Kirby and The Amazing Mirror 2 is the sequel to Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, it's for the 3DS and is developed by HAL Laboratories and Nintendo.


The game begins with a cutscene of Metaknight chasing Dark Metaknight, until Dark Metaknight stops and kicks dirt inside of Metaknight's mask, then procceds to slash him multiple times until finally slashing him into a mirror wich at first looks like a mirror with a golden outline and angel wings, but when an evil face (similar to the one in the first game) appears in the mirror, the angel wings become bat wings, the outline becomes red and a torch with black fire lights up in the top, then the mirror starts sucking everything in sight, after Kirby, Adeleine, Bandana Dee, Ado and Dedede's whole castle get sucked in, Dark Metaknight destroys the mirror and disappears, After everyone is inside the Mirror-Verse, they see a mirror in the middle with Metaknight trapped inside, Kirby looks at him, but suddenly, out of the mirror a Shadow Kirby appears, but this isn't Shadow Kirby (he's good if you didn't know), he's Dark Kirby, a clone created by Dark Mind before he was defeated by Kirby, he laughs at Kirby, and with Dark Metaknight, he procceds to cut the mirror into 14 pieces, Shadow Kirby grabs all of the pieces, makes a mirror and goes in it, Kirby then chases him to get the pieces back, after a short walk, Kirby finds Shadow Kirby, and tries to take the pile of mirror shards back, but the pile of mirror shards end up falling on him, Adeleine and Bandana Dee try to help Kirby but when they remove all of the mirror pieces they find 4 Kirbies, meanwhile, Shadow Kirby takes the mirror pieces again and flies away, the 4 Kirbies charge at him, and they make him drop the mirrors into the bottom of the Mirror-Verse, which is a giant void that sends all 14 pieces flying across the whole Mirror-Verse, now the 4 Kirbies must find the 18 mirror pieces, but before they go, Adeleine uses her power (she can make her paintings come to life) to create a special cell-phone for the 4 Kirbies to communicate, but since it's made out of....well, art, it only can hold 3 calls, however, far in the distance they see Shadow Kirby communicating with Dark Metaknight using a cell-phone, and they see how he's dropping many batteries along the way, now that everything's conveniently set up (It's a Kirby game, ok?) the 4 Kirbies start their adventure!


The controls are:

D-Pad - Move

Y or A - Jump and Fly

Start - Pause

Select - Mirror-Verse Map

X - Save Copy Ability

L or R - Call

D-Pad Up near a chest - Open chest

Bottom Screen - Special Carriers and Call Options (More information below)


This Kirby game, not only has amazing mirrors, but also has amazing features!

4 Kirbies make the experience much more fun!

In this game, like the first, you'll have multiple Kirbies, they'll be able to clear out paths for you in other levels, and they can help you if you're in the same area, and if you're in trouble...


You can call other Kirbies by pressing L or R, and the Kirbies will come to help you! You only get 3 calls, but you can find batteries scattered across the levels which can give you one call, use them to get more calls! I hope there are no phone taxes in the Mirror-Verse!

Carry more Copy Abilities and Items using the Special Carrier!

Kirby now has 4 Special Carriers, which are basically spaces you can use to store Copy Abilities and items, all you have to do is press X to save a Copy Ability or simply inhale the healing item instead of touching it and they'll go instantly to your Special Carrier!

You can also combine certain Copy Abilities by just dragging the Ability from one space to the Ability in the other, and if they're compatible (like Sword and Spark to make an Electric Sword), they will combine, if they don't, they'll simply go back to where they were.

A connected world

The center of Mirror-Verse will act as a hub, and as you progress through different areas which you can access through mirrors, that by the way, branch into more areas, you'll find special switches that connect the areas with the main hub, making more mirrors for quick access in the main hub world! Good thing you have your Mirror-Verse Map which you can acces by pressing the Select Button!


Yes, Kirby and The Amazing Mirror 2 has Multiplayer, yes, the first one also had Multiplayer, but now it's been improved in multiple ways!

New Cell-Phone System

When using the cell-phone in Single-Player, the computer abandons everything to go help you, but since it's a computer, it really doesn't care, but since that would be completely annoying for a real player, now when you get called, a pop-up will appear in your bottom screen (not too big, that way it won't cover your Special Carriers), saying "-3DS Nickname is calling for help, will you help him?" and the options "Yes and "Sorry...", you don't have to press any button, you just have to click on them with your finger or your stylus, and if you say "Yes", you'll be teleported almost instantly, and if you click "Sorry..." then the player will get a pop-up saying "-3DS Nickname- is too busy..."

