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Kirby and the 3rd Dimension
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory and Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
November 3rd, 2015
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby: Cozmic Adventure
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge

Kirby and the 3rd Dimension is a Kirby game developed by Pyro Enterprizes. It closely follows its predecessor, Kirby: Cozmic Adventure.


It was another beautiful day in Dream Land. Birds were chirping, everyone was smiling, and it seemed absolutely nothing could go wrong. Kirby, like usual, was eating some strawberry shortcake on a cliff near his house, when suddenly, a large spaceship decended from the sky. It was the Lor Starcutter, meanig Kirby's good friend Magolor had stopped by to see him. Kirby dropped his cake and rushed to see him.

When Kirby arrived at the Lor, Magolor was, as usual, doing something with his computer. He noticed Kirby and turned around, saying hello to the pink puffball. Apparently, Magolor had discovered a bizarre rift in time and space orbiting Pop Star, and he wanted Kirby and his other good friend Meta Knight to explore it with him. When asked why Magolor didn't want King Dedede to come too- after all, he also helped Magolor repair his ship- he said Dedede was the king, and probably had something better to do. So, the three hopped on their respective ships, the Warp Star, Starcutter and the Halberd, and flew off towards the rift above the planet. However, back on Pop Star, someone was watching them through a telescope. It was none other than King Dedede, who had absolutely nothing better to do, and was infuriated as to why they didn't invite the king to whatever they were doing. The portly penguin pressed a button on his throne, and the top portion of the castle turned into a rocket and flew after them.

Inside the space rift, the three travelers saw beautiful astronomical formations, the likes of which not even Magolor had seen. There seemed to be a large grouping of planets near the center of a nearby galaxy, so they decided to check it out. However, once they approached a nearby planet, a glowing blue wisp of something flew into the ships. Suddenly, all three of them crashed onto the planet.

The planet they had crashed on was full of lush, grassy fields, just like Pop Star, but had a beautiful night sky even though Magolor's clock read 12:45 and it was as bright as day out. Checking the wreckage, Meta Knight noticed something- the Halberd was totaled, and the Lor amazingly remained intact, but Kirby's Warp Star was missing entirely. Then Kirby noticed smoky blue wisps like the ones that had crashed their ships, holding pieces of the Warp Star. They promptly flew off, but the rift that had taken the three to this dimension closed somehow. Magolor said only the Warp Star would be able to open up the rift again, and they needed to get it back.

After traveling through a small mini-level, the three found another blue wisp attacking a small robed being with glowing red clawed gauntlets. Whoever it was, it was being beaten very badly, so the three decided to take down the wisp. Beating it, it dropped a piece of the Warp Star, along with a small red jewel. The robed being got up and pulled down its hood. It appeared to be female, had orange skin, a red ponytail and gray armor covering her arms and legs. She introduced herself as Riftina, a member of the Time Sprite race. She quickly took the red jewel from Magolor. The jewel was a Rift Shard, and they were originally scattered over all of the dimension, known as Portalica. Recently, an evil being named Realitanos had appeared, and he used his power to drain away the Rift Shards, seperating the connections between worlds. as well as turn the rulers of the various races of Portalica into evil monsters. She was trying to take back the Rift Shards and restore the worlds. However, apparently she needed the help of Kirby, Magolor and Meta Knight to beat Realitanos. they teamed up and set off for more Rift Shards.


  • Kirby- This adorable little pink puffball is capable of absorbing the DNA of his enemies and gaining their powers. Default for player 1.
  • Magolor- Kirby's friend and an incredibly powerful wizard. Magolor specializes in long-ranged magic. Default for player 2.
  • Meta Knight- Possibly the only sane being on Pop Star, Meta Knight has mastered every swordsman's trick in the oversized book. Default for player 3.
  • Riftina- A Time Sprite who needs to stop Realitanos's evil plan. Riftina is a fast attacker whose moves often have the side affect of burning foes. Can be chosen by any player.


