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Kirby VR 2: Molgar's Return
Developer(s) Expert Studios
Publisher(s) Expert Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo VR
Genre(s) 2D Plataformer
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan August 3, 2013

25px-Flag of USA August 5, 2013

25px-Flag of Europe August 10, 2013

Singleplayer, multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Media Included VR Disc

Kirby VR 2: Molgar's Return (or Kirby of the Stars VR Adventure 2: Molgar's Revenge in Japan and Europe) is a sequel of Kirby VR 20th Anniversary launched in August 2013. This game is most based on the anime, and uses graphics from the anime.


Two years, after Kirby finally defeats Molgar, he returned. Iksopopopo's reborned him once again, but, with more powers, Meta Knight tries to defeat him, but, he has been defeated. Kirby recevies the Galaxia Sword and now, is time to him to defeat Molgar once for all. Meanwhile, the Holy Nightmare Co. has returned and now, with full power.


Nothing changes from the previous game, but, now, the graphics has been changed for a mix of 2D backgrounds and 3D characters, the game maded the return of the animal freinds on Kirby series.


Main Characters

Image Name Description Playable?
KirbyVR2 Kirby "The pinky puffball now is the only chance of Dream Land don't falls in Molgar's hands!" Yes
Meta KnightVR2 Meta Knight "The warrior has been defeated, but, he doesn't give up, and will help Kirby in he's journey!" Yes
Lololo Lalala Lololo Lalala "Lololo is the male part of a flying creature named Lola, he can create plataforms to help Kirby." "Lalala is the female part of a flying creature named Fofa, she can levitate Kirby for a little time." No. Yes
Molgar Molgar "The evil king is now back to revenge, more powerful than ever!" No.


Image Name Unlocked in Level. Description


CooVR2 Coo the Bird 1-7 "Coo the Bird is here to help Kirby, the can attack enemies and leave Kirby over gaps." Wing
Kine Kine the Fish 2-5 "Kine the Fish is here to help Kirby, he can leave Kirby into Water." Water
RickVR2 Rick the Hamster 3-1 "Rick the Hamster is here to save Kirby, he can jump higher and climb walls." None
Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe 4-2 "Knuckle Joe is here to help Kirby, he haves a ton of fighting moves." Fighting

Episodes and Quests

  • Episode 1: Welcome Kirby!
    • ​1-1: The Fiery Fish: Using the Fire Abiltiy, defeat Octacon.
    • 1-2: A Blocky Battle: Using the Stone Ability, defeat Blocky.
    • 1-3: A Bug Battle: Using the Sword Ability, defeat Buggzy.
    • 1-4: Stormy Night: Using the Sword Ability, defeat Kracko.
    • 1-5: Whispy on Fire!: Protect Whispy Woods from Fire!
    • 1-6: Un-Kirby TV: Destory Dedede's TV Channel.
    • 1-7: Egg-Cellent: Give the Egg back to Dyna Blade.
    • 1-8: The Stoned-Heart King: Using the Stone Ability, defeat Dedede's Stone.
    • 1-9: Slice 'n' Rock: Using the Cutter ability, defeat Slice 'n' Cut.
    • 1-10: Police Squad: Help Cheif Bookem to protect Cappy Town.
  • Episode 2: Things Starts to Burn
    • ​'''2-1: Big Tasty: Using Cook ability, defeat Popon.





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