Easier way to play co-op!

Before, you had to get Cable Links to play Multiplayer, now you can simply get close with a friend who has a 3DS and Kaboom! Fun Multiplayer experience! And....

Play with your friends! Even when they're not close!

You can also play with your friends in your 3DS Friend List, even if they're far away! All you need is a little Wi-Fi and Kaboom! Fun far away Multiplayer experience!

Other Wi-Fi stuff!

This game also has Wi-Fi stuff such as...

Helper Chest!

If you have Wi-Fi on, you may find some chests with helpful items such as Cell-Phone Batteries, Max Tomatos and other food, to place a chest you must talk with Bandana Dee in the Hub World, you can give him stars to get special chests (kinda like a shop, you can choose to buy cheap chests with small helpful items or you can buy chests that are a bit more expensive, but have cool helpful items), these chests take up a slot in your Ability Carrier, but if you click on them at any time, you'll just place them down, but why would you give random people helpful items, if you get nothing in return? Well...

Stat Changing Keychains!

If you give people Helper Chests, you may receive special Keychains, that can change your stats! If you're playing in Single Player, you can make other Kirbies wear them, you can also get Keychains, by...

Adeleine's got the items for you!

Adeleine has a special shop in which she can sell items for you, these items can be saved in the Special Carriers, but the items she has, are other people's items! You can choose an option called "Buy for others", in which you buy items for a group of random people, this increases their stocks, and if you give enough, you'll get a Keychain, and don't worry if no one gives you and you run out of stock, it refills everyday!


Name Description
Kirby Kirby is back! And plays just like before! And he's the only playable character (besides the other Kirbies) in the game!
Adeleine Just like you heard (or saw i suppose), Adeleine will be at the Hub World holding a special shop. She hasn't been in many adventures with Kirby lately, so she's been a little out of date, but that doesn't mean she won't help Kirby in his journey!
Metaknight This mysterious hero got trapped inside a mirror by his counterpart! He's calm, yet really strong warrior, who has only been beaten by Kirby, and Dark Metaknight, i suppose...
Bandana Dee Bandana Dee lost his spear when he was sucked into the mirror, but he will help in any way he can! Which is technically making Kirby help others, but he's also making others help Kirby, but...Ok, this just got confusing.
Dark Metaknight Metaknight's evil counterpart! He doesn't have much of a personality, he just obeys orders made by his, now gone, lord Dark Mind, he's extremely mad at Kirby for getting rid of him, that's why he wants to get rid of Kirby...You can find him in certain areas, where you can face him in a short Mid-Boss fight.
Dark Kirby Shadow Kirby is extremely cruel, laughing at others if they're in dangerous situations and putting them into said situations just to laugh at them, however, if there's one thing to be serious about, is obeying Dark Mind, and now that he's gone, he wants to avenge him...You may find him in some ares screwing up things for you, such as activating traps, dropping more enemies that you have to fight, and more...
King Dedede He appears as one of the bosses, but possesed? This guy has a thing for being possesed..but, how? Ooh, he was in the castle when it was sucked in...that explains a lot...
Animal Friends The Animal Friends are back! But not as ridable characters....after beating both starter courses, you'll unlcok these guys, which can take you for different minigames! Also, when you fight a boss and finish an area, a random Goal Game (there are 5 Goal Games in total) will appear, 4 of them include Animal Friends! (And the fifth includes Gooey, which technically doesn't count as an Animal Friend)
Ado Ado, a painter that used to looks like Adeleine, but now has a bit hair covering her left eye, and a blue smock so that Kirby doesn't confuse her with Adeleine, unlike Adeleine which sells you items through Wi-Fi, Ado is the complete opposite! She sells Copy Abilities that refill everyday, but you can't "Buy for others", so basically, a normal Copy Ability shop, you unlock her after fighting against a Mid-Boss in Kiwi Castle.


This Kirby game has the usual Kirby game modes such as:

Story Mode

Your usual Story Mode.

