2ND WARNING: This is my first game on Fantendo, if it is bad, then just keep that in mind.

Kirby Fighters 2 Logo


Kirby The Fighters 2 is a game released for the Nintendo 3DS on 5th July 2018 on the EShop while the physical version is released on 13th July 2018.  This is a sequel to the gamemode in Kirby Triple Deluxe and the deluxe edition on the EShop, and it was given to KillerKirbyCorp to develop. ​ It was rated E for Everyone/G.  Later it got ported to the Nintendo DSGo


The gameplay is similar to the original (sub) game with the fact that you have to fight the other Kirbies until you defeat them, becoming the winner of the round. 

Move the circle pad to the side to move left and right, move it up to jump, down to duck and Left and Right on the D-Pad to use items. You can fly by pressing the X button over and over again and the puff of air you shoot when you drop down will do slight damage if it hits. You can block using the L and R buttons, which has a 5% chance of reflecting attacks back on opponents, doing damage to them, the longer you have your block out, the more likely it is that people can damage you with attacks. A and B are used for attacking, with A used for simple attacks like a stab from Sword Kirby's sword for example and B used for more intricate attacks such as a spin across the ground from Sword Kirby or turning into a Fireball and rushing across the ground as Fire Kirby, you can aim in each direction for a different attack.

There are three main Multiplayer game modes, Health Bar Mode, Smash Bros Mode and 3 Vs 3 mode:

Health Bar mode is the same as the multiplayer mode in the original game.  You have 2 health bars, a Green and a Red one.  When the green healthbar is depleted, you will fall down for a second, then get back up, you will however, be immune from damage for a few seconds.  

Smash Bros Mode is well... Smash bros, you have a % and you have to rack up damage before launching them.  The max percentage is 999% which would be a real surprise if you do because a slight breeze could kill you then.  You will be immune from damage for 5 seconds after you respawn, as I do not want to take too much from Smash Bros and basically turn this into Smash Bros 4.5, you will only be able to do stock battles

3 vs 3 mode is where you pick 3 characters at the start who you can swap between during the battle, if you lose all HP/ get launced, you will swap to the next character and will not be able to swap to that ability for the rest of the fight.  This mode can work with either Health Bar, or Smash Bros modes.

Game Modes

Multiplayer Game Modes:

Health Bar Mode: Basicly the same as battles in Kirby Fighters 1

Smash Bros Mode: You have % like in Smash Bros

3 Vs 3: Pick 3 characters at the start, once one dies, you go to the next character.  Can work with both Health Bar or Smash Bros Mode.

Race to the finish: Run to a specific point on the map,  some stages are compatable with this mode while most others are not

Multiplayer Stadium Modes: basically where Dedede Mode can be played with two people via DS Download Play or Internet connection

Singleplayer Game Modes:

Tournament Mode: Basically Classic Mode in Super Smash Bros

Story Mode: A story mode for the game (Story Mode Here)

Dedede Mode: Battle through a few rounds of Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Bronto Burt, Noddy and Scarfy.  Then battle Bandana Dee, and finally defeat King Dedede, gives you an alternate costume if you win.

The Arena: Battle all unlocked fighters, one, after another

The True Arena: Battle ALL Fighters AND Bandana Dee, King Dedede, Meta Knight and foes in Dedede Mode (Unlocked after unlocking all characters)

Tournament Mode Rounds

Round Opponent/Opponents
1 Sword or Beam Kirby
2 2 out of Spark, Fire and Ice Kirby (teammate of Doctor Kirby)
3 Fighter and Cutter Kirby
4 Parasol Kirby
5 Bomb or Bell Kirby
6 Hammer and Laser Kirby
Bonus Enemy Rush (3 rounds of Dedede Mode, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so none of the major foes) - take out a group of common enemies in the Kirby games.
7 Leaf and Water Kirby
8 Doctor or Ninja Kirby
9 2 out of Needle, Spear and Animal Kirby (teammate of Sword Kirby)
10 Bandana Dee (Miniboss)
Bonus 2 Megaton Punch
11 An Unlockable character, if nobody is unlocked, then a random foe
12 3 Random foes
Final Final battle with Shadow Kirby


