All of the copyable forms return along with these new ones.

  • Radioactive Kirby (can make explosions)
  • Speedy Kirby (can run fast)
  • Aqua Kirby (can create tidal waves to knock down enemies)
  • Bazooka Kirby (can launch rockets)
  • Astro Kirby (can jump higher and shoot lasers)

Spring Breeze

Returns from the original.

Nightmare Fighter

This mode has Kirby battling monsters from the TV series.


1. Mega Octopus

2. Blocky

3. Slice and Splice

4. Popon

5. eNeMeE

Treasure in the Valley

Same as Great Cave Offensive.

The Dynamic Duo

This mode has Kirby teaming up with Tokkori to defeat King Dedede. It's just like Spring Breeze only with more challenging levels.

Gourmet Race

Returns from the original.

Kirby and the Cappys

An RPG where you must rescue the cappys and you gain abilities with Copy Essences Deluxe.


1. Cappy Town

    Boss: Dedede Cannon

    Tiff and Tuff join the party

2. Road to the Mountain

    Boss: Super Whispy

    Tokkori joins the party

    Boss: Gate Guardian

3. Mt. Dedede

    Boss: Slice and Splice

4. Castle Dedede

    Boss: Escargoon

    Tokkori leaves the party

5. King Dedede's Airship

    Tiff and Tuff leave the party

    Boss: King Dedede

The Arena

Returns from the original.

Helper to Hero

Returns from Super Star Ultra.

Meta Knight's Apprentice

Has Kirby playing as Meta Knight II. Just like Spring Breeze only more difficult than The Dynamic Duo.

Meta Knightmare Giga

Has you playing as Meta Knight in Spring Breeze, Nightmare Warrior, Treasure in the Valley, Dynamic Duo and Kirby and the Cappys.

Galactic Battle

Has you playing as Astro Kirby trying to defeat 5 random bosses. The enemies look like they did in Revenge of the King.

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