be seen on the TV. They will attempt to mess with the level design, like setting up fake Kirby Statues, using the Warpstar, and in the later levels, turning off the TV Screen to a Black Screen, hiding in the Background, or using Copy Abilities to get around faster or even protect themselves are a few of the things they can do. 

Use the Gamepad and TV Screen to catch the Kirbies! Now, where are they?! - Kirby Tracker Flavor Text

  • Kracko Dodge 1-4 Players

Players attempt to avoid hitting Kracko 3 times. Select from Easy, Normal, or Hard Mode. Kracko will attack with Lightning bolts, drop Waddle Doos, and fly around the screen to do damage. 

Float up into the air and dodge the lightning fast foe, Kracko! Up, Down and All Around! - Kracko Dodge Flavor Text


  • Kirby Defenders 1-5 Players

Protect a Structure from taking too much damage from waves of enemies. Four People can use the TV while the Gamepad User may be of use to stun enemies and do other things. When playing alone, players are given a choice of Assisting Kirby (or someone else) with the Gamepad/Wii Remote or playing as the character themselves. Engage in battle in a Free For All or Team Battle! When playing Free For All, Single Players may select 1-3 CPs to battle. Players can choose whether to use an ability or not. They also have control on giving CPs abilities, or if they want, can Randomize them. Mini-Bosses from the story appear every 5 rounds.

If your structure is done or you run out of Health, you're out! Attack others if you need to! - Free For All Flavor Text

Protect the main structure together! Work as a team! Defend, Attack, Engage! - Team Battle Flavor Text (2-5 P)

Defend the main structure Solo! You can do this, <Insert Character Name>! - Single Player Flavor Text 

The Arena - 1-3 Players (After Beating the Main Game)

Players are pitted against all the bosses and Mini-Bosses from the Story Mode, beforehand are allowed to select any ability they wish. After every battle, they will be allowed to heal with five Maximum Tomatos, and two random abilities. After the Maximum Tomatos are gone, they will be replaced by a random minimum healing item. You cannot mix abilities in this mode. 

The Following can be in any order: 

Whispy Woods

Sour Stuff

Smash Crash Stone

Ice Dragon



Mid Boss Allstars 1

Mid Boss Allstars 2

Dark Meta Knight

Then these battles MUST be IN ORDER:

Neo Zeo

Neo Zeo (Super Ability Phase)

Neo Zero

The True Arena 1-4 Players (After beating EX Mode)

Just like the Arena, players are pitted against bosses from the Main Story, but this time it's EX Bosses, the two random abilities after a battle are permanately Sleep. Just like The Arena, abilities may not be mixed in this Mode.

These bosses can be fought in any order:

Whispy Woods EX

Sour Stuff EX

Smash Crash Stone EX

Ice Dragon EX

Kracko EX

Clambering EX

Mid Boss Allstars EX 1

Mid Boss Allstars EX 2

These bosses must be fought in this order:

Dark Bandana Dee

Dark Kirby

Dark King Dedede

Dark Meta Knight

Neo Zeo Soul

Absolute Zero


Mobile Training Dee

When in the Ability Testing room, select the Whip Ability, and go to the far left to the spike room, and use the Training Dee in there. Use a Whip Grab, then quickly go into a High Lash, and follow up with a Whip Tornado, to get both yourself and the Dee into the spikes. After taking "Invincible" damage, throw away your ability and then attempt to suck it up. If done correct, the Ability Star should disappear from hitting the spikes, and the game will not know what to do, but since the game has programmed that the Training Dee cannot be sucked up, the game treats Kirby like in the main game, where Kirby and the Dee get damaged when they make contact, but the spike interferes with this, and makes the Training Dee moving on its own.

Beta Elements

Beta Super Abilities

There were plans for the Immense Leaf, Great Fighter and Mighty Bomb, but they cut out, possibly for being unneeded and wouldn't serve any different use from anything else in the game. The hats are still in the code, so they may have been scrapped very late, or just put in just in case they wanted them. 

Mixed Super Abilities

Super Abilities such as the Ultra Reflective Sword were planned to be implemented, but the idea of Mixed Super Abilities was scrapped. 


  • As with some entries in the series, the first letter of all the Level names spell a word. This time it's COMBINED.
  • On a rare occasion, when dashing with the Mirror Ability, Shadow Kirby may appear alongside Kirby, as a call-back to Kirby's form in the Mirror Dimension, taking on his updated appearence, albeit happier eyes.
  • When using his Paint ability, Kirby will create several paintings, which are:
    • (Common) Bronto Burt, Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo, Maxim Tomato, Warp Star, Paint Ability Icon
    • (Uncommon) Bandana Dee, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Star Rod, Fountain of Dreams, Statue of Rick, Coo and Kine
    • (Rare) Galaxia, Galacta Knight, Platinum statue of HAL's Logo, Untransformed Marx sprite from Kirby Super Star, Statue of Link, Mario and Pikachu (possibly a nod to Smash Bros.) 

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