Defult characters

Unlockable Characters

How to Unlock

Character How to Unlock
Whip Kirby

1. Clear Tounament mode with Any character

2. Play 10 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

Cupid Kirby

1. Get 3 Stickers in one tournament mode game

2. Play 50 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

Magic Kirby

1. Have none of your characters die in a 3 vs 3 match

2. Play 75 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

UFO Kirby

1. Clear Tournament Mode with 10 characters

2. Play 100 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

Yo-Yo Kirby

1. Clear Megaton Punch with 20 characters

2. Play 125 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

Bubble Kirby

1. Pop 200 Bubble Items

2.  Play 150 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

ESP Kirby

1. Clear Dedede Mode with all defult characters

2. Play 175 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

Staff Kirby

1.  Clear Race to the Finish with all Defult Characters on all defult RTTF stages

2. Play 200 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

Mirror Kirby

1. Reflect 100 attacks

2. Play 225 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode

Cleaning Kirby

1. Clear Tournament or Dedede mode with all other characters

2. Play 250 Vs Matches

3. Unlock in Story Mode


Helpers is a feature that, if you fill up a bar at the bottom of the screen, then you will be able to summon that copy abilities helper to help you for 30 seconds.

Helper List:

Helper Name Ability
Blade Knight Kirby The Fighters 2
Blade Knight Sword
Waddle Doo Kirby the Fighters 2
Waddle Doo Beam
Burning Leo
Burning Leo Fire
Pengi Ice
Sparky - Spark
Sparky Spark
Sir Kibble Kirby the Fighters 2
Sir Kibble Cutter
Rocky Kirby the Fighters 2
Rocky Stone
Bonkers Kirby The Fighters 2
Bonkers Hammer
Parasol Waddle Dee - Parasol
Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol
Needleous - Needle
Needleous Needle
Knuckle Joe
Knuckle Joe Fighter
Bio Spark - Ninja
Bio Spark Ninja
Poppy Bro Jr - Bomb
Poppy Bro Jr Bomb
Birdon - Wing
Birdon Wing
Driblee - Water
Driblee Water
Leafan - Leaf
Leafan Leaf
Lanzer Spear
Spynum - Archer
Spynum Archer
Beetley - Beetle
Beetley Beetle
Ringle - Bell
Ringle Bell
Chemitory - Doctor
Chemitory Doctor
Vivdria - Artist
Vivdria Artist
Como - Spider
Como Spider
Gaw Gaw - Animal
Gaw Gaw Animal
Laser Ball - Laser
Laser Ball Laser
Wester - Whip
Wester Whip
Cupie - Cupid
Cupie Cupid
Boxy - Magic
Boxy Magic
UFO (Enemy) - UFO
Gim - Yo-Yo
Gim Yo-Yo
Bubble Head - Bubble
Bubble Head Bubble
Jammerjab - Staff
Jammerjab Staff
Simirror - Mirror
Simmirror Mirror
Broom Hatter - Cleaning
Broom Hatter Cleaning


Defult Stages

so far, there have been 18 stages announced for Kirby The Fighters 2.  All stages that were in the original Kirby Fighters/Deluxe will appear in a returning stages tab.  Stages that are compatible with Race To The Finish mode will be mentioned in the brackets.

