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Kirby Super Star 2 is a game for the 3DS. It, similar to Kirby Super Star, has various games.

List of games

Spring Breeze: Kirby must retrieve the Sparkling Stars that King Dedede. The bosses are Whispy Woods, Paint Roller, Kracko, and King Dedede himself.

The Warp Star Hunt: Kirby must go through a giant cave to find his Warp Star. The bosses are Lololo and Lalala, Boomboom, Chameleo Arm, and Wham Bam Rock.

Gourmet Race: Kirby and King Dedede race through a challenge to eat the most food!

Adventure in the Clouds: Kirby must defeat a sky force that is disrupting Dream Land! The bosses are Kracko, Sky Wheelee, and Dyna Blade.

Waddle Dee Invasion: Kirby must stop an invasion of the Waddle Dees, launched by King Dedede! The bosses are Whispy Woods, The Waddle Dee Army, King Dedede, and King Dee.

To The Stars: Kirby must go to several planets to recover the Element Stones! The planets have several of the previous bosses, like Sky Wheelee and Paint Roller. The "final boss" is Dark Meta Knight.

The Arena: Kirby must battle the bosses all over again! However, after battling Dark Meta Knight, Kirby must face the true final boss, Galacta Knight.                                                                                                                                                     Kirby VS Meta Knight:Meta Knight's Halbird is attacking Dream Land Kirby must stop him. The bosses are:Blade King,Sword King,Ax King,Mase King,Meta Knight


Fire, Ice, Burning, Spark, Tornado, Hi-Jump, Sword, Hammer, Leaf, Water, Spear, Sleep, Crash, Mike, Cutter, Beam, Fighter, Throw, Bomb, Parasol, Stone, Wing, Missile, Meta (new), Wheel, Paint, Copy, Ball, Shadow (new)


This is the first appearance of several new bosses, like Sky Wheelee, King Dee, and Boomboom.

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