Kirby and Sonic Boom: All or Nothing is the sequel to Kirby and Sonic Boom: Race for Something, and will be released in 2016

New Features

Special Attacks:  There is now a meter under a character's health bar which when fully charged, The character will unleash a special attack, varying from character to characters

Miracle Fruit: A Returning feature from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Miracle Fruits are different than special attacks, as they work similar as they did in Kirby Triple Deluxe

Type-esclusive Sections:​ A Revameped feature from Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, There are 3 Types of Areas: Speed Area, Flight Area and Power Area

       S​peed Area: An area that consists of Wind Gusts that Speed Characters can only outspeed

       Flight Area: A Large Gap only flight characters can cross, Non-Flight Characters can go over it if the can grab on to a flight Characters

       Power Area: An Area consisting of Metal Walls only Power-Characters can break

Playable Characters

Playable Characters
Playable Character Attack Type Hypernova Form
Kirby Inhale- Can Become Fire Kirby, Sword Kirby, Cutter Kirby, Animal Kirby, Wheel Kirby, Ice Kirby, Leaf Kirby, Beetle Kirby, or Water Kirby Speed + Flight Hypernova Kirby
Sonic Spin Dash, Homing Attack Speed Super Sonic
Waddle Dee Spear Attacks- Now includes Spearcopter Speed Dual Spear
Tails Flight Hyperr Tails
Meta Knight Sword Attacks Flight + Speed Daydream Knight
Amy Hammer Attacks Speed + Power Giga Giga Hammer
King Dedede Hammer Attacks Flight + Power Masked Dedede
Knuckles Power Hyper Knuckles


  • Zero-2


  • King Dedede makes a reference to Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, despite not appearing in person in that game

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