Stage Name Features
Another Dimention
Another Dimention Nothing (Compatable with Race to the finish, however, layout will change)
Butter Building Kirby The Fighters 2
Butter Building 2 layers, which both spin, Different coloured Kirbies come by and throw items down for players
Cappy Town A monster from Kirby Right Back At Ya will come through and attack every once in a while, also swaps between Dedede's throne room (monsters are most common),  Town streets (Kawasaki will fry food on foes,) and castle courtyard (Sword and Blade Knight practice here and you will get in the way of said training (Compatable with Race to the finish)
Castle Lololo
Castle Lololo Three levels, Lololo & Lalala push their boxes, Blue Boxes and Gordos across the screen
Dedede Arena
Dedede Arena Right and left sides of arena are raised, plaform above the main fighting area, Dedede drops from the ceiling and can throw Waddle Dees, Gordos, Apples, and Oil Drums, He can also jump across the stage.
Dyna Blade's Nest
Dyna Blade Nest Dyna Blade comes down and does the attacks that it uses in Kirby Super Star/Super Star Ultra (Stretching Neck, Shooting Fire, flying around the stage)
Factory Tour
Factory Tour One or two of these hammers will power up and whack down, hurting whichever poor Kirby is where the hammer whacks down...
Fountain of Dreams Kirby the Fighters 2
Fountain of Dreams Nothing
Halberd Kirby the Fighters 2
Halberd Combo Cannon shoots at opponents.  Meta Knight also comes down to attack
Haldera Volcano
Haldera Volcano 3 land masses with lava in between them.  pillars of lava will occasionally blast down on the middle platform
Iceberg Kirby Dream Land 2
Iceberg Rick, Coo, Nago and Pitch will come in and attack foes, sometimes, the ice will crack into water and Kine and ChuChu will come in and attack foes
Kirby Slide
Kirby Slide You battle on 8 squares, one of them will move to fill that spot in, however you will not move.  You can get killed by falling into the abyss below, if the puzzle is completed, then you will do more damage for 5 seconds before it starts again
Miniboss Arena
MiniBoss Arena  Kirby Super Star minibosses (Bugzy, Bonkers, Phan-Phan, ect) spawn randomly and attack all current fighters
Quilty Square Kirby Fighters 2
Quilty Square Soft floor which means it's easier to jump higher, biggest stage that isn't moving or swaps forms (Compatable with Race to the finish)
Sand Canyon Kirby the Fighters 2
Sand Canyon The sand is Quicksand! some of the enemies introduced in KDL3 that never returned can also walk through (Bruisket, Keke, Batamon, Tozego, Peloo and Popon for example), they can be defeated
Whispy Woods Arena
Whispy Woods Battle Whispy Woods will attempt to suck up opponents and drop Gordos/Apples/Those annoying Worm things in Twin Woods battles

Unlockable Stages

Stage Name Features How to Unlock
Apple Scramble
Apple Scramble You can pick up apples and throw them (Different from other apples in the Whispy battle) Play on Whispy Woods battle 50 times.
Jet Robobot Section
Jet Robobot Armour Section Jump along several jet robobots Unlock Robobot Armour Item
Nebula Belt
Nebula Belt The Dragoon will come down and attack foes, also, Wheelie, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Bandana Dee fly past, all on the Warp Star Play 250 Vs matches
Hal Room
Secret HAL room HAL Blocks are breakable.  and sometimes Gordos fly though. Clear Tournament Mode with All Characters
The Great Cave Offensive
The Great Cave Offensive Around 10 different designs and backgrounds,  Clear Tournament mode as all abilities introduced in Kirby Super Star that made the game
Vegetable Valley
Vegetable Valley Moving stage (sorry guys) (Compatable with Race to the finish) Unlock UFO Kirby


In Kirby the Fighters 2, you can hold 2 items at a time, they will both be displayed on the bottom screen and you just have to tap them with the stylus or press Left or Right on the D-Pad to use them.

Item Name Picture Description
Mint Leaf
Mint Leaf
originating from Kirby's Dream Land, allows a Kirby to float and rapidly shoot air puffs, five at a time, four times, before finishing off with a big air puff.
Invincible Candy
Invincibility Candy Kirby The Fighters 2
Makes you invincible for 10 Seconds
Spike-Less Gordo
Gordo Kirby the Fighters 2
can be picked up by players and thrown. When it lands, it will become larger and it will grow its spikes.
Bubble Item
Bubble Item
Once Popped, it drops any item you have unlocked aside from The Miracle Fruit
Mike Kirby
Mike Kirby
Replacing the Microphone item from Kirby Fighters/Deluxe, allows Kirby to Shoot 3 blasts of sound energy, 2 are the first 2 from the games, 3rd song is based off the moment from Kirby Right Back At Ya where Mike Kirby sings Karaoke, loses copy ability item Rare item
Metal Kirby
Metal Kirby
Makes you invincible, however, you cannot move as fast (Don't worry, you're faster than in Squeak Squad) hurts opponents if you touch them, high launch with temporary ground pound attack when in air
Wheel Kirby
Wheel Kirby
Sends you speeding along the ground, while in wheel form, you cannot fly, but you can still jump, deals a reasonable amount of damage.
Dash Shoe
Dash Shoe
Makes you run twice as  fast.  This can make you catch up to foes easilly.  You can also jump higher, however, it isn't that much higher (it isn't the Bunny Hood item in Smash Bros)
Cracker Kirby Fighters 2
Once you grab this, you can walk and run normally, but you will not be able to attack.  However, the cannon will shoot cannonballs that are stronger than many attacks.
Pep Brew
Pep Brew
Restores 1/3 of a healthbar
Mini Kirby
Mini Kirby
Shrinks you down in size which helps you dodge attacks and slip down small cracks into harder to reach areas (Those areas are still reachable however)
Hi-Jump Kirby
Hi-Jump Kirby
Lets you launch up higher and faster than regular flying, also does lots of damage, basically no horizontal recovery though
Tornado Kirby
Tornado Kirby
can go both Vertically and Horizontally really fast, but bounces off walls and is hard to control
Sleep Kirby
Sleep Kirby
The joke item, Kirby goes to sleep and does nothing, come on, it's in every Kirby game, you expect me to not add it?

