The Great Cave Offensive
Board Classic Corkboard
Unlock Method Clear Spring Breeze

The Great Cave Offensive is part of the first set of unlockable sub-games, along with Dyna Blade and Gourmet Race. It focuses on exploration as Kirby traverses multiple underground areas, with treasure hidden about.


Kirby decides one day to go looking for treasure, feeling adventurous and overzealous. He hopes for a great adventure, and quickly gets his wish, as he doesn't seem to be looking where he's going and walks straight into a pit. Kirby falls or what seems like forever, blacking out before he reaches the ground. When he awakens, he's met with a glorious field of glowing crystals, and realizes this was the adventure he had been looking for! Kirby decides to explore the cave system and look for treasure, while also looking for a way to return to the surface.


The entire sub-game is one giant stage, split into areas. Kirby can find Rest Points in each area, and can save and/or quit the game there. There are 75 treasures to collect hidden around the map, and collecting treasure is to key to completion, as well as defeating the boss of each area. The requirements for getting a Star Sticker for this sub-game is to clear The Great Cave Offensive and to find all 75 treasures.


Sub-Tree Area

A lush, tropical area that is heavily jungle themed. There are - treasures to find here.

Boss: Fatty Whale

Crystal Area

A shimmering field of crystals, glowing brightly as far as the eye can see. There are - treasures to find here.

Boss: Computer Virus

Old Tower Area

A...well, old tower. This thing has been standing for centuries, and time has runned it down, deep into the ground. There are - treasures to find here.

Boss: Chameleo Arm

Mysterious Dungeon Area

A ruined dungeon that was built by something long ago, filled with perilous tricks and traps. There are - treasures to find here.

Boss: Pyramid Head

Grand Garden Area

A luxorious garden that seems like something out of a fairy tale. There are - treasures to find here.

Final Boss: Wham Bam Rock




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