Kirby The Ghost is a ghost form of Kirby, he appears as a boss, he attacks Donkey Kong by possesing things

Mario And Donkey Kong : The Sages

He appears as a boss, after Donkey Kong encounters the tombstone blocking his way out, he sees a hand sticking out which almost looks like Kirby's, Donkey kong decides to punch the tombstone, but the spirit comes out of the ground and scares Donkey kong, he challenges Donkey kong a fight, if he fails, he leaves the graveyard, if he wins, the tombstone moves, allowing Donkey kong to access the Catacombs, he appears at the end of the credits


  • Even though, some people might think hes dead, but he wasn't dead before, as he only retreived this form when he accidently swallow a brainwashing ghost, retrieving this form.

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