Name_of_enemy Copy_ability Description_of_the_enemy
Waddle Dee N/A

The Goombas of the Kirby series. They just waddle around, as the name states.

Waddle Doo Beam Cyclops versions of Waddle Dees that have can use electric beams.
Bronto Burt N/A These little guys stay in one spot, but they begin to fly when you're char is around.
Burning Leo Fire These guys are (literaly) on fire with blazing attacks.
Chilly Ice Snowman-like goons.
Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol Waddle Dees that wield umbrellas. 'Nuff said.
Blade Knight Sword Armored enemies that wield swords.
Poppy Bro. Jr. Bomb Miniature versions of Poppy Bro. Sr.
Boomeringo Cutter Poppy Bros. that throw boomerangs instead of bombs.
Yarny Yarn Very rare enemies that will attack with yarn whips.
Explodin' Eddy Crash These guys explode if they drop from heights, so watch out!
Knuckle Joe Fighter These guys pack a punch, so watch out!
Balleronto Dancer These enemies can't stop doing ballet!
Mike Rafone Mike These guys love to sing.
Chomper Bite Watch out! He thinks you're char tastes delicious!
Skater Dee Skateboard Rare Waddle Dees on skateboards
Capsule J3 Jet Enemies with jetpacks.
UFOney UFO The rarest enemy in the game.

More enemies coming soon...


Miniboss_name Ability Description_of_miniboss
Poppy Bro. Sr. Bomb A larger version of the Poppy Bro. Jr.
Bonkers Hammer Gorilla-like creatures that wield mallets.
Buggzy Toss Beetle-like creatures.
Plasma Wisp Plasma Sparky enemies that are quite shocking.
Draco Dan Dragon Dragon-like creatures.
Super Spear Spear A pointed creature.
Grand Wheelie Wheel A giant Wheelie.
Meteorit Comet A large comet-like creature.
False King Dedede N/A A smaller version of King Dedede.
Sword Knight Sword A large armored creature that wields a sword.
Floatie Bubble A creature that lives in a bubble. He is the same species as Kirby.
Mr. Frosty Ice A walrus-like creature that... dances?

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