Kirby Universe is a game for the 3DS. It is rated E.


Kirby was relaxing when Kirby sees a giant void sucking up Dreamland. Now Kirby must find something to plug up the void.


  • Kirby - The hero of Popstar.
  • Partner - If Kirby turns a Copy Ability into a partner, 2-4 players can play on a level.
  • Meta Knight - The DLC character that is locked to the Sword Ability. He can also summon Midget Edges and do the Mach Tornado.

Copy Abilities

Example: Ability - Partner - Description

Normal Copy Abilites

  • Cloud Kirby - Nimbus Blockade - Cloud Kirby can create clouds and make platforms out of them.
  • Fire Kirby - Burning Leo - Fire Kirby can breathe fire, walk on lava, and turn into a fireball.
  • Bee Kirby - Mothster - Bee Kirby can fly and shoot stingers. Bee Kirby can even shoot stingers underwater.
  • Baton Kirby - Baton Waddle Dee - Baton Kirby can make enemies fight for Kirby.
  • Axe Kirby - Kibble Axe - Axe Kirby uses a axe to chop down trees.
  • Whip Kirby - Whip Lion - Whip Kirby can collect items and attacks enemies from  long distance.
  • Missle Kirby - B-2 Misslefoot - Missle Kirby shoots missles and can launch itself like a missle.
  • Ice Kirby - Chilly - Ice Kirby freezes anything around it. it freezes water when Ice Kirby walks on it.
  • DJ Kirby - Boomboxer - DJ Kirby uses discs to attack enemies.
  • Thunder Kirby - Thunder Wizard - Thunder Kirby shocks enemies with thunder.
  • Fighter Kirby - Knuckle Joe - Fighter Kirby uses karate to attack enemies.
  • Turtle Kirby - Tin Turtle - Kirby can skate on water and roll into a shell.
  • Beetle Kirby - Dunk Beetle - Beetle Kirby can attack with pincers and can ride dung balls.
  • Glue Kirby - Mothster Cocoon - Glue Kirby sticks objects to the ground and can stick to walls.
  • Animal Kirby - Molester - Animal Kirby digs with claws and can claw attack underwater.
  • Pickax Kirby - Pickax Waddle Dee - Pickax Kirby uses a Pickax to mine enemies and go underground.
  • Sludge Kirby - Sludge Galbo - Sludge Kirby spits sludge and can melt into acid.
  • Sword Kirby - Midget Edge - Sword Kirby slices foes in half with a sword. can be used underwater.
  • Oil Kirby - Oil Drummer - Oil Kirby spews oil and slips into small places.
  • Hammer Kirby - Bonk-Oink - Hammer Kirby can slam stumps down with his hammer.
  • Sun Kirby - Mr. Shine - Sun Kirby flys and shoots fire.
  • Moon Kirby - Mr. Bright - Moon Kirby flys and shoots icicles.
  • Star Kirby - Mr. Twinkle - Star Kirby flys and shoots sparks.
  • Beam Kirby - Waddle Doo - Beam Kirby shoots beams and can fly with beam power.
  • Microwave Kirby - Sizzlebag - Microwave Kirby can cause radioactive waves by running.
  • Trident Kirby - Kibble Trident - Trident Kirby attacks by using his trident. It can be used underwater.
  • Ghost Kirby - Ghosty - Ghost Kirby can surround itself with blue flames. It can also fly and go through breakable blocks.
  • Bomb Kirby - Poppy Bros. Jr (Sometimes Poppy Bros. Sr) - Bomb Kirby now can kick bombs instead of throwing them.

Super Copy Abilities

  • Monstar Flame - None - Monstar Flame is a special version of Fire Kirby that covers the half of the screen Kirby is on with fire. it destroys anything that is a enemy or flammable.
  • Hurricane Baton - None  - Hurricane Baton is a special version of Baton Kirby that blows all enemies in the direction Kirby is facing. It also powers windmills.
  • Spiral Axe - None - Spiral Axe is a special version of Axe Kirby that sweeps any enemy or rope by chopping around Kirby's feet.
  • Stinging Pincers - None - Stinging Pincers is a special version of Beetle Kirby that launches all ground enemies upward into the air. It also cuts ropes.
  • Snow Bowl - None - Snow Bowl is a special version of Ice Kirby that rolls up enemies untill the snowball hits a wall. It also knocks down bowling pins.
  • Mastar Sword - Gigant Edge - Mastar Sword is the ultimate sword. it is only used in the final level.
  • Burst Bomb - None - This DLC ability throws the big bomb from Kirby's Return To Dreamland.


