The Silver Mask is the first season of Kirby Superstar Adventure.


The first episode is about Young Kirby defeating young King Dedede, however, from the 2nd episode on, the series takes place in the present.

The first season of this series is about King Dedede getting an ancient treasure known as The Mecha Mask wich gives him a more powerful armor and a better hammer, he then uses this new power to attack Pop Star, in a mission to destroy every Star Warrior of Pop Star, with a new name, "The Silver Mask", his army is also disguised, so that people don't realize it's Dedede's army.


Number Name Description
Pilot The birth of a hero This story takes place in the past, and talks about how Kirby defeated King Dedede when he was a prince.
Episode 2 The birth of a villain Bandana Dee tells the king, who is stressed about losing to Kirby again, about a mysterious dungeon he found one day, a dungeon that matches the description of a book that says that inside of it lies an ancient treasure that is said to give anyone who wears it incredible powers, after getting it, Dedede attacks Dreamland with his new found power, where Kirby barely manages to win, deciding it's a waste of time, Dedede, disguised as "The Silver Mask" decides to attack another place. 
Episode 3 Enter Green Ville Kirby chases The Silver Mask and ends up in a new town, called "Green Ville", Kirby decides to attack the army, and defeats most of them with ease, until "Bandana Doo" attacks him, it's a fierce fight, but in the end, Bandana Doo defeats Kirby, when all hope is lost a creature similar to Kirby smashes through most of the troops in one dash, the 2 work together and win, but for some reason the townspeople give their food in anger to this new guy, why?
Episode 4 Felyn's Job After the fight is over, Kirby helps the townspeople rebuild their houses, but no sign of the new guy to be seen...Kirby sneaks away and sees him through a window, he enters the small shack and sees him talking to some people, saying that they should give them their food as well, after they left, the new guy reveals his name, "Felyn", and says that he only helps the townspeople if they give them something in exchange, Flash says that's wrong, but Felyn ignores him, Kirby challenges him to a fight, that ends with Felyn being victorious, but severely hurt, then he sees how the people of Dreamland and his own town came to see if Kirby was ok and they offered all they could to help him, after seeing this, Felyn asks Kirby if he could Forgive him, and Kirby does, he then returns all he could to the townspeople and leaves to go with Kirby. 
Episode 5 A horrible Metaknightmare Kirby is walking around in a dark place, when suddenly two giant glowing yellow dots resembling eyes appear, suddenly the word "Metaknight" is heard, and...Kirby wakes up...Felyn asks him what happened, and Kirby tells him (he doesn't talk, he just says random sounds) that he had a nightmare, Felyn asks if it had anything to do with The Silver Mask, Kirby says no, Felyn suggests that Kirby should relax until they reached their next destination, Kirby does so, but a mysterious figure keeps filling their path with dangers, Kirby puts 2 and 2 together and realizes he's the one in his nightmare, at fist he's scared but after almost losing Felyn, Kirby decides that it's time to face his own nightmare, after a fierce fight, Metaknight says that Kirby is a worthy foe and simply vanishes, after that, Kirby, now not scared, continues his path with Felyn.
