Kirby and Sonic Boom: Race for Something
Developer(s) Sega, Nintendo
Publisher(s) Fire Games
Platform(s) Fire Player
Release Date(s)
Norrmal Mode,Hero Mode, Arena, True Arena
Age Rating(s)
ANY AGE(Most People) 9001 (Dinosaurs
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Series Kirby: Heroes
Predecessor Kirby: Ledgend of the star diamonds
Successor Kirby And Sonic Boom :Battle for something
Media Included Video Game

Kirby and Sonic Boom: race for the something is an upcoming game for the new system fire player Set to be Released on December 16, 2014


Chapter 1: Contending For Something

One Day, King Dedede is bored so heannounces a contest for the something (Yes, it's called that). So He puts it on tv because, well, ya know

1 Hour Later, Dedede is STILL BORED so he decides to find it. He Teams up with Kirby, Bandana Dee, and Meta Knight to find it.

After they clear level 1,they see a big hole in the ground, Kirby memorizes it as the great cave (It's a giant hole in the middle of nowhere, so it was oblivious) and they decide to go in.

At the same time, team sonic just defeated eggman with robo woods the same time as Level 1 is completed. They then wonder why they are here.

After getting to the bottom/Finding out why they were there, Wham Bam Rock attacks out of nowhere


Boss Health: 500

Attacks: Same ones as w:c:Kirby:Kirby Super Star

        Rock Storm: A bunch of rocks rain down causing damage

Hints: Any character Holding a Hammer seems to be Very effective, The most powerful attacks would be Hammer Spin, and Hammer Flip

Chapter 2: Return to the Great Cave

Kirby & Metaknight find a Map, while King DDD & Bandana Dee are confused on where they are. Metaknight suggests that they should Follow the map.

Venturing throughout the Subterrain tree, Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, and King Dedede spot a Blue Hedgehog, A Yellow Fox. a Pink Hedgehog, and a Red Echidna. Confused at what they saw, they deccide to move on, thinking they'll soon get a closer look at them

Later, Meta Knight Spots Some robotic creatures, and have the feeling that they are following them

Chapter 3: Fast Race

Chapter 4: YTP Or Nothin

Chapter 5: Teaming Up?!?

Chapter 6: Fighting Robot Snake Things

Chapter 7: Meta Fight

Chapter 8: 2 Dreams, 1 World



Characters Go in 5 Categories: Speed, Flight, Power, Acro, and Magic

Character Type Attack
Kirby Flight + Speed Inhale: Possibility to become FireKirby,Icekirby,SwordKirby,BeamKirby,HammerKirby,FighterKirby,And WheelKirby
Dedede Power + Flight Hammer:Hits Hard
Waddle Dee Speed + Acro Spear: Melee and Long Distance
Meta Knight Flight + Acro Sword: Can Slice Things; Sword Beam at full health
Waddle Doo Speed + Magic Beam, Sword: Can slice things; Fire beams
Magolor (DLC Only) Speed + Magic Beam, Magicorbs:Fire Beams, Throws Balls of Energy
Sonic (Boom) Speed Homing Attack: Can attack and not miss
Tails (Boom) Flight Whip: can grab stuff
Knuckles Power Punching: Does physical combat, can break rocks
Amy Acro Hammer: Hits hard
Sticks Speed + Power Boomerang: Can be thrown and comes back
Shadow (DLC Only) Speed + Magic Chaos Stuff : Chaos Spear, Chaos Control, you get the stuff
Sonic (Main Continunity) Speed Homing attack: Hits and never misses
Tails (Main Continuity) Flight Same as Both sonics


Some Random Characters Including escargoon and others


List of Levels
Level Name Boss Info Enenmies
Green Greens Whispy Woods If you start out as team Kirby, this is where you start, it's just a overworld level, no gimmicks Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Hot Head, Blade Knight
Subterrain Tree (Chapter 1) Robot Woods If you start out as team Sonic, this is where you start, it's just a some sort of Overworld-Underground level, no gimmicks Badniks
Subterrain Tree (Chapter 2) Fatty Whale Kirby & Metaknight pretty much know the ropes here, as they ventured through this place before, and team Sonic are pretty much stuck down in that cave in the prequel to the show Same as both Level 1s
Crystal Cavern Computer Virus (Slime, Magician, Dragon) These caverns are shiny, too shiny... Wheelie, Hot Head, Cool Head, Buzz Bomber, Motobug
Abandoned Tower Camoeleon Kirby had to go in there if he wanted 100%, so he knew how to get through here, but The others on the other hand, well Camoeleon Kidnapped Waddle Doo, and you know, while if your playing as team sonic, waddle Doo is replaced by sticks Birdon, Wheelie, Sword Knight, Slammer, Secta Dee
Paintyish World Drawcia This is where Kirby learns most of the villains from past games are banished here, so he had to go through this... Not as a ball Waddle Dee, Fluff Waddle Dee
Chaotic Cavern The team you didn't choose (Rematch) These caverns have a lot of traps in here, and lava, and this may be the First encounter team Kirby has with Eggman Sword Knight, Waddle Doo, Slammers, Rocky, Hot Head, Cool Head, Hypons
Minecart Madness Kracko One way to get away fast: Minecarts. Unfortunately you're being chased so you may have a problem None
Gusty Garden Wham Bam Jewel Going into this garden was also required, but Kirby and Metaknight know the ropes here, again... Same as level 3, some suprising Super Mario Galaxy Ememies, Wham Bams, Egg Pawns
Galactic Cave Marx This level generally has no gravity, plus it has too much water Same as level 5, Flippers
Big Canyon No Boss Metaknight's on his own, so here we go, as Metaknight flies, expect emenies Bronto Burt, Secta Burt, Halcandra Burt, Dethskull
Fire Volcano Boss Run Step into the Semi-Final Level! You can play as the other playables again, so don't worry Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Bronto Burt, Gordo, Spynum, Lanzer, Secta Dee, Halcandra Dee, Secta Doo, Halcandra Doo, Secta Burt, Halcandra Burt, Secta Gordo, Secta Spynum, Secta Lanzer
Final Castle Mid Boss: Death Egg Robot

