Kirby Smash Bros. is a new game designed for the Wii U.

In this game there are characters and scenarios Kirby, but many more.


Nightmare in the size of Kirby organized a tournament called KSB, which stands for Kirby Smash Bros. But one day his twin brother (Eramthgin) has overturned all making it appear in the present people of the future, and if that were not enough, he also added the transformations of Kirby, all unlockables, to beat their own obscure. When Kirby has discovered what happened, he allied with those of the future and went to pick up the changes to defeat Eramthgin!



Sample Name Description
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Waddle Dee
Waddle Doo


Sample Name Description

'Meta 'Star

King Dede
Faun Dee
Dragon Night
Kracko and Kracko jr.
Whispy Woods with his legs
Lololo and Lalala
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright

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