Ultra Jewels are the key item in Kirby U: The Ultra Jewels. They look similar to Crystal Shards in Kirby 64. There is three in each level, when finding all you get access to the final star... Zero Star.


When defeating a boss, the boss drops a Big Ultra Jewel.

  • Whispy Woods drops a red jewel. 

    An ultra jewel.

  • Pyramidios drops an orange jewel.
  • Aqua Orbos drops a yellow jewel.
  • The Fire Triplets drop a green jewel.
  • Plasma Joker drops a light blue jewel.
  • Matterzord drops a blue jewel.
  • MZ-ZERO3 drops a purple jewel.


In Matter Star, seven statues of Kirbys holding jewels are there. Waddle Dee calls them the "Jewel Knights" in his diary. They represent all the Big Ultra Jewels, each statue is the same color as the jewel. When you interact with them, they say things.

Red Jewel

"The big red jewel shows power. It has been given to a family of trees."

Orange Jewel

"The big orange jewel shows bravery. It has been hidden in temples."

Yellow Jewel

"The big yellow jewel shows agility. It has been hidden underwater."

Green Jewel

"The big green jewel shows knowledge. It has been kept in a boiling place."

Light Blue Jewel

"The big light blue jewel shows confidence. It has been hidden in an unknown place."

Blue Jewel

"The big blue jewel shows courage. It is one of the ancient jewels."

Purple Jewel

"Th- big p--p-e jew-l sh-ws th- h-ro's skill. It -s th- -ir-t jewel cre--ed."

"The big purple jewel shows the hero's skill. It is the first jewel created."

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