Episode 6 Sandaland & the sacred oasis Kirby and Felyn finally reach Sandaland, but they reach a little too late, however, it seems like most of the houses have been fixed, so why is everyone so sad? They ask what's going on and they learn about a sacred oasis that has been polluted thanks to The Silver Mask, and that now their town is doomed for 5 decades, 5 decades of bad luck! Kirby and Felyn try to calm down the townspeople, but they fail, when they go to sleep, they see that the town is getting robbed by a group of Tacs, they manage to stop some of them but most of them run away, the next day, a big electrical storm happens only in Sandaland, the townspeople say that is because of the polluted oasis, so Kiryb and Felyn decide to clean it, however, the only way to do so is by using a mystical staff hidden inside a pyramid, the Star Warriors go inside, fight through the traps and get the staff out, they clean the oasis, and as soon as they do that, the Tacs come back, saying that they got lost, Kirby and Felyn capture them, and they retrieve the stuff they stealed, the townspeople celebrate and the Star Warriors go to sleep. 
Episode 7 Fighting against luck itself! Th Star Warriors wake up thanks to Flash, who tells them that there's a problem in the town, when they see a giant hand who calls himself "Crazy Hand".....Yes, he can talk, and says that he will cause trouble until someone beats him in Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kirby tries to attack him but he just goes right through him, like a ghost, Crazy Hand says that he is invulnerable until he gets beaten in Rock, Paper, Scissors, so, Felyn tries to beat him but loses, Crazy hand grabs Felyn and throws him against a wall, Crazy Hand says he never lost and he never will, Flash says that it's impossible to always win in a luck-based game, of course, he tries and loses, the heroes retreat and hide until they find out what to do, they try many tricks such as tricking Crazy Hand into revealing what's his technique, to even making him think he lost, of course when all this fails, Kirby and Felyn decide to charge at Crazy Hand head on, but lose, Flash tries to figure out how did he win, and how to beat him, after figuring out a complicated strategy, he tries one last time, this time he uses Kirby's Mirror Copy Abilities, to make Kirby split into two, then he uses more mirrors, to make it look like he's shooting 2 different things at the same time, in the end, Crazy Hand can't take it anymore and falls straight to the ground, not invulnerable anymore, Kirby sucks him up and uses the Smash Copy Ability to defeat Crazy Hand, Flash reveals that Crazy Hand's mind had all the existing possibilities of what his opponent could do, but didn't plan for what he would do if his opponent shot 2 "materials", so basically he went down like a machine overheating.  
Episode 8 Kirbin Hat Kirby and Felyn leave Sandaland after the fight with Crazy Hand, in the way to Aquarell Town they find some of The Silver Mask's minions, after fighting them, Kirby gets a new Copy Ability, the Archer Ability (yes, it's official, look at Kirby Triple Deluxe) Kirby uses this shoot some minions that look like shooting targets, and while he does this, 1 kid watches him, thinking he's the great Robin Hood, at first Kirby denies, but after the kid says that he must stop some bad guys that are terrorizing the town, Felyn says that he is the great Robin Hood, but with a changed name, Kirbin Hat, the kid takes them to a small town near the outskirts of Sandaland, where Kirby must use this ability to fight through the bad guys and to defeat the leader in an archery combat, after wining, Kirby leaves, and goes back to his normal form, and as soon as he does that, he an Felyn find Aquarell Town.
Episode 9 Fierce Battle in Aquarell Town! The heroes enter "the town that floats in the water: Aquarell Town!" but they find King Dedede raiding the town, searching for what seems to be a Star Warrior, wich looks like a green Kirby with blue cheeks with a samurai suit, who faces off against The Silver Mask using his katana, and loses horribly, however, Kirby and Felyn back him up, and fight against The Silver Mask, but when they think they're about to beat him, his already extremely powerful hammer turns into an even more powerful war-axe (Kirby Triple Deluxe) wich easily defeats them all, he tries to finish them off, but the damage is too big and his armor starts cracking, so he decides to flee, the green Kirby, whose name is "Midori" thanks them and the heroes go to rest. 
Episode 10