Metaknight and The Magic Mirrors

This mode is unlocked after beating the main story, it's basically like Metaknight Ultra or Metaknightmare, you play as Metaknight instead of Kirby, and the story takes place after the ending, when Metaknight is saved, he thanks Kirby, Kirby gets close to shake his hand, but trips and crashes against the mirror where Metaknight was held captive, Kirby goes to fix it, but he and his friends get sucked out of the Mirror-Verse almost instantly, so now Metaknight has to go through all the areas (which are already unlocked) to find the mirror pieces...again...but this time, all of the people in the hub world are gone! (which means no buying items and no Helper Chests) and Metaknight can't wear the Stat Changing Keychains, making it harder for him, but he doesn't care, he will get the pieces agan and fix the mirror! Also, the final boss isn't Dark Mind since it was defeated by Kirby (again), the final boss is Dark Kirby fought in a reverse Metaknight boss fight, when you enter the room, Metaknight jumps on a platform and drops a normal sword on the ground, then the "Grab This" sign appears, Dark Kirby grabs the sword, Metaknight jumps down, and the fight begins.

Bandana Dee's Rescue Mission

Another mode where you play as another character, this time Bandana Dee! Unlocked after beating Metaknight and The Magic Mirrors, in this mode Bandana Dee, Dedede's strongest warrior, is reading a book about King Dedede himself, before realizing, that he hasn't come back from the Mirror-Verse, Bandana Dee looks through the window and sees how the mirror portal hasn't dissapeared yet, and instantly jumps into action! When you play as Bandana Dee the areas become linear levels, but you can't save, you can't wear Stat Changing Keychains, and you can't use Helper Chests, but the final level is Chestnut Tower, and it's a time trial, try to get the best time!

Kirby Fighters

Kirby Fighters is back and works just like it did in Kirby Triple Deluxe, with 3 modes, Arcade, Free Fight and Multiplayer! Here are the stages in Arcade Mode order:

Avacado Archipelago

In this level, you're in a small portion of Avacado Archipelago, you can jump on palmtrees to avoid some waves and sometimes Capamari will pop out and crush one of the palmtrees, but don't worry, they grow again.

Masked Dedede's Boxing Ring

Now it has electrical walls, which can do a lot of damage if you get pushed into them, Masked Dedede may sometimes jump and spin around covered in electricity, and sometimes he will jump and crush the ground with his hammer, before shooting out his flamethrower.

Shiver Star

You play on a round platform with a big hole in the middle, though you can't fall in it, HR-H may sometimes pop out of that hole and start swinging his arms to crush the Kirbies, or use his laser beam, when he crushes the floor, you can attack his arm, and if you get the last blow on his last arm (you have to destroy both) he'll turn into HR-E and start dashing across the screen, which hurts everyone except the player that got the last hit.

Dumpling Domes

You fight inside a glasss dome however, after sometime, the glass will break, and the dome will fill with water and break, when this happens you must go to a glass tube (which may be high or low) and go to another glass dome, if you don't get to the glass tube in time, you'll lose instantly.

Hyper Zone

In Arcade Mode, you fight Dark Matter Swordsman which is the final boss, but in Free Fight or in Multiplayer, you fight in just plain platform as Dark Matter in his eye form appears in the background shooting orange orbs that can hurt the players, if the players attack it too much, Zero will appear for a brief moment and will shoot red shots from his eye (which are basically blood) before disappearing, then Dark Matter will appear again.

Kirby Mirror Trials

In this mode you play in one giant dungeon like stage as you collect Copy Abilities (if you're Kirby), powers (if you're any other character) and upgrades such as speed, strength and resistance for 5 minutes (or more), before getting teleported into a plain stage without any hazards. In this mode you can play as Kirby, Dedede, Metaknight and Bandana Dee.

If you're playing as a character that isn't Kirby, Copy Abilities become Powers, such as Fire, which can give your sword/hammer/spear a fire effect, as well as some new fire attacks, or Lighting, which gives your sword/hammer/spear a lighting effect, as well as new lighting attacks.


This game doesn't have levels, it has connected areas which you can access through different mirrors, here they are (+ The Final Stages):

Name Description Boss How to get it
Dessert Daisies This beautiful, mountainous plain is the perfect place to start a journey! Whispy Woods Already unlocked
Avacado Archipelago This group of connected islands, with many bits of jungle in between them, will surely surprise you! Capamari Already Unlocked
Raspberry Roads This small mountain is more confusing than it seems, filled with all sorts of crazy splits. Nruff & Nelly Found through Dessert Daisies
Kiwi Castle An enormous castle filled with many rooms, perfect for toursist! Too bad there are enemies everywhere...

