Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo VR
Release Date(s)
August 1, 2012
4 player
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included VR Disc
The Kirby's anniversary, now on Nintendo VR.
Teaser Trailer, FW 2013

Kirby VR 20th Anniversary (or Kirby of Stars VR: 20th Special Anniversary in Europe) is a game made by Fantendo for the Nintendo VR. The game was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kirby franchise. In addition, is the first game of Kirby VR series, and a sequel was released one year later, titled Kirby VR 2: Molgar's Return.


Once upon a time, Kirby was eating your favorite cake and suddenly, he see a dark cloud over Dedede's Castle, the cloud starts shooting lighting bolts, and in a fraction of a second, the Dream Land becomes Ruins!. What is happening with the Dream Land? What is happening with Dedede?. Kirby will find out! Kirby starts her journey in Very Green Jungle, but, Meta Knight wants Kirby stops, because, Meta Knight has vision, Kirby will be defeated by Molgar and Molgar will kill him.

But, Kirby continues their journey. Kirby finds the Dream Land, all Dream Land becomes ruins, only remains rocks and water, Kirby defeated a King Dedede clone, Kirby finds a jetpack inside the King Dedede's clone. Kirby uses the jetpack to reach King Dedede. King Dedede has been defeated by Kirby, and, Kirby discovers what happen: "Molgar has been reborned and dominated King Dedede to recover their kingdom!"  Kirby follows Molgar to the Ice Mountain, Kirby first defeat Molgar in the Ice Mountain, but, Molgar never gives up, and escapes and prepare he newest plan. Kirby also never gives up and starts follow him.

Kirby follows Molgar to the Rainbow Island, Spooky Dungeon and Rocky Clouds, defeating Giant Boxers, Nightmare's Spirit and King Golem. Kirby has been returned to Dedede's Castle and defeated King Dedede and finds the last part of map of Molgar's Kingdom part. The final part of adventure comes, Kirby defeated King Dedede for the third time and this time, he finally finds Molgar, in a epic battle, Kirby has been defeated by Molgar, when Molgar's almost killed Kirby, Meta Knight gives to Kirby, the Galaxia's Sword, and, Kirby defeated Molgar with help of Meta Knight.


DPad Control Kirby
1button Inhale
2button Jump
.png Pause
- Transfer ability to star
Abuttonton Gaurd




Character Name Description Playable? Ability
Kirbynew Kirby "The pink puffball is here to save, once again, the Dream Land!" Yes

Kirby can swallow enemies and get your abilities.

Kirbydedede2d King Dedede "The giant Dedede, King Dedede wants conquer the Dream Land! Again!. Yes (in Dedede's mode) Dedede can use you hammer.
MetaKnightFlightKRTDL Meta Knight "Mega Knight is here to defeat Molgar in Kirby's Quest!" Yes (in Kirby's Quest) Meta Knight can use your sword.
Landia Molgar "Molgar is a dead-king of Dream Land who re-borned in form a dragon, now, he wants Dream Land back!" No.

Molgar can do hypnosis, breath fire and uses ice.


World Name World Screenshot Theme of Level N° in Kirby's Quest Sub-Boss Boss
1 - Very Green Jungle Flappykirby Jungle 1 (as Kirby)/3 (as Meta Knight) Whispy Woods Meta Knight
2 - Dream Land Ruins Blipperkirby Ruins/Aquatic 2 Dedede???(Fake Dedede) King Dedede
3 - Icy Mountain Fourplayersmultiplayer Ice/Mountain 1 (as Meta Knight)/3 (as Kirby) Whispy Ice Molgar
4 - Rainbow Island Kirbyrainbow Mountain 4 (Meta Knight-Only) None Giant Boxers
5 - Spooky Dungeon Cloudxs Cave/Dungeon 4 (as Kirby)/5 (as Meta Knight) None Nightmare's Spirit
6 - Rocky Clouds Fourplayers Sky/Mountain 5 (Kirby-Only) None King Golem
7 - Castle Dedede Swordkirbyvssirkibble Castle 6 (as Kirby)/7 (as Meta-Knight) All-Bosses Rematch King Dedede
8 - Molgar's Kingdom Whelliekirby Castle 7 (as Kirby)/6 (as Meta Knight) King Dedede (Rematch) Molgar