Kaboom! Kabaam! Crash Kirby in the house!

The heroes find out that The Silver Mask left them a little present, a capsule full of Crash Bombers, little creatures who explode almost instantly if they trip, aaannd The Silver Mask gave them little feet...the heroes try to send the capsule away, but the capsule is equipped with jetpacks, in the end, the capsule opens, but Kirby sucks one up before he gets released, after getting the new-found Crash Copy Ability, Kirby leaves a huge explosion that doesn't harm anyone, it just sends the enemies flying away, but The Silver Mask knew something like this would happen, so the capsule, as a last resort, turned into a mech, Kirby once again created a giant explosion that damages the mech, leaving it for Felyn and Midori to finish it off! After the mech is defeated, Flash explains that Kirby can control who he wants to hurt, and if he wants whoever he wants to get hurt to get caught in the explosion or simply to go flying away, after that, Midori thanks Kirby and Felyn, gives them a piece of his samurai cloth that says ヒーロー (Hiro) wich means "Hero" Kirby and Felyn thank Midori once again and leave Aquarell Town, next destination: Icyty!                                        
Episode 11  Minty Icicles Near Icyty, Kirby decides that they should set up a camp, while setting up the tent, Kirby hears some climbers talk about a cave called "Minty Icicles" upon hearing this, Kirby thinks it's made of mints, so he instantly dashes to the climbers and asks them if they know where it is, the climbers tell Kirby where it is, and they instantly go inside, however, after learning that is NOT made of mints, he instantly wants to leave, but the entrance gets covered up with rocks, Kirby and his friends search for a way out, facing many traps along the way, after searching they find out there's a way into the mountains they could use to escape, after attempting many tricks wich all ultimately fail, Kirby blames himself for what happened, Felyn tries to cheer him up, but it's no use, but after walking for a while, Kirby bumps into something...yes, it's a giant pile of mints, after finding it, Kirby calls the others and procceds to devour it, but the mints are so cold, that they give Kirby the Ice Copy Ability, Kirby starts using this ability to freeze the rocks so they could get out, but it's not enough, Felyn tries to help Kirby but can't get the Ice Copy Ability, and too bad, because the rocks are about to fall on Kirby! in the end, Felyn gets the Freeze Copy Ability (They are different, look it up), dashes towards Kirby and puts up a field of ice wind, wich freezes the rocks, and makes them so weak that they break in contact with Kirby, They both use these abilities to freeze the rocks before breaking them, after getting out, they set up the camp, and go to sleep. 
Episode 12 The heat of the century After finally reaching Icyty, they notice most of the building are melting and that most of the people are sweating, they go t the core of the city, where they meet "Glacio" wich looks like a light blue Kirby with an angel wings and ice armor, he tells them that when The Silver Mask attacked, he left a bunch of his fire minions near the core of the city (wich is a giant ice crystal) wich made it melt, and even though it may be normal for outsiders, but the people in the city are so used to cold weathers, that for them it feels like it's the hottest day on Pop Star, the heroes try to help, but the fire minions are too strong, Kirby used his Ice Copy Ability, Felyn tried using his Golden Boost, Glacio used his ability, wich was shooting ice and making ice objects, but it still wasn't enough, Kirby tries attacking head on, but he just gets severely beat up by the fire minions, so he gets send to a hospital, Felyn and Flash are trying to lure them away but ultimately they fail, Kirby, even though he's supposed to be in bed, appears and tries to attack the minions one last time, and the two end up clashing together, making the fire melt the ice, this transforms Kirby into his Water Copy Ability, wich he uses to save the core of the city from The Silver Mask's fire minions, Glacio thanks him and gives him an ice medal made of magical ice, that way it will never melt.
Episode 13 Snowfall Mountain Kirby is walking by some streets of Icyty when he sees a sign that talks about a sleigh race, the winner gets a one-year food supply, Kirby instantly joins the sleigh race, but finds out the competitors aren't too nice, when it's time to race, every competitor cheats, making Kirby end up in last place, Kirby loses the prize and challenges the winner to a race in the most dangerous of mountains, Snowfall Mountain, the race starts and once again, Kirby is losing because the competitor is cheating, so he uses the Fire Copy Ability to melt the snow behind him, making an avalanche, the competitor is shocked by this, meanwhile, Kirby dashes right past him, however, after seeing that the competitor is slowly getting closer to the avalanche, Kirby remembers when Midori gave him the piece of the samurai cloth that said "hero", then he realizes that he's doing the wrong thing so he uses his Star Amulet to make a Starsleigh, wich he uses to save the competitor, Kirby and the competitor make it out safely, he thanks Kirby and promises to never cheat again, and says goodbye, Kirby leaves with Felyn, once again satisfied by the events of the town, next stop: Skygh Paradise!
Episode 14 Cream Clouds