  • World 1: Pasta Planet. A grassy lush planet, Pasta Planet is by far the easiest world in the game. This world is full of starter Copy Abilities, like Fire, Cutter and Sword, as well as introducing the Shift ability. Pasta Planet has 4 levels, a shop, and a boss.
  • World 2: Vegetable Vortex. A pair of planets that have crashed into each other's orbit, one being a desert, the other being an ice planet, creating a desert and ice world all in one. Vegetable Vortex is chock full of new abilities like Orbitar, Tesla, Barrier and Prank. Vegetable Vortex has 5 levels, a shop, an arena, and a boss.
  • World 3: Burger Belt. A large asteroid belt orbiting a massive orange gas planet. Burger Belt heavily uses the Gravity ability, and also uses Ninja, Hammer and Stone. Burger Belt has 5 levels, two arenas, and a boss.
  • World 4: Chocolate Core. The inside of a dying star, Chocolate Core has tons of superheated plasma floating around the levels. This world introduces Ice and Water, ironically, as well as new abilities like Top and Glitch. Chocolate Core has 6 levels, a shop, and two bosses.
  • World 5: Grain Galaxy. This large collection of watery planets is known for its varied wildlife. Abilities used here are mainly used in water, like Sword, Hammer and Orbitar. Grain Galaxy has 5 levels, a shop, an arena, and a boss.
  • World 6: Nectarine Nebula. Nectarine Nebula takes place around and inside a massive tower, filled with mechanical enemies and traps placed by Realitanos. The abilities here are weapon and mechanical-based, like Mechanic, Spear and Plasma. Nectarine Nebula has 6 levels, an arena, and two bosses.
  • World 7: Watermelon World. Watermelon World is a massive jungle planet, with tons of lethal wildlife one must be very wary of. The Beetle, Bell, and Animal abilities are all very common here. Watermelon World has 6 levels, a shop, an arena, and two bosses.
  • World 8: Vinegar Void. An eerie region of space populated by scary ghosts. As such, Vinegar Void is full of Ghost abilities, as well as Fire and Iron. Vinegar Void has 4 levels, an arena, and one boss.
  • World 9: Salad System. This beautiful world is a combonation of every world before it, having every ability in it. Salad System has 7 levels, a shop, and two bosses.
  • World 10: Fry Fortress. Realitanos's base of operations. Defeat him here to save all of Portalica! Fry Fortress has 5 levels, a shop, an arena, and four bosses.

Copy Abilities

Image Name Icon Description
Axe Swing this bad boy around, and nothing will stand up to you! Axe Aethers, Cleave Dashes, Roto Chops... Cut things to your heart's content!
Gravity Become a literal force of nature! Generate black holes, float like a weightless feather, and carry the heaviest of enemies single-handedly!
Shift Infused with the power of Portalica itself, Kirby shifts into high gear! Now, you can manipulate the dimension in any way you can imagine! Flip to 3D, fly towards something in the foreground or background, manipulate gravity with the 3DS gyroscope, fold the 2D world to reveal secrets, and more!
Drill Now you can know the joy of "dig a hole, dig a hole.."! Tunnel deep underground to surprise your foes, or ride over the ground using your drill as a Segway!
Dark Who said the darkness had to be evil? Generate chaotic bolts of pure shadow to pulverize your opponents, then end it all off with a powerful Darkness Finale!
Orbitar The weapons of angels are now within your grasp! Fire bolts of pure light energy, or knock around your foes from far away with melee!
Prank Time to put on a pranking face! Whoopie Bombs, Itching Powder, and explosive Flower Balls all become your weapons of choice! I wonder what happens if your turn the 3DS upside down...
Tesla Something in the air seems electrifying... Oh wait, that's you! Use electromagnetism to your advantage as you magnetize everything in your path!
Top You spin me right round, baby right round... Speaking of spinning, the top's not the only thing that spins! Performing Top Dances is both easy and versatile!
Barrier With all these offensive Copy Abilities, a defensive one was bound to show up somewhere. Granted, Barrier isn't entirely defensive, either. Summon invulnerable barriers for both defense and attack!
Mechanic Hope you're good at building robots, because building 'bots is the name of the game for the Mechanic ability! Generate an endless supply of robotic helpers, or make a powerful Uberweapon with any element you desire!
Glitch Hacking games being hard? Not a problem with Glitch! Access other save files to summon a helper, or reprogram your enemies to work for you!
Jewel Refract any light you find with your diamond drones- and yes, this even includes enemy projectiles! Save up enough energy, and the Dazzling Burst unlocks for you!
Stealth "Silent but deadly" doesn't just apply to Dedede's gas anymore! Go camo and lay down some land mines- or blow your cover to perform an airstrike!


Image Name Ability Description
Belbella Bell Belbella is a ballerina-like being. Its body mainly consists of a large bell with heeled feet sticking out beneath it. Its head resembles a gold featureless mask, which has a small bell as a bun and four long ribbons trailing from it. Two of the ribbons have bells on them and act like pigtails- the other two have nothing and act like arms.

Belbella attacks by spinning around, dashing across the screen, unleashing large waves of sound that resonate off of the sides of the screen, and hovering above Kirby to fire off a barrage of sound waves.

Malamano Dark Malamano is a large black skeletal hand that emerges from a mysterious shadow on the ground. Within the palm is a crystalline purple eye. Malamano attacks by teleporting around dropping shadowy bombs, emerging from the ground to grab players, generating lasers, and forming a fist and charging across the screen.
Speareon Spear Speareon is a large golden scorpion-like beast with two large curving horns. The end of its tail resembles the tip of a spear, complete with a small rag wrapped around it. Speareon attacks by charging across the screen stinger-first, rapidly stabbing with the stinger, throwing a barrage of smaller stingers, and impaling the stinger into the ground directly in front of it.