  • Waddle Dee - The basic enemy of the game.
  • Baton Waddle Dee - This Waddle Dee looks good in parades.
  • Spear Waddle Dee - The classic defense of any Dreamland Castle.
  • Pickax Waddle Dee - A Waddle Dee that resides in caves to mine.
  • Waddle Doo - A subspecies of Waddle Dee with one eye.
  • UFOdoo - A stellar Waddle Doo from the stars.
  • Super Baton Dee - A specail Baton Waddle Dee that gives the Hurricane Baton ability.
  • Burning Leo - A flaming warrior that fights with Flamejitsu.
  • Super Burning Leo - A special Burning Leo that gives Kirby the Monstar Flame ability.
  • Mothster - Big moths that protect honey.
  • Mothster Cocoon - Baby Mothsters relax in cocoons before becoming adult Mothsters.
  • Nimbus Blockade - Warriors from he sky that protect castles from intruders.
  • Splice-And-Slice - A robot that can slice up anything in two.
  • B-2 Misslefoot - A robot that shoots missles.
  • Kibble Blade - A bomerangsman that is skilled with bomerangs.
  • Kibble Axe - A woodsman that chops with a axe.
  • Super Kibble Axe - A special Kibble Axe that gives Kirby the Spiral Axe ability.
  • Whip Lion - A lion with a whip for a tail.
  • Beehive Dee - A Waddle Dee with a bee suit.
  • Chilly - A snowman that loves to eat icecream.
  • Super Chilly - A special version of Chilly that gives Kirby the Snow Bowl ability.
  • Boomboxer - A DJ with great talents in music
  • F-1 Buzzwing - A robot designed after a moth.
  • Thunder Wizard - The first wizards ever to study thunder were these guys.
  • Knuckle Joe - Karate masters that can box ferociously.
  • Tin Turtle -  Turtles made of tin.
  • L-6 Turtlemarine - A turtle submarine that has two torpedos.
  • Z-8 Hawklaser - A hawk robot with a laser.
  • Dunk Beetle - A green beetle that rolls on a dung ball.
  • Stag Beetle - A red beetle with pincers.
  • Super Stag Beetle - A special Stag Beetle that gives Kirby the Stinging Pincers ability.
  • Lava Galbo - A dragon baby that spits lava.
  • Slot Robo - Hitting these guys spins the slot machine on theyre belly
  • Dice Waddle Dee - A Waddle Dee that rolls dice to move and attack.
  • Sea Beetle - A Stag Beetle that lurks underwater.
  • Homing B-2 Misslefoot - A special robot that shoots homing missles.
  • Icy Leo - A icy version of Burning Leo.
  • Waddle Doofish - A Waddle Doo that is also a fish.
  • Molester - A mole that pokes it head to the surface to breathe.
  • Waddle Diver - A Waddle Dee that uses swim gear.
  • Ice Galbo - A Galbo that has been frozen solid.
  • F-5 Buzzstag - A upgraded version of F-1 Buzzwing that has pincers.
  • Sludge Galbo - A Galbo that spews sludge.
  • Miney Mole - A mole that throws pickaxes.
  • Crystal Knuckle Joe - A crystal that mastered crystal-fu.
  • Midget Edge - A small swordsman with a sheild.
  • Gigant Edge - A unsuckable swordsman with a sheild.
  • Oil Drummer - A oil canister that makes oil puddles.
  • O-10 Oil Dragoon - A small dragoon that breathes oil.
  • Bonk-Oink - A pig that has a hammer for a tail
  • Mr. Shine - He is more commonly known as the sun.
  • Mr. Bright - He is more commonly known as the moon.
  • Mr. Twinkle - He is a star from the night sky.
  • Pill Beetle - A defensive beetle that blocks secret areas.
  • Hercules Stag Beetle - A giant Stag Beetle with wings.
  • F-8 Buzzmist - A upgraded version of F-1 Buzzwing with mist bombs.
  • Sizzlebag - A bag of living popcorn.
  • X-2 Colomcrush - A robotic statue that attacks with pillars.
  • Kibble Trident - A knight that attacks with a trident.
  • Axan - Axe-like dragons with the ability to ram into opponents. It cannot fly.
  • Ice Wizard - Wizards capable of freezing entire buildings.
  • Sludgen - Puddles of sludge that wander around.
  • Thunder Galbo - A Galbo that can shoot thunder.
  • F-777 Luckmoth - The ultimate robotic enemy.
  • Swordan - A sword-like dragon and a relative to the Axan.
  • Bandana Waddle Dee - The ultimate biotic enemy.
  • Ghosty - A ghost that is surrounded by blue flames.
  • Poppy Bros. Jr - A elf that has simalar powers to Bomberman.
  • Poppy Bros. Sr - A bigger and special Poppy Bros. Jr that gives Kirby the Burst Bomb ability.


  • Wooly Phan - A giant mammoth that crushes anything around it.
  • Iron Turtle - The best turtle around is made of iron.
  • Squashini - The trickiest magician around. he fights with a slot machine.
  • S-3 Octotomic - A atomic bomb in the form of a octopus.
  • King Doofish - The king of the Doofish.
  • Mole Train - A set of minecarts with moles. the big mole needs to be defeated.
  • S-99 Kingluna - A gigantic robot big enough to fill the void.
  • Dark King Dedede - A dark version of King Dedede.
  • Dark King Galbula - The final boss is a dark dragon and a manifestation of Dark Matter.
  • Haunted Doll - A DLC boss that haunts a doll.
  • Bomberman - This DLC boss may be a kid, but he is the inventor of the Bomb Kick technique.
  • Galacta Knight - A secret boss of Kirby's campaign and the final boss for Meta Knight's campaign.


  • Waffle Woods - A woods with yummy waffle trees.
  • Spaghetti Sewer - A sewer where everything saucey goes.
  • Cake Cashino - Squashini's new lair is a giant cashino made of cake!!!
  • Apple Archipelago - A set of islands filled with apples.
  • Orange Juice Ocean - A healthy ocean comprisesed with vitamin c.
  • Meatloaf Mines - A giant mine made of meatloaf.
  • Cheese Cosmos - This Nebula got some holes in it, as it is made of swiss cheese.
  • Dark Void - The final world of the game. It features dark versions of every boss in the game.
  • Garlic Ghost House - A haunted mansion that smells awful and somewhat French.
  • Bomb Palace - A palace that is in danger of exploding.


  • Haunted Pack - A pack that introduces Garlic Ghost House and Ghost Kirby.
  • Blast Pack - A pack that introduces Bomb Palace and Bomb Kirby.
  • Knight Pack - The final DLC pack which introduces the campaign for Meta Knight.

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