The heroes reach one of their final destinations, Skygh Paradise! Flash explains that it used to be a building filled to the brim with people, but one day it was mysteriously destroyed, but for some reason it kept standing, years later, a clan of primitive people climbed up to the top, and took over the rooftops, as they evolved there, it became a civilization, wich they called "Skygh Paradise", After climbing up, they find themselves with the city being attacked, but not by The Silver Mask, but by the Star Warrior herself, whose name is "Bura", A purple Kirby with a circus hat and a baton, she uses the baton to control the people (if she twirls it, the opponent spins around uncontrolably until she stops, if she drops it in the ground, the opponent will fall instantly head first in to the ground), Kirby and Felyn try to stop her, but she doesn't listen, Felyn attacks but she makes Felyn fall using her baton, and starts just smacking him with the baton, Kirby tries to stop her without hurting her, but fails, Bura grabs Felyn and takes him hostage, while Kirby and Flash retreat, Flash is wondering why is she bad, and decides to trick her, she tells him why, the reason is that when she was a kid, she always wanted to go to a circus, but never could since she was poor, she even went to the point of almost selling her own Star Guide just to get some money to buy a ticket, her Star Guide left her after that, and she ended up alone without money, so she ended up stealing, Kirby tries to calm her down, but Bura ignores him again, so Kirby swallows the baton and gets the Baton Copy Ability, wich he uses to keep Bura away while he tries to calm her down, in the end, Dusta realizes that she's doing bad, and leaves Skygh Paradise, Kirby frees the others, everyone celebrates, even though Kirby is a bit sad that Bura left. and the heroes go to rest. 

Episode 15 Metaknight strikes back!

Kirby is resting Skygh Paradise, when he sees Felyn, extremely injured, walk up to him and say "The nightmare is back" before falling unconscious, Kirby worried by this, tries to think what nightmare it could be, when he realizes that he only had one nightmare, the one involving Metaknight, Kirby gets a Sword Copy Ability and gets ready for battle, but doesn't know where Metaknight is, until a certain mysterious figure appears from behind, and the 2 clash in an sword fight, and for a minute, it seems Kirby won, until Metaknight uses Meta Quick, wich makes him more agile than before, Kirby tries to dodge, but fails, then Felyn, out of nowhere, uses his Golden Boost to tackle Metaknight, and once again, it looks like Kirby has won, until Metaknight uses his Mach Tornado, wich almost sucks Kirby and Felyn in, but they manage to grab a pole, however, they see one box getting sucked in, and see how Metaknight slashes it violently before hitting it far away, Kirby's hand slips, and he goes flying into the tornado, until Bura comes back and saves him, and gives him her baton, wich he uses to make Metaknight fall straight to the ground, Metaknight, itred and damaged, says that he shouldn't have used such a powerful technique as the Mach Tornado in such a simple battle, he then disappears again, Kirby thanks Bura, and Bura gives him an old coin she had since she was a kid, she says it was the first and only bit of money she had when she was a kid, Kirby thanks her, and gets word from a civilian who tells him that Dreamland's main town, "Popopo Village" wich is where Kirby first started his journey, then Bura tells him about a magical bridge that could take them there in no time, Kirby follows the directions gived by Bura and finds the magical bridge, now Kirby just has to wait for Felyn to get better.

