Kirby and Pokemon: To The Resuce Kirby is the first Kirby and Pokemon DVD that is realeased on May 5, 2002. It contines all four episodes of Kirby go to the Rescue! Plus an all new episode.

Episodes Include

  1. Tiff's Arbok vs. Dedede's Arbok Part 1
  2. Dedede Wins! Part 2
  3. Lapras, Sail Away
  4. Welcome Back Tiff
  5. Never Before Seen Episode

Special Features

  • Storyboards of Charmander, I Choose You and King Dedede's Training
  • How to Make a Kirby and Pokemon Episode
  • Kirby and Pokemon vs. Pokemon
  • Kanto Pokedex
  • Trailer to Kirby and Pokemon The Movie and Kirby and Pokemon: Complete Season 1

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