Unlockable Items

Item Name Picture Discription How to Unlock
Robobot Armour
Robobot Armour
is ridden, loses copy ability powers, but you are able to do lots of damage through punches Beat The Arena Mode
Festival Kirby
Festival Kirby
Peforms a dance along with all the foes that blows up opponents (They might survive) Slightly more common than Mike Kirby Complete Tournament Mode with all the abilities introduced in Kirby Star Allies
Copy Kirby
Copy Kirby
Lets you copy a random special off an opponent Unlock "The Great Cave Offensive"
Miracle Fruit
Miracle Fruit
Similar to a final smash, One time use, Sucks up foes and hits them with many things in the stomach, Kirby then releases the opponents for massive damage Beat Story mode or scan ether Smash or regular Kirby Amiibo's
Crash Kirby
Crash Kirby Kirby Fighters 2
Creates a massive explosion, does lots of damage, EXTREMELY RARE, Loses Copy Abilities powers untill you use attack Use the Mike item 50 times, AND after beating story mode

Traits for characters/Entrance Animations


(This is getting rewritten)

Copy Ability

Character Trait
Sword Kirby Middle of the road character, has a counter and jumps slightly lower
Beam Kirby
Fire Kirby Certain attacks can inflict a "Burnt" status which deals slight damage to opponents over time
Ice Kirby Can slow down opponents with his attacks, but attack speed is slower.
Spark Kirby Can create an electric barier while running which with the press of B, can shoot out and deal damage, but it has to charge
Cutter Kirby The Cutters can be controlled to go up or down
Stone Kirby
Hammer Kirby
Parasol Kirby Slowest falling speed in the game.
Needle Kirby Needle's Shield can hurt opponents.
Fighter Kirby
Ninja Kirby He can stick to walls.
Bomb Kirby
Wing Kirby You can fly much faster, and in exchange for not having the puff of air attack, you can attack with the flight, the flight is good at starting combos
Water Kirby Some attacks leave drops of water on the ground, if an opponent enters the water, they will we coloured in a darker blue colour and will be easier to launch, but if the Water Kirby that shot the water runs over it, it gets a speed boost
Leaf Kirby
Spear Kirby
Archer Kirby You can  aim the arrows in each direction
Beetle Kirby Certain attacks can get the opponent stuck on the horn, making it the easiest character to use to juggle opponents with, but if he gets hit it's pretty easy to lose 
Bell Kirby
Doctor Kirby He can heal himself with his down special, however, this leads to him being able to attack easier
Animal Kirby Animal Kirby can create Dirt to block opponents, it will stay for 10 seconds.  Animal Kirby can also destroy the dirt and if it hits opponents, it does more damage
Laser Kirby Lasers can bounce off walls
Artist Kirby Neutral Special can create a random helper to do one or two attacks, if you get a Vividria, then you will get a free Mike ability, or Crash if you have unlocked it
Spider Kirby Can trap foes for a little, which can lead into combos (Be warned though, the web can fail if you spam the attack too much)
Whip Kirby
Cupid Kirby
Magic Kirby
UFO Kirby Floats off the ground all the time and can fly for the longest amount of time, 
Yo-Yo Kirby
Bubble Kirby
ESP Kirby
Staff Kirby You can pole-vault up which goes up faster than flying, Longer range than Spear, but doesn't do much damage
Mirror Kirby Has a 15% chance to reflect attacks rather than 5
Cleaning Kirby