Image Boss World Found Description
Shifty Woods Pasta Planet Shifty Woods is an alien plant similar to Pop Star's Whispy Woods, and is the monster form of Pasta Planet's ruler, King Arborus. Infused with the Rift Shard, Shifty Woods has all of Whispy's moves, along with the ability to hop to the other side of the screen and summon homing flowers.
Cyclontrast Vegetable Vortex Cyclontrast is the monster form of Vegetable Vortex's ruler, Lady Hailfire. She takes the form of a feminine specter with an Egyptian-style headdress adorned with the Rift Shard, whose body generates a vortex of both sand and snow. She can freeze her arena over temporarily, fire orbs of fire and ice, ram Kirby in her tornado form, and attack with whips of pure sand.
Devastroid Burger Belt Devastroid is the monster form of Burger Belt's ruler, Big Boss Miney. He consists of a large tiki-like head with the Rift Shard embedded in the forehead, which is his weakpoint, and six platform-like asteroids with crystals growing out the bottom, which float in triangle formations on either side of the head and make up the battlefield. He attacks by manipulating the platforms, damaging Kirby with the spiky crystals, and firing energy blasts from the Rift Shard.
Mega Meltdown Chocolate Core Mega Meltdown is the monster form of Chocolate Core's ruler, Chief Farelcius. He is a large demonic-looking red skull with six glowing yellow eyes, fiery wings behind him, and charred skeletal hands. He attacks by generating miniature explosive suns, juggling them and firing them off in various patterns. He can also teleport, summon Mini Meltdowns and charge up a fiery explosion attack.
King Dedede's Hyperdozer Chocolate Core The Hyperdozer is a large mining machine created by Realitanos's minions, now commandeered by King Dedede. The Hyperdozer is a large treaded drilling machine with crane-like claws and a mounted laser cannon, which is occupied by Bandanna Waddle Dee.

It attacks from the background, blasting Kirby with lasers and claw swipes as rubble falls from the ceiling. King Dedede may occasionally force the Hyperdozer to swerve into the foreground, possibly running the player over along with dropping bombs.

Eelektrikus Grain Galaxy Eelektrikus is the monster form of Grain Galaxy's ruler, Empress Hydranium. Eelektrikus takes the form of a large green and yellow electric eel-like creature with two slender arms and an anglerfish-like lure. She attacks by clawing Kirby, firing electric beams from her lure, generating electric fields around her, eating players and spitting them out, and coating the floor in slime, which conducts electricity.
Heavy Mind Nectarine Nebula Heavy Mind is the monster form of Nectarine Nebula's ruler, Lord Geargrind. It takes the form of a levitating metallic sphere with a single red eye, which typically stays in the background. and two large floating weapons- a large hand and a gatling-like gun. Heavy Mind attacks with only one weapon active at a time, either performing powerful melee with the hand, or firing off bolts of electricity, fire, acid and ice from the gun, periodically switching between the two. The head may also fire off capsules into the foreground, containing either robot drones, bombs, or globs of paint.
King Dedede's Dracobot Nectarine Nebula The Dracobot is a mechanized segmented serpent-like vehicle designed by Realitanos for conquest, though this one has been hijacked by King Dedede. The front of the vehicle is a large snake head-like pod, containing the cockpit with Dedede, which is the only damagable area on the boss. The body consists of seven segments, each topped with a drill, and the end of the body has an electrified orb on it.

The Dracobot attacks by slithering around the battlefield, ramming Kirby, firing the drills off of its back as homing rockets, firing beams from the orb on its tail, and flying to the background to let loose a barrage of fireballs. Dedede may also open the cockpit to throw various objects at Kirby, like hammers, Waddle Dees, and Gordos.

Dark Locoanut Watermelon World Dark Locoanut is the monster form of Watermelon World's ruler, High Priest Coco. The Dark Locoanut resembles a large coconut with an enraged face carved into it, wearing a grass skirt and flower headdress, along with four large torches embedded in the sides of its head, and large roots dangling down below the skirt. Dark Locoanut never leaves the background, firing off various types of seeds and nuts in several different patterns, blowing fire from the torches towards Kirby, and slamming the roots on the battlefield. Attacking the roots is the only way to damage him.
King Dedede's Plundertank Watermelon World The Plundertank is a massive machine designed to plow through Watermelon World's jungles in search of treasure, now repurposed by Dedede to defeat Kirby. The Plundertank resembles a treadless tank, suspended in the air by twin turbine engines. A large fire cannon rests on the front, and six robotic bladed arms emerge from hatches on both sides.

The Plundertank attacks mainly by slicing Kirby with the robotic arms, firing massive beams of fire from the cannon, and crashing down to land on Kirby. Once again, Dedede can also throw objects from the cockpit.

