This is a list of alternate costumes that can be used by the characters in Kirby Super All-Stars. They work similar to the Spray Paints from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad, but are usually based on other forms of each character.


  • Default (Pink body, red feet, blue eyes)
  • Red (Red body, red feet, green eyes)
  • Yellow (Yellow body, orange feet, purple eyes)
  • Green (Green body, orange feet, blue eyes)
  • Blue (Blue body, purple feet, green eyes)
  • White (White body, black feet, red eyes)
  • Purple (Purple body, indigo feet, yellow eyes)
  • Brown (Brown body, orange feet, red eyes)
  • Meta (Blue body, purple feet, yellow eyes)

Meta Knight

  • Adventure (Takes on the palette of his Kirby's Adventure artwork)
  • Yarn (Takes on his yarn-like appearance from Kirby's Epic Yarn)
  • Beta (Takes on the appearance of his beta design, with butterfly-like wings)

King Dedede

  • Dream Land (Takes on a sepia palette, akin to the graphics of the original Game Boy)
  • Necro Nebula (Takes on a purple palette, akin to his appearance in the Necro Nebula in Kirby Mass Attack)
  • Shadow (Takes on a black-and-red palette, akin to Shadow Dedede from Kirby Triple Deluxe)

Waddle Dee

  • Wapod (Takes on a more ghostly appearance, like the Wapod enemy from Kirby's Dream Land 3)

Prince Fluff

Burnin' Leo

Waddle Doo


Poppy Bro. Jr.

Sir Kibble


Wheelie Bike

Knuckle Joe

Parasol Waddle Dee

  • Fluff (Carries a dandelion instead of a parasol, like the Fluff Waddle Dee enemy from Kirby: Canvas Curse)


  • Moonja (A direct reskin of the foe Moonja from Kirby's Return to Dream Land)


Plasma Wisp




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