Kirby and the Alternate Dimension is a game in the Kirby series for the Nintendo GameCube. It can be interpreted as a spiritual sequel to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, as they share similar mechanics.


On Pop Star, King Dedede is relaxing in his castle, waiting for any action. A hole opens up in his floor as a black hole appears and pulls him in. Entities of Dark Matter emerge from the hole and start wreaking havoc throughout Pop Star. Kirby decides to enter the black hole and find the source of the Dark Matter. However, this would not turn out to be very simple, as eight areas span over the dimension.

Bad Ending

If Kirby fails to find all 100 Crystalline Fragments (which act similarly to K64's Crystal Shards, barred only by the appearance) and completes the seventh world (Articulated Airship), then Kirby drops off of the airship, dragging along King Dedede (who is still knocked out), while some blobs of Dark Matter appear. Afterwards, the "credits" appear, listing all the enemies in alphabetical order. At the end, Kirby hops into the exit portal, then the portal disappears, revealing an abnormally large blob of Dark Matter. When Kirby and Dedede arrive back in the latter's castle, Kirby gains a concerned expression, before the whole screen becomes enveloped within what appears to be a Dark Matter eye, which then blinks before closing. The words "The end...?" appear on-screen before fading to black. The game then returns to the title screen.

Good Ending

Once all Crystalline Fragments have been collected and the seventh world has been completed, Kirby will notice that the fragments are glowing, then they form a light-refraction laser, which then fires at Dedede, removing all signs of Dark Matter from him. Afterwards, a gigantic portal appears over the mainland, revealing the area Dark Domain, where Dark Zero is contained. After that fight, Kirby and Dedede leave the dimension, while Dark Domain explodes. The real credits show when Kirby is shown heading back to his house, then the screen fades to black and the words "The end." are shown before returning to the title screen.


As stated earlier in the article, the mechanics are similar to the mechanics of K64, minus the copy mixing and control pad use. While lifting items in Kirby's mouth into the air is still doable, the only main use of this tactic is to use the enemy held as a weapon (for example, Galbos act like flamethrowers when held).


Button Action
Control stick Move
A button Jump
B button Inhale
X button Hold item above head
Y button No use
Z button No use
L/R buttons Rotate enemy model (enemy viewer only)
Start/Pause Pause
Control Pad Select level (optional)
C stick Dynamic enemy model rotation (enemy viewer only)


Picture Name Description Boss
100px Octagonal Outdoors As the name describes, a grassy location in the shape of an octagon. One whole half is a thick forest. Whispy Woods
100px Red Roundhouse An old and haunted arena surrounded partially by desert. Because of its poor condition, security guards keep watch to prevent tresspassing. Infamously, there are old and abandoned catacombs which hold the corpses of fallen fighers. Ghastly Wrestler
100px Electric Entrance An old and abandoned power plant with dangerous split cables and electrically-powered enemies. Electric Matter
100px Zigzag Zone The treacherous path to the wealthy Key Kingdom, surrounded by ocean. As the name implies this path zigzags upwards. Locked Door
100px Key Kingdom Pretty much THE populated place in this dimension. There are rumors spread about that the king of this kingdom was duplicated and tied up in the castle's dungeon. Duplicated Key King
100px Relish Road The path to the supposed base of Dark Matter. The area is decorated with food, though some of the food is actually toxic. Giant Dark Matter
100px Articulated Airship Dark Matter has stolen Dedede and taken him onto this poorly-constructed airship, which twists and turns at every corner. King Dedede
100px Dark Domain Dark Zero's hideout. It appears to take place in some sort of hyperspace. Dark Zero

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