Kirby Shining Star is an upcoming 2018 Kirby-themed anime produced by Red Foxx Productions. While it is still in planning process, it is said to be a large reworking of Kirby Right Back At Ya!. There is confirmed to be any elements in Shining Star that were never used in Back At Ya!. Perhaps the biggest change is the much larger focus on using characters debuting in the games rather than making up many of the characters for the purpose of the anime. Another new element is the introduction of story arcs in each season.

Changes from Right Back At Ya!

  • The plot is much less filler-based, as there are many story arcs throughout the series, though not ever episode contributes to the plots and are just for entertainment only.
  • Shining Star has a much larger focus on using characters from the games rather then creating characters for the sake of the anime. However, some characters, like Kynesi, are created for the anime and did not appear in the games.
    • Also, almost all of the abilities seen in the show were in the games. There are 1 or 2 new abilities, however.
  • Many characters from the games are main characters, rather than characters like Tiff, Tuff, and Escargoon. These characters include Bandanna Dee and Adeleine.
  • The show does not use a mixture of 2D and 3D-like characters, unlike its predecessor; rather, the entire thing is in a similar art style to the Pokémon anime.


Season 1 (Skies)

Main Article: Kirby Shining Star: Skies
The first season of the show, Skies, is an establishing season more than anything; introducing major plot points, characters, and elements of the show in general. While there isn't a major season-wide plot throughout the season, there are several story arcs in the season.

Season 1 introduces the major characters of the entire show as well, being;

The season also introduces Daroach and the Squeaks as villains, as well as Marx. The season is set to have 24 episodes total.

Season 2 (Shine)

Main Article: Kirby Shining Star: Shine
The second season of Shining Star is tentatively named Shine. The season takes a much more serious turn, with the introduction of a new plot point and a new enemy. Kirby also receives Super Abilities in this season.

The season introduces one new protagonist, and gives major protagonist status to four characters who appeared as either antagonist or minor character in Season 1. The five characters with the new protagonist statuses are;

The season is set for 28 episodes.

Season 3 (Strike)

Season 4 (Star)

Major Characters

Minor Characters



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