Mega Titan

Titan Head

Found through Avocado Archipelago
Macaroni Maze This is a big, dark forest, filled with all sorts of crazy different paths...Where will they take you? Fangora Found through Kiwi Castle
Ice Cream Iceberg This iceberg is in a state where it could break...yeah, watch out for that... Ice Dragon Found through Raspberry Roads
Nacho Nights This must literally be the weirdest place in the whole Mirror-Verse, a whole casino filled with all sorts of giant casino games!? Kirby is either coming back stacked, or he's going back empty! Wiz Found through Macaroni Maze

Dumpling Domes

An underwater world, but not the kind you're used to, This time you're inside giant glass domes with tubes that connect each other, sometimes you'll have to jump on small submarines to travel in between domes, or just swim if it's close enough. Acro Found through Ice Cream Iceberg
Icing Volcano This world is hot but also cold!? It has ice floors in some parts, but lava in others, it has fire traps in some parts, and snow piles in others, and sometimes they're just combined! Alava & Alater Found through Nacho Nights
Salami Skies This is a cloudy world in the sky filled with clouds and hang gliders! Watch out for storms though! Kabula Found through Dumpling Domes
Brownie Rocks This is a cave inside a mountain, you'll find shining crystals that shine in the dark and beautiful waterfalls, that make small currents that act as obstacles. Heavy Mole Found through Iced Coffe Combo
Apple Innerworld A giant tree of legends one day made a giant apple, this is that same apple, go inside the apple as you face through monsters trying to get it's seeds. Big Warwiggle Found through Salami Skies
Chestnut Tower You're getting better at the game, but do you have the guts for this challenge? Fight through this tower filled with monsters as you try to climb up and face... Dark Kirby & Possesed King Dedede Unlocked after completing Brownie Rocks and Apple Innerworld
Kale Coals A dark and mysterious factory, and apparently Dark Metaknight is inside, prepare for one last showdown! Dark Metaknight Unlocked after beating Chestnut Tower
The Final Showdown

Dark Kirby and Dark Metaknight almost choose giving up and leaving, but Dark Metaknight has one last plan...Fight against Kirby with Dark Kirby to increas the chances of winning, and if that doesn't work.... 

Dark Kirby & Dark Metaknight

Dark Mind's Revival Phase 1

Dark Mind's Revival Phase 2

Dark Mind's Revival Phase 3

Unlocked after getting all 14 pieces of the mirror


Images Name Description
Whispy Woods 2

Whispy Woods in normal form

Whispy Woods Whispy's got a little upgrade! Now not only can he shoot air pellets and drop apples, but he can also hurt you with his spiky roots, and make Gordos fall from his leaves, and when he's low on health, he'll start chasing you, but he will still drop apples which you can use against him!
Capamari Capamari's not in yarn form anymore, but he's still really strong! From trying to crush you with his tentacles, to shooting spouts of water, and when he's low on health, he turns red and gets the ability to make waves of water and the ability to make bubbles that hold Gordos inside, which pop after a while.
Nruff & Nelly Prepare for a strong tag team! Nruff is the smart one, popping out from one out of six holes, charging from side to side and throwing bombs, sometimes jumping from one hole to another to confuse the player, while Nelly is the brave one, always jumping and trying to tackle the player, when in low health, both bosses's patterns become more erratic and unpredictable.

Mega Titan

Titan Head

Mega Titan will fly around the stage trying to punch Kirby with his 4 hands, but now he can crash straight into the ground to make shockwaves! To beat him, you must push him into the electrical walls, once his health is depleted, his body will fall off and explode (the explosion could hurt you), now it's harder for you to hit him since it's just a had, but now you don't have to push him to the electrical walls, in his head form he can drop bombs and can dash near the ground to hurt you.
Fangora Fangora is not in yarn form anymore! He can crush you, he can hit you with gusts of wind, he can shoot his tongue directly to grab the player and he can shoot fireballs.
Ice Dragon This cute but devastating monster surely packs a punch! Ice Dragon can shoot ice breath at Kirby to freeze him, he can shoot ice blocks at him, he can jump and stomp the ground which can make icicles fall to the ground, and he can dash towards the player.
Wiz This magical monster ca nattack by getting out enemies from his hat, to teleporting behind the player, to even throwing card projectiles at the player, and if you get too close for too long, he may trap you in his hat, which can do damage.
Acro When you start this fight, Acro will break the glass dome you're in and the fight will begin underwater, he can shoot anchors, he can do underwater backflips which could hit you, and he can crash into the ground to make boulders come out, after some hits, he will start chasing you from below as you control a small submarine trying to get to the surface, after a while you'll crash into some rocks, which will make the submarine fall down and hit Acro, but Kirby will escape and go into a glass dome, Acro, angered enters the glass dome through a glass tube, where he'll start standing with his fins and sliding to crash with Kirby. 

