Add your own characters in! As many as you want! You can even add real characters you didn't make up!!! (If it says the creator is Official, that means it's an official, non-usermade download in a different section on the downloads). DO NOT make a character with Official on it. Only the creator 1337doom can do that. DO NOT make a thumb box, that would be stupid, this is a celltable)

Image Name Description Creator
Kirby NSMBSS Smash Kirby He looks exactly like Kirby, but he always has the Smash ability. Good for arenas! Official
YoshiEgg NAOYE YoshiEgg Nook The star Tanooki joins! His trusty Laser Blaster is present, and he's ready for anything! YoshiEgg (tbc)
Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario Nintendo's hero has a modified version of Kirby's fire powerup as his weapon. He also can jump very high. Official
Wing Luigi Winged Luigi is Luigi992's Debut he has Meta Knight's Modified Version of this Nintendo Character. Plus he can Jump Higher Than Mario. Luigi992 (tbc)
ShadowNinja Shadow Ninja The powerful master Ninja is fast and agile! He can call his students to assist him, so be careful! Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)
Ella Metals 3D Ella Metals The Metal moving girl is very useful, she has great skill and balance! Stelios7 (tbc)
Flipnote Flipnote Frog The frog from Flipnote Studio joins in! He can't jump very high, or far, but can eat enemies with his tongue. Official
180px-BooMP8Official Boo The classic ghost-like enemies from SMB3 join in! He can float all around the stage just by using the D-Pad. Plus, he uses the same attack as Spark Kirby! Unknown
Mick CoolNSMB Mick Cool The super cool Micool Guy has joined as well. He can simply slap enemies to defeat them. He can also throw Ice Balls that can freeze enemies for a while. Micool26 (tbc)
Mickey Kong Mickey Kong The funky chimpanzee who lives in Kongo Jungle, Mickey is back and ready for action! He acts just like Diddy Kong does in Donkey Kong Country and Diddy's Kong Quest. AdamGregory03
Tod Toadsty Tod Toadsty From Mario and Luigi: The Seven Black Diamonds, ladies and gentlemen, Tod Toadsty! He acts just like Toad does in Super Mario Bros. 2. AdamGregory03
155Cyndaquil Cyndaquil The Fire Mouse Pokemon. Cyndaquil uses Fire Kirby's power in this game. User:AdamGregory03
258Mudkip Mudkip The Mud Fish Pokémon. Nearly every people on the earth planet like (In a meme way, liek) this Pokémon, consider this a famous Pokémon. Mudkip use Water Kirby's power in this game. Unknown
Archie Archie A popopo-like teddy bear creature. He is the fastest runner. Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)

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