Entrance Animations

Character Entrance Animation
Sword Kirby Jumps in and pulls the sword out of the ground (Legend Of Zelda Reference)
Beam Kirby Comes in on a fully charged beam shot
Fire Kirby Comes in as a fireball (Burning Kirby Reference)
Ice Kirby Comes in via the ice block Kirby freezes opponents in
Spark Kirby Comes down via a lightning bolt
Cutter Kirby Rides in on a cutter blade before jumping off and grabbing the Cutter, putting it on its hat
Stone Kirby

Falls down from the top and lands on the ground before leaving his stone form 

Hammer Kirby

Hammer falls down and hits one of the stakes you pound in, then jumps down and grabs hammer.

Parasol Kirby

Floats down on parasol

Needle Kirby Rolls in in the spike roller before shooting out some spikes and preparing for battle
Fighter Kirby Jumps down, throws a bunch of punches at the camera and tightening his headband, before turning to his opponents
Ninja Kirby Jumps down, in shadows with a Shuriken, before throwing it, smirking 
Bomb Kirby Bomb goes off with Kirby walking through the explosion
Wing Kirby Flies down and shoots off two feathers
Water Kirby Blast of water comes down with Water Kirby walking out of a water door, 
Leaf Kirby Comes in through the leaf tornado move then prepares for attack
Spear Kirby Flies in on the Spear helecopter then prepares spear
Archer Kirby Leaps off a podium (still on screen) and readys his bow
Beetle Kirby Flies down and attacks with his horn, getting a couple waddle dees stuck to it (When the match starts they dissappear)
Bell Kirby Bell comes flying in, and Kirby pops out of the bottom
Doctor Kirby
Animal Kirby Drills out of dirt, then prepares it's claws
Laser Kirby Laser bounces off walls before hitting a stone wall, blowing it open and jumps out
Magic Kirby Jumps out of a top hat, then puts it on
Bubble Kirby A bubble floats in on screen from the bottom of the screen and pops releasing Bubble Kirby
ESP Kirby Teleports in
Staff Kirby Throws the spear down which  looks like it's about to fall over, before Kirby jumps down and grabs it


All Smash Bros Amiibo (Plus a few other popular characters [Waluigi and Toad])

Kirby - unlock's the Miracle Fruit item which can usually only be obtained after beating Story mode

Meta Knight - Unlocks a special Meta Knight costume for Sword Kirby

King Dedede - Unlocks a special King Dedede costume for Hammer Kirby

Bandana Dee - Unlocks a special Bandana Dee costume for Spear Kirby

Mario - Unlocks a special Mario costume for Fire Kirby

Luigi - Unlocks a special Luigi Costume for Ice Kirby

Peach - Unlocks a special Peach Costume for Parasol Kirby





Bowser: Unlocks a Special Bowser Costume for Fire Kirby

Bowser Jr:

Link: Unlocks a special Link Costume for Sword Kirby

Pikachu: Unlocks a special Pikachu Costume for Spark Kirby


Charizard: Unlocks a special Charizard Costume for Fire Kirby

Greninja: Unlocks a special Greninja costume for Water Kirby

Lucario: Unlocks a special Lucario Costume for Fighter Kirby

Mewtwo: Unlocks a special Mewtwo Costume for ESP Kirby

Donkey Kong: Unlocks a special DK Costume for Animal Kirby

Diddy Kong:

Fox: Unlocks a special Fox Costume for Laser Kirby

Falco: Unlocks a special Falco Costume for Laser Kirby

Samus: Unlocks a special Samus Costume for Laser Kirby

Zero Suit Samus:

Ness: Unlocks a special Ness costume for Yo-Yo Kirby

Lucas: Unlocks a special Lucas costume for ESP Kirby

Captain Falcon:

Marth: Unlocks a special Marth Costume for Sword Kirby

Ike: Unlocks a special Ike Costume for Sword Kirby





​Mr Game and Watch: Makes Shadow Kirby look like Mr Game and Watch in Tournament Mode (Same moves however)

Cut Content:

  • Dataminers looked in the games code and saw evedence of Mike, Wheel, Hi-Jump, Metal and Copy being characters instead of items