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Differences from the final game and the trailer

  • The hammer ability is not in final game.
  • The Water Kirby is different.
  • The Water Helper is different, too.
  • A factory-like stage appears in the trailer, but, the game doesn't have any factory level in the final game.
  • Clean and Plasma Kirby doesn't appears in the final game.
  • H2-D3 appears as a boss, but, he has changed for False Dedede.
  • Tornando Kirby appears in the trailer, but, doesn't appear in the final game.
  • Flappy appears as a helper, but, in a final game, he only appears in level 1-3.

Removed Characters

  • Waddle Dee - Unknown
  • Waddle Doo - Unknown
  • Keeby - For be a non-canon character.
  • Flappy (Helper) - Unknown, but, he appear in Level 1-3.

Removed Worlds

  • Volcano Island: Is seen in a one screenshot, but, doesn't appear in any place of the game.
  • Factory World: Seen in the trailer, but, doesn't appear in any place of the game.

Removed Bosses

  • H2-D3: H2-D3 can been seen in the trailer, but, he only appear as a cameo in level 1-3

Removed Abilites

  • Hammer Kirby: Dedede attack with hammer, this can be the reason why Hammer Kirby is changed.
  • Clean Kirby: Changed for Whip Kirby.
  • Plasma Kirby: Changed for Leaf Kirby.
  • Tornado Kirby: Changed for Parasol Kirby.

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