White Widow Vinegar Void White Widow is the monster form of Vinegar Void's ruler, Queen Eeria. She takes the form of a large white spider with purple hexagonal tiles on her abdomen and a purple witch hat on her head. She attacks by biting on Kirby, creating a mace out of webbing, squashing players with her body, firing off balls of webbing, and unleashing waves of spectral energy.
Galactic Kirby Salad System Galactic Kirby is a dark clone of Kirby created by Realitanos as a last resort. Galactic Kirby resembles Kirby in every way except color scheme- its body is dark red, filled with small stars, and its eyes are pure white. In its first phase, it is a highly unpredictable foe, being capable of utilizing all of Kirby's abilities (save Mike, Cook, Shift and Crash).

In its second phase, it gains the Shift ability, and Kirby must fight it with a Shift ability of his own.

King Dedede Salad System King Dedede is the ruler of Dream Land, who followed Kirby and his friends into the portal that lead to Potralica. Since then, he has been dogging Kirby's heels, trying to get him out of the way so he could defeat Realitanos and take over the dimension.

King Dedede fights incredibly similar to his fight in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. However, his weaponized hammer has been replaced with his normal one. Instead, he obtains the Shift ability, and uses it to attack from the background and generate orbs of dimensional energy.

Reality Knight Fry Fortress Reality Knight is a powerful warrior based off of Meta Knight, created by Realitanos as a bodyguard. Unlike Galactic Kirby, Reality Knight bears only a little resemblance to the original. Its mask is more jagged and resembles a large demonic mouth, its body is dark red as opposed to dark blue, and the bat wings have been replaced by a pair of metallic bird's wings. Reality Knight, as opposed to using Galaxia, switches between five unique weapons, which are listed by his name and determine his attacks.
  • Diecicle- a long crystalline lance that resembles an icicle. With Diecicle, Reality Knight performs attacks that are slow and sloppy, but have long range and freeze players.
  • Magna Daggers- a pair of metallic blue daggers. While wielding them, Reality Knight becomes much faster, can perform fast, defense-piercing attacks, and use the daggers' magnetic power to lift players and generate barriers.
  • Wideload- a massive black and white checkered broadsword. Wideload is so large, Reality Knight has trouble holding it, and as such is much slower. His attacks require a small charge time, but are incredibly powerful and can cause small earthquakes.
  • Century Shield- a large pink and yellow shield with a gear insignia on it. Reality Knight has the ability to perform shield bash attacks and throw the shield like a boomerang, as well as block and throw Kirby into the background.
  • Eldring- a large wooden ring emenating green energy. Reality Knight utilizes the Eldring as a magic wand, firing various types of elemental magic and teleporting to and fro.
Realitanos Fry Fortress The evil sorcerer Realitanos himself prepares to face Kirby in the ultimate battle! Realitanos takes on the form of a cloaked sorcerer with a single red glowing hand, a pointed hat covering his eyes, and a massive jagged mouth. Realitanos attacks by warping the dimension of Portalica itself by generating spikes and black holes in the ground, warping various enemies into the battlefield, and generating portals which he throws bombs through. He also uses a massive broadsword in combat, which can fire orbs of dimensional energy and perform powerful melee attacks. The orbs can be inhaled to obtain either the Gravity or Dark abilities.
Realitanos's Wrath Fry Fortress Realitanos after becoming weakened in his previous fight. He appears much more insect-like, having a larger mouth as well as large insectoid legs jutting from his body. This phase is fought entirely on the repaired Warp Star in a shooter stage as he tries to escape. Realitanos's Wrath attacks by generating portals that fire out dimensional orbs in various patterns, as well as ramming into Kirby and unleashing beams of energy.
Unstable Realitanos Fry Fortress Realitanos after becoming entirely destabilized by Kirby. He looks identical to his first form, but his hat has fallen off, revealing a single red bleeding eye. Unstable Realitanos attacks by manipulating the dimension even more drastically, pulling apart tears in the fabric of time and space. He can only be harmed by the Shift ability.
Miracle Matter The True Arena Miracle Matter is one of four secret bosses hidden within the True Arena. It takes the form of a 20-sided die, with each side having a single red eye on it. It attacks by shifting into forms based off of Kirby's abilities, with can only be damaged by an attack of a similar element (i.e. Hammer's Hammer Flip attack can damage it in its fire form, but not any other forms, and only Hammer Flip will work, whereas all of Sword's attacks will hurt it in its cutter form).
Daroach The True Arena Daroach is one of four secret bosses hidden within the True Arena. He takes on his normal appearance of a gray mouse with a red hat and cape, holding his Triple Star cane. Daroach attacks by throwing bombs, firing large ice beams, launching ricocheting stars from his cane, and summoning Squeaks to assist him. He also possesses the ability to teleport.


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