Kirby Wii Universe
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
November 2014


Copy Stamps

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D platformer
Media Included Wii U disc

Kirby Wii Universe is a game for the Wii U, developed by ___.It is a 2D platformer, with new features, such as the Copy Stamp Collection, and brings back features like the Copy Palette.


This game plays similar to most other Kirby games, being a 2D platformer. You can infinitely jump, with the exception of some characters only having a certain amount of jumps. As Kirby, or any other popopo, you can inhale most enemies and some objects. You can swallow the item or enemy currently in your mouth to get a copy ability (most of the time) or you can spit it out to attack. Some standard attacks such as sliding are possible as well. Copy Abilities return, as does the Copy Palette.


Kirby is eating a cake when his friends Keeby, Koeby and Kluby appear. They take Kirby to Star City where they tell him that portals have appeared in Popstar Tower. The four go investigate the mysterious portals.



Character Ability Advantage & Disadvantage Summary Unlock Method
KTD Kirby artworkKirby Inhale Infinite Jumps The defender of Dreamland investigates the portals! Default
Keeby3DKeeby Inhale

Infinite Jumps

This yellow popopo is back again to assist Kirby! Default
Green KirbyKoeby Inhale

Infinite Jumps

The green popopo from Star City checks out Popstar Tower! Default
Red KirbyKluby Inhale

Infinite Jumps

The red popopo helps out with Kirby's journey! Default
KTD King DededeKing Dedede Hammer

Four Jumps

King Dedede is ready to explore Popstar Tower! Collect the Hammer Stamp
300px-Meta Knight KRTDLMeta Knight Sword

Three Jumps

Meta Knight slashes his way in! Collect the Sword Stamp
Bandana Dee KTDBandanna Dee Spear

Four Jumps

Bandanna Dee is back yet again for another adventure! Collect the Spear Stamp
BurningleoBurning Leo Fire

Five Jumps

Burning Leo is all fired up! Collect the Fire Stamp
WaddledooWaddle Doo Beam

Three Jumps

Waddle Doo is up and at 'em! Collect the Beam Stamp
480px-SparkySparky Spark

One Jump

Sparky shocks Kirby with his Spark powers! Collect the Spark Stamp
Chilly KSASChilly Ice

Two Jumps

Chilly is cool in a crisis and willing to help Kirby! Collect the Ice Stamp
Sir KibbleSir Kibble Cutter Three Jumps Sir Kibble cuts in to assist Kirby and friends! Collect the Cutter Stamp
PoppybrojrPoppy Bros. Jr. Bomb Four Jumps Poppy Bros. Jr. is booming to help! Collect the Bomb Stamp
Wheeliebike SSUWheelie Wheel One Jump Wheelie zooms in, revving to help! Collect the Wheel Stamp
Prince FluffPrince Fluff Inhale Five Jumps Prince Fluff is ready to help Kirby with his Yarn powers! Collect the inhale Stamp
RockyKirbyRocky Stone Can Jump Rocky helps Kirby! Collect the Stone Stamp

Copy Abilities


Ability Summary Icon


Sword KirbySword

Slash, slice, spin, strike, do it all!

Check you out! Your sword is capable of slicing grass, ropes, and more! Now, there's something familiar about you...

Sword (Icon) Dark Green

Sword Knight

Blade Knight


Fire Kirby KRTDLFire

You're on fire! HOT HOT HOT!

Wow, is it getting hot in here? Oh, it's you! Roast your foes, burn the baddies and throw embers at your enemies. You can also light fuses, and melt snow and clouds.

Fire (Icon) Red


Hot Head

Heat PhanPahn

Water KirbyWater

Splash! Crash! You're a true water wizard!

You're soaked! Wait, that's just your hat! You can ride on waves, shoot water, and more.

Water (Icon) Water Blue


Water Galbo

Leaf KirbyLeaf

You're a real environmentalist, aren't you?

You're as light as a leaf! With your razor sharp leaves, you can cut rope.

Leaf (Icon)  Dark Green



Spark 2Spark

You're shocking! Now go prove your worth!

With this electrifying ability, you can protect yourself, set off thunder clouds, and even attack through solid objects! How cool is that?

Spark icon Green



Mirror kirbyMirror

Look, over there! Wait, there now? How many of you are there?

This miraculous mirror allows you to create copies of yourself, shoot mirror shards and more. The mirror shards can cut rope and grass, and you can swap places with some objects.

Purple Simirror
Beam KirbehBeam

Your whiplike beam will stun enemies! Now, beam blasts, beam orbs, more, more, more!

With this ability, you are a watt wizard, a shocking sorceror! You can use your beam to reach behind walls, and grab objects!

Beam (icon) Yellow

Waddle Doo



Freeze your foes, skate on frozen water. Man, this ability is so cool!

With this fresh ability, you can create ice out of nowhere! Your frosty breath can both freeze water and enemies. Transform into a big ice ball and roll ahead! Ice skating is so much fun!

Ice (Icon) Blue




Bell KirbyBell

Ding, dong, ding, dong! What a harmonious sound!

Use your double bells to stun your opponents! Blast soundwaves, lull foes to sleep, and hide under your hat!

Gold Ring
KTD CircusCircus

Welcome to the big top! It's silly how good this ability is!

White Clown


Ability Summary Icon First Appearance Helper
Cloud Kracko Jr.
Block Star Block Waddle Dee (Boss)
Butterfly Bronto Burt
Spider Como
Rainbow Rainbow Roller Jr.
Kirby Ish Yarn NaoYarn

Yarn Dees

Yarn Doos

Yarn Brontos


Floor 1

Level Description Stamp
Pastry Plains A basic level which introduces a few of the basic Copy Abilities, those being Sword, Beam, Fire and Cutter. None




  • The name, Kirby Wii Universe, is a pun on Wii U and Universe
  • Kluby is most likely based off of a previous idea of a grey popopo named Coluby
    • In addition, when Kluby gets the Fire ability, he turns a grey-red colour, referencing White.