Alava and Alater

2 new bosses? Awesome! Alava and Alater are two liquid entities (one being made of lava and the other being made of water), Alater can shoot ice shards and Alava can shoot spouts of lava, they can also turn into fire breathing dragons (Alava) and water spouting whales (Alater) for brief moments, as well as shoot fiery rocks (Alava) and turn into big waves (Alater).
Kabula Kabula is back! You now have to fight it while riding a hang-glider and while you dodge it's attacks, such as missiles, spreadshots and flamethrowers, when it's low on health, it will enter it's second form, in which it's ballon pops and starts dashing around erratically trying to crash the player, after a while it will completely deflate and will simply fall defenselessly to the ground
Heavy Mole

This robotic monster will chase you around, shooting missiles, when it's low on health it activates it's second phase, in which he starts digging ahead of you, in this phase he can shoot missiles from behind, he can dig through lava currents which can hurt you if you're standing on the ground, and in his 3rd phase he simply throws his saucers behind him and starts using the small blades on it's top as helicopter blades and strats digging upwards, in this mphase, you have to avoid the missiles he throws at you while you fly up, this phase ends once he reaches the top of the mountain in which it reaches his final phase in wich it starts floating, he can stomp to the ground (which makes stars) and he can dash near the ground.  

Big Warwiggle This Warwiggle is bigger than the average Warwiggle! He can dig from below and hurt you with his spiky helmet, and he can jump and crash into the ground with his spiky helmet, also his whole body is covered in spikes, except his neck, which you must hit! When he's low on health he reaches his second phase, in which the spikes on his helmet turn into mini drills, which make his digging much more faster and also gives him the ability to dig through the ceiling and wrap around the screen!
Dark Kirby & Possesed Dedede Time for another tag team fight! Well...technically Dedede is being controlled by Dark Kirby but...whatever! Dark Kirby not only has the Smash Ability, he also has new moves no other Copy Ability has, such as the Ability to grab the oponnent, the ability to dash towards the oponnent to knock him back, but he's not the only thing to worry about! Dedede, under Dark Kirby's control, can swing his hamer to attack the player, but he also can jump and stomp the ground, he can inhale Kirby and spit him out, and he can uppercut him using his hammer, when in low health, Dark Kirby gets the ability to eat Kirby and spit him against the foor and Dedede gets the ability to dash forward while spinning with his hammer covered in fire. 
Dark Metaknight Dark Metaknight not only has the same abilities as before, but now he has new abilities, such as a fire uppercut, an attack in which he charges at the player and throws him in the air, and an attack in which he uses mirrors to deflect sword slashes.   
Dark Kirby & Dark Metaknight Now you're fighting both! Dark Kirby has his attacks from before but now has the ability to suck Kirby up like a giant vaccum and Dark Metaknight gets the ability to jump in the air and stab the ground, creating shockwaves. 
Dark Mind's Revival Phase 1 You have saved Metaknight but now Dark Kirby and Dark Metaknight have revived Dark Mind! You first have to break his magic shiled by breaking his six mirrors, meanwhile he attacks by shooting beams of energy, making lightning strike and shooting homing orbs of darkness.
Dark Mind's Revival Phase 2 Aer breaking Dark Mind's shield the second phase starts, Dark Mind can attack by making clones of himself, reflecting blasts of energy, attacking Kirby with homing mirror shards and using mirros to deflect the player's attacks.
Dark Mind's Revival Phase 3 After defeating Dark Mind his heart becomes huge and starts attacking Kirby, right after Metaknight throws him his sword, Dark Mind's heart can attack by shooting blasts of energy, flipping the screen, making black holes, creating small copies of himself, firing giant mirror shards and dropping small mini-bombs that if not destroyed in time, explode, defeating Kirby instantly.