Episode 16 A bridge in the sky! After Felyn gets better, Kirby, Felyn and Flash set off to the magical bridge, only to find out that the person who controls the bridge has been kidnapped The Silver Mask, they try to search for a clue, and find a note that says where he's being held captive, Flash deduces that The Silver Mask must of have tried to capture him outside, and that he hid in here to write this note, they go to where the note says, and they find a group of Masked Spear Dees with their leader "Bandana Doo", he puts up a good fight but in the end both Kirby and Felyn defeat him, the two recover the person who controls the bridge, but Bandana Doo captures Kirby once they're back, Felyn tries to rescue him but he gets ambushed by a bunch of Masked Spear Dees and gets captured as well, Flash finds some clues, wich lead him to Kirby and Felyn, but then he gets abushed as well, but before he got ambushed, he managed to free Kirby, but he's really hurt so he can't fight, Flash, filled with anger for not being able to help, gets a new ability, wich he calls the Healing Flash, because this ability can heal hurt people, he uses it to heal Kirby and he takes care of the Masked Spear Dees by sucking their spears and using the Spear Copy Ability against them, the man who controls the bridge thanks the trio and they leave through the magical bridge, but the bridge gets attacked by The Silver Mask and his army, as a last resort, Kirby sucks up a Crash Bomber, and gets the Crash Copy Ability, wich he uses to blow up the bridge, The Silver Mask and his army get blown away, and Kiry and Felyn fall halway through the bridge, landing in Sandaland.   
Episode 17 First you draw a tornado!? Back in Sandaland, Kirby and Felyn see people terrified, they ask why and the pople say there's a big tornado coming, and that even the town's Star Warrior doesn't know what to do, Kirby, Felyn and Flash don't recall seeing a Star Warrior in the town before, so they go see who it is, he looks like a gray Kirby with a pyramid-like hat and a belt with all sorts of gadgets, his name is "Koeko", and he's a pyramid researcher, always trying to decipher cryptic old codes, he says that a big tornado is coming and due to how big the area is, it will only be able to attack Sandaland before fading, Kirby and Felyn are decided to help, so when the tornado starts from far away, they try anything, Felyn says that since it's cold wind chasing hot wind, they could stop the tornado by making one of the sides "win" that way there will be nothing to chase, of course this doesn't work and just makes a fire tornado, Kirby tries to separate the different winds from each other with Crash Kirby, but the fire burns Kirby before he can cause the explosion, and the tornado sends him flying, Flash thinks that they should separate into teams, Kirby and Flash will build walls to protect Sandaland if Team B's plan doesn't work, Team B is Felyn and Koeko and they will try to stop the tornado, all of Team B's plans start failing and the tornado gets closer to Sandaland, the walls are not ready, and if that weren't enough, The Silver Mask sent some minions disguised as building materials, they start breaking the walls, but Kirby sucks them up, Flash says that because of the destruction caused by the minions, they won't be able to finish it in time, however, Kirby starts shining and turns into one of a plethora of new abilities, Builder Kirby, Builder Kirby starts rapidly using many building powers such as creating walls out of the ground and connecting building materials, with the walls completely built, the townspeople think that they may make it out perfectly fine, but the tornado proves to be more powerful than expected, Builder Kirby tries to keep the walls up, while Felyn tries to figure out what to do, Felyn then gets sucked into the tornado, forcing Kirby to leave the Builder Copy Ability (meaning that the walls become defenseless) and charges into the tornado, trying to suck it, he fails but manages to get the Tornado Copy Ability, which he uses control the tornado, and take it away from Sandaland, after the tornado is sent away, Kirby and the townspeople celebrate, and Koeko gives Kirby his pyramid hat, Kirby thanks him and leaves with Felyn and Flash, last destination before Popopo Village: Green Ville!
Episode 18 Gettin' green once again Back in Green Ville, Kirby tries a new drink called "Super Soda" originally sponsored by Felyn himself, however the drink itself is an energetic drink, so when Kirby drinks it, he gets a bit energetic, Felyn hears that the city is being attacked by a robot called HR-D3, Kirby tries to stop it but his energeticness make him a bit too distracted, so he loses the fight and falls unconscious, Flash still hasn't mastered the Healing Flash, so he takes Kirby to a hospital until he gets better, Felyn fights the robot and wins, making the robot itself break into 6 smaller Mini-D3s which start breaking havoc such as breaking jars, throwing small shelves which hurt the people, Felyn tries to chase the smaller robots, but they prove to be annoying and fast, always escaping, Felyn tries to round them up, which he manages to do, but the robots charge up powerful lasers which all combine into one giant laser which shoots out really high, before falling back to the ground, Felyn tries using his Golden Boost to stop it, but only manages to slow it down, back at the hospital, Kirby wakes up, and goes to the center of the town, he tries sucking up the robots, but accidentally sucks up the Super Soda, which gives him the Speedster Copy Ability (Kirby with a streamlined biker's helmet) Kirby starts running extremely fast to Felyn and both dash upwards to stop the laser, Felyn uses his Golden Boost and Kirby uses an ability called Drill Jump, in which he jumps high into the air and spins around like a drill, both crash into the laser and destroy it, then Kirby rounds up and destroys all of the Mini-D3s using the Speedster Copy Ability, in the end, Felyn thanks Kirby and gives him a small Super Soda promotional sticker but with Speedster Kirby's face instead of Felyn's, Kirby thanks him and both look at their final destination....Popopo Village...
Episode 19 Back to the start! Kirby, Felyn and Flash finally reach Popopo Village, and it looks completely different from before, now being an enslaved town, Kirby, Felyn and Flash manage to hide from the guards, Flash sees that The Silver Mask's fortress is at the feet of the mountain, and Flash says that he could sneak into The Silver Mask's fortress, but he couldn't be able to do much after that, Kirby and Felyn try to think what to do, when Kirby has an idea, they sneak into a restaurant and grab all sorts of food, which they later throw at the enslaved townspeople, the guards say that "It's not eating time yet" and start grabbing the fod away from them while Kirby and Felyn sneak into The Silver Mask's fortress, when they see that they need a special key to enter, they try to fight the guards trying to search for a key, but don't find anything, then they become prisoners, however they manage to escape, The Silver Mask, in his fortress, orders "Bandana Doo" to attack Kirby, so he, with a Masked Spear Dee army, sieges the town in a search for Kirby, he ruins almost every building he searches, and finally finds Kirby and Felyn, a fight ensues and Kirby and Felyn end up escaping, and this is where Kirby has a big idea, that could either work perfectly fine or could go horribly wrong.
Episode 20 Raid the fortress!