Artwork Icon Bar Element Description
Beam (Artwork)
Beam (icon) Beam (Bar)


"Kirby with you wand, can create powerful eletricity beams, bbzzz!"
Bomb (Artwork)
Bomb (Icon) Bomb (Bar) Fire (explosion only) "Kirby can summons giant and powerfuls Bombs, this can cause a big explosion!"
Crash (Artwork)
Crash (Icon) Crash (Bar) Fire "Kirby now can explode everything on screen with your SuperNova ability! Nobody escapes!"
Cutter (Artwork)
Cutter (Icon) Cutter (Bar) Weaponry "Kirby now have a powerful boomerang-sword, he can kill everything in every location!"
Fighter (Artwork)
Fighter (Icon) Fighter (Bar) None/Fire (some moves only) "Kirby puts his bandana, now, he have a tons of fighting moves! Look out!"
Fire (Artwork)
Fire (Icon) Fire (Bar) Fire "Kirby is on fire!, he can spit out fire from this mouth, his is very cool!"
Ice (Artwork)
Ice (Icon) Ice (Bar) Ice "Kirby is frozen, he can spit out ice from his mouth and can frozen enemies!"
Mike (Icon) Mike (Bar) None "GWAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"
Leaf (Icon) Leaf (Bar) None "Kirby can now shoots leafs out of this hand, this can cut ropes and is very useful."
Ninja (Icon) Ninja (Bar) Weaponry "Kirby is now a ninja, lethal as ever."
Parasol (Icon) Parasol (Bar) None "Kirby now have with a parasol! Wheee! Now he can plane!"
Spear (Bar) Spear (Icon) Weaponry "Kirby now can shoots and do multiple attacks with spear like Bandana Dee!"
Stone (Icon) Stone (Bar) Stone "Kirby now can turn into a rock!, in form a rock he is a untouchable."
Sword Kirby

Sword (Icon)

Sword (Bar) Weaponry "Kirby can do cool moves with you sword, like a certain hero from a location called Hyrule."
Water (Icon) Water (Bar) Water "Kirby can walk on Water and defeat enemys with... WATER!"
Whip (Icon) Whip (Bar) Weaponry "Kirby can whip everywhere like Indiana Jones, or, in this case, Indiana Kirby!"

Extra Modes

Kirby's Quest

Minigame - Sword Knight

Photo of Kirby's Quest

Kirby's Quest is a mode unlocked after the main quest is completed. In it, Molgar changes the first 3 worlds to be in 3D, and curses Kirby so no power-ups other then the sword power-up and the bomb power-up can be used. When Kirby is attacked, he stays Sword (if he's Bomb, he'll turn Sword). Whispy Winter is replaced with Molgar, and Whispy Wood is replaced with Meta Knight.

Return to Origins

Return To Origins is a new game that is unlocked once you beat Kirby's Quest. It features many levels similiar to older games, but resembling KVR. This mode is somewhat short, however.

Kirby's Super Star

In order to unlock Kirby's Super Star, one must complete every aspect of KVR. It is the same as the VC version, but with enchanced graphics.

Dedede's Mode

It's the same thing of the story mode, but, with Dedede!, it's unlocked after you complete Kirby's Super Star. Dedede has a life bar twice more larger than Kirby and only can use hammer.

Special DLC


Mario Kirby

In Setember 13, 2012, Topline with the help of Pika Productions made a special DLC for Wii and Nintendo VR version, which added a Mario ability in Return to Origins mini-game. The Mario ability allows Kirby to throw fireballs.


The game has been re-released for Nintendo Omega and Hybrid Fusion, featuring a mode called "Stage Catcher!", to unlock this mode, the player needs complete the Dedede's Mode, in this mode, the player need pass for challanges to unlocks stages from previous Kirby games.


Kirby VR 20th Anniversary: Guide Book

Beta Elements



Kirby VR 10th Anniversary00:53

Kirby VR 10th Anniversary

The trailer

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