Final Boss:Queen Sectionia, Sectionia Flower, Sectionia Soul

The final Level, Were the Villan from the last game is planning revenge, Time to save a cave! Hey, that rhymes! Every emeny in the game


Name Number
Contending For Something Chapter 1
Return to the Great Cave Chapter 2
Fast Race Chapter 3
YTP or Nothin Chapter 4
Teaming Up?!? Chapter 5
Fighting Robot Snake Things Chapter 6
Flying Fight Chapter 7
2 Dreams, 1 World Chapter 8


Whispy Woods (Green Greens*)

Robo Woods (Subterrain Tree*)

Wham Bam Rock (Chapter 1)

Fatty Whale (Subterrain Tree)

Computer Virus (Slime , Magician , Dragon) (Crystal Cavern)

Team Sonic /Team Kirby (Chapter 2)

Camoeleon (Abandoned Tower)

Eggman (Chapter 3)

Drawcia (Paintyish World)

Team Sonic/ Team Kirby (Rematch) (Chaotic Cavern)

CDI Ganon (Chapter 4)

Kracko (Minecart Madness)

Wham Bam Jewel (Gusty Garden)

Twin Woods (Chapter 5)

Marx (Galactic Cave)

That green seviper or something no one gives a sh*t about (Chapter 6)

Galactica Knight (Chapter 7)

Queen Sectionia (Final Castle)

Sectionia Flower (Chapter 8)

Sectionia Soul (Final Boss)

Bonus Bosses


Thwomp Beast (Stone Fortess)

Copy Magolor (Doomer Dimension)

Egg Dragoon (Crimson Carnival)

Kirby's Adventure Pack

Magman Resurrected (Endless Explosions)

Heavy Crab (Sacred Sea)

Dark Metaknight, Shadow Dedede, Metal Titan (Raddish Ruin)

Nightmare (Rainbow Resort)

Sonic Adventure Package

Tri-Wreckingball Robo (Green Hill)

Sonic 3 Final Boss (Icecap Mountain)

Metal Sonic (Modern & Boom) (Stardust Speedway)

Rayquaza/Mega Rayquaza (Sky Road

(*) means that only one team can fight this boss


The DLC Packs are as it follows

Name Adds
Bonus Pack Shadow and Magolor as playable Characters, Spark Kirby as an added Copy Abbillity, Stone Fortress, Doomer Dimension, and Crimson Carnival as Levels
Kirby's Adventure Pack Adds in 3 new Copy abilities: Water, Beetle, and Leaf. Adds in 4 Levels: Endless Explosions, Sacred Sea, Raddish Ruins, and Rainbow Resort, adds in ministory "Nightmare's Revenge"
Sonic Adventure Pack Adds in ability to go Hyper Sonic (By collecting 150 rings), also gains the ability for tails to go super. Adds in 4 levels:Green Hill, Icecap Mountain, Stardust Speedway, and Sky Road, adds in ministory "Sonic Demensions"


Boss Fights

Whispy Woods: Kirby's Return to Dreamland Boss Theme

Robo Woods: Kirby & The Rainbow Curse Boss 5 Music

Whambam Rock: Sonic 1 Boss Theme Remix

Fatty Whale: Kirby Superstar Boss Theme

Computer Virus: Kirby Superstar Computer Virus Boss Theme

Team Sonic/Team Kirby (1): SSBB King Dedede's Theme

Camoeleon: Pokèmon Black 2/White 2 Wild Battle Theme

Eggman: Sonic Generations Death Egg Robot Boss Music

Drawcia: Kirby Canvas Curse Final Boss Phase 1 Remix

Team Sonic/ Team Kirby: Pokèmon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Final Battle with Wally Music

CDI Ganon: Yoshi's Island Boss Remix

Kracko: Kirby Triple Deluxe Boss Theme

Whambam Jewel: Castle Lololo Remix

That green Seviper or something no one gives a Sh*t about: Sonic 2 Boss Theme

Galactia Knight: Galactia Knight Fight- Kirby's Return To Dreamland

Final Bosses: They reuse their themes from KTD


A Sequel Was Confirmed in 2014 After A Sucess Of This Game The Tentative Title is "Kirby And Sonic Boom 2" it's Full Title was to Be Revealed At FireCon (Exactly At 9/8/14) but in Fire News, The Title Was Revealed to be "Kirby and Sonic Boom: Battle For something


  • This Game holds many references to YTP
  • Secret Sea from Kirby Squeak Squad from Kirby Squeak Squad has been renamed Sacred Sea for The Kirby's Adventure DLC
  • Chapter 7: Meta Flight seems to be based of KI:U

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