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Kirby VR
(or Kirby Nintendo VR's Adventure in Japan and Europe) is a series maded by Topline Studios, after the launch of the first game, Expert Studios, buy the franchise. The protagonist Kirby, needs defeat Molgar, Rolgar and Iksopopopo's to make the Dream Land, a peaceful land again with the help of King Dedede, Meta Knight and Kirby abilities like Fire, Ice, Rock, Steel, Leaf and more!


The history of Kirby VR starts on the creation of the Dream Land, the first King, Molgar, made everyone a slave, but, the God of Dream Land, Popoposki did he die slowly. After this, The Dream Land become fine and quiet.

Many years later, with the help of the Demon of Dream Land, Iksopopopo, reborn Molgar into a form of a dragon with various powers. Molgar hypnotized King Dedede to him destroy all Dream Land, Kirby defeated Molgar and King Dedede. (Kirby VR 10th Anniversary)

But, Molgar has not died, he comes back, now in your real form!, Molgar captured Kirby and Meta Knight was saved Kirby. Meta Knight saved Kirby and gives Kirby, the Master Sword to Kirby defeat Molgar, and Molgar has died. (Kirby VR 2: Molgar's Return)

With the death of Molgar, Iksopopopo, uses the remains of Molgar to create a "son" of Molgar called Rolgar, Rolgar tries reborn the father using Iksopopopo's powers, but, once again, Kirby was there and defeat Rolgar, to stop this once for all, Kirby now need defeat Iksopopopo. (Kirby VR 3: Molgar's Son)

Kirby won a special "Warp Star" to leaves him to God Dimension to defeat Iksopopopo's, passing for all worlds in God Dimension, Kirby gains access to Devil's Dimension and with help of Meta Knight, defeated Iksopopopo. (Kirby VR 4: The God's Dimension)


Game Boxart Logo Release Date Plataforms Developer Reviews
Kirby VR 10th Anniversary Coverkirbynew Newlogokirby August 1, 2012 Nintendo VR Topline Studios FGNStarNFGNStarNFGNStarNFGNStarEFGNStarE
Three out of five.
Kirby VR 2: Molgar's Return None None August 3, 2013 Nintendo VR Expert Studios None
Kirby VR 3: Molgar's Son None None Setember 18, 2013 Nintendo VR Expert Studios None
Kirby VR 4: The God Dimension None None January 2, 2014 Nintendo VR Expert Studios None


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