Mice on the Attack! is Kirby Superstar Adventure's second season.


The stroy revolves around the Squeak Squad trying to get 5 Star Seals to open the gates to the Triple Star Cane.


Episode Number Episode Name Description
Episode 1 Enter the Squeak Squad! The episode starts with the trio of heroes relaxing 2 months after the events of Season 1, however, they get a call from a cop in Green Ville, they say that the town is being attacked by a group of bandits who call themselves "Squeak Squad", they jump into action and see how they steal what looks like a small red star, they attack the leader but fail when he's protected by his 3 main followers, the leader reveals his name, Daroach, befopre disappearing, the Squeaks swarm Kirby and Felyn, but they manage to escape by sucking up Spinni's metal claw, Kirby turns into Animal Kirby and beats up the Squeaks before capturing Spini, she tells them that the Daroach hid the "red star" in one of their many underground hideouts, Kirby then starts using his animal instincts to his advantage and uses his dog-like smell to find and dig to the Squeak's scret hideout, after fighting off some Squeaks and Storo, they collect the red star and climb back up before escaping from the Squeaks, then they find an old man in a robe who tells them that the red star is more important than they think, then he tells them to follow him, and they do, they end up in a temple where they sit down, then the old man decides to tell them about the history behind the "Star Seals", after revealing their backstory, true name and how many there are, he tells them to go seek for them, the trio then runs out to find the remaining 6 Star Seals before the Squeaks do.
Episode 2 5 Star Seals, one Triple Star Cane! TBA
Episode 3 Metaknight again!? TBA
Episode 4 The Lovey Dovey Mr. Moley TBA
Episode 5 Grimmley "Reaper" Parks TBA

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