Bandana Doo is still scouting the town, but suddenly he hears a noise....and suddenly ..."STAR WARRIORS, ATTACK!!" Kirby comes running with all the Star Warriors he found along his journey, as well as some of the townspeople of their respective towns who wanted to fight, they fight against the army and Kirby has one last fight with Bandana Doo, in which he ends up victorious, Felyn rescues the civilians and fights against the guards with the help of Midori, Bura and Koeko team up to fight against the Masked Spear Dees and Glacio helps Kirby by making an ice ramp, Kirby summons his Motor Star and uses the ramp to crash into The Silver Mask's fortress, all of the Star Warriors start fighting against famous mid-bosses such as the Fire Lions, Bonkeys, and Bugzzies, while Kirby tries to get to the top, Felyn follows him and helps him clear the path, and Flash uses his Healing Flash to heal any wounds he may have after fighting the enemies, Kirby thanks them both, and he goes up the spiral stairs and Felyn decides to follow him, once Kirby reaches the top, The Silver Mask says that he has no chance of winning and gives him a Sword Copy Ability, which Felyn eats to help Kirby, The Silver Mask gives Kirby another Sword Copy Ability and the episode ends, leaving the fight for the final episode...

Episode 21 The final fight against The Silver Mask!

Kirby and Felyn face against The Silver Mask itself in a fierce fight, in which Kirby loses, Felyn tries to help him, but The Silver Mask knocks him out and hits Kirby, making him lose his Copy Ability, and making him fall to the ground dropping al of the items the Star Warriors gave him, he has short flashbacks about them, and then looks at the sky, he sees how even the sky is "fighting" as both sides, a stormy one and a normal one with a rainbow, are clashing together, he then sees how the rainbow shines on the items the Star Warrior gave him and the items merge together to form Kirby's ultimate weapon (for this season at least), "The Rainbow Sword", which he uses to defeat The Silver Mask with ease, after breaking his armor and revealing that he's King Dedede, a small black cloud comes out of the mask after it breaks, flies up into the air and materializes into Dark Matter Swordsman, Kirby uses the power of the Rainbow Sword to fly up into the air and clashes nto a fierce sword fight against Dark Matter Swordsman, which ends with Kirby being victorious, the Dark Matter Swordsman turns back into the small black cloud and disappears into the air, then the storm fades away and Dedede's fortress crashes down, luckily Kirby was able to save Dedede and Bandana Dee, and takes them to Dedede's real castle and Kirby returns to Popopo Village, everyone congratulets Kirby, Kirby dances like he does in the games after beating a level and puts the Rainbow Sword in a shelf, inside a glass box, he then goes outside to celebrate with the people from the towns he saved, Metaknight sees the party from above and says that Kirby is quite an honourable warrior, before disappearing, then the credits roll...


  • The towns and the order they are found in the series is mostly based on the worlds in Kirby's Return To Dreamland.
  • The name for Episode 14, Cream Clouds is based on the spanish name for Kirby's Return To Dreamland's fifth world "Nutty Noon", which in is spanish is called "Nubes de Nata" which rougly translates to "Clouds of Cream".
  • The names for the Star Warriors are just simple words related to them but in other languages, they are:
Name Origin

Felyn is one of the ways to say "Yellow" in Welsh and Felyn is yellow.

Midori Midori is green in Japanese and Midori is green and is a samurai.
Glacio Glacio means Ice in Esperanto and Glacio has ice powers.
Bura Bura means Bad in Nepalese and Bura was bad.
Koeko Koeko means pyramid in Maori and Koeko researches about pyramids.

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