Kirby and the Hidden Kingdom is the next installment for the Kirby series set to apper on the Nintendo Switch after the previous game, Kirby Star Allies.



The gameplay is quite similar to previous games like the original Kirby Returns to Dreamland, Squeak Squad, Triple Deluxe, etc. Kirby is able to make his standard moves like jumping, running, swimming, inhaling, etc. With the inhale move, just like in almost all of the Kirby games, Kirby is able to swallow objects and enemies, so he can copy his opponents' abilities to use them. However, Kirby can lose an ability if requested or if enough damage is received. Kirby can also turn copy abilities into helpers. Only 2 helpers can be on the screen. And for the 1st time (2nd if including Planet Robobot), you get to play the game in 3D (Like 3D Mario games). All the levels are in 3D Items such as food, weapons, keys, etc will be returning. The health bar also returns.

Game Modes

Multiplayer Mayham

In this mode, you get to play any stage you unlocked with Kirby, Meta Knight, Dedede, Bandana Dee, and your avatar with your friends. You can also play Multiplayer Mayhem with people online and you can ride each other and perform other abilities.

Adventure Mode

Here is Adventure Mode which is basically story mode where the player has to pass stages to unlock them to be player in Multiplayer Mode, and where the story takes place. Player  1 is Kirby, while Player 2, 3 and 4 can be either Meta Knight, King Dedede, Bandana Dee, or another Kirby.

Kirby Fighters

Kirby Fighters is kind of like Super Smash Bros. You have the choice of picking 15 copy abilities (5 of them being new). Each of them have different movesets and like Smash, their are recoveries and "Final Smashes".

Minigame Room

In this mode, you get to play 30+ minigames with the following characters: Kirby, Meta Knight, Dedede, Bandana Dee, Waddle Doo, Knuckle Joe, your character, Blade Knight, Sir Kibble, Sirmirror, and Susie.


Players in this mode will battle all of the bosses from Adventure Mode and can also choose their abilities before/after starting to use them thoughout the battles. The final boss is ???

True Arena

Same as Arena, but harder, each boss has a new attack, and the final boss is ???

Sound Museum

A mode where you just listen to music and sounds shown in the game. This mode is already unlocked, but you can get more sound/music by playing more Mini-Games.

Movie Theatre

This is used to watch cutscenes, dialogues, etc.

Option Factory

This is a mode where the player can adjust the game's settings such as the sound, music, screen ratio, controls, etc. And even delete the game file's progress, but after being deleted the game data cannot be restored.


Name Description
KSA Kirby Artwork 2 NoHeart


Kirby is the main protagonist and character of the Kirby series, and has the main role in Kirby and the Hidden Kingdom. Kirby's abilities are having the power to copy abilities from others if he inhales and swallow them, or spits them out as a star, float in the art and shoot out clouds after floating enough times. Kirby has crash landed on Planet Popstar and has been protecting it ever since.
KSA King Dedede artwork

King Dedede

King Dedede is the arch-enemy of Kirby and tries to defeat him, but are sometimes on good terms. Dedede often wields a hammer and can also leap super high in the air and crash back down unless he's not on the ground.
Meta Knight Obliteration1776

Meta Knight

Meta Knight is a mysterious character who appears in many Kirby games and acts as a villain and hero. He of the Meta-Knights, and pilots the Halberd, his personal battleship, and also wields his signature sword, Galaxia, and uses it in battle. Meta uses his cape to teleport and his sword to do devastating attacks, and sometimes gives Kirby a sword in most of his battles.
Bandana Dee

Bandana Dee

Bandana Dee is a regular Waddle Dee character who wields a spear sometimes for battle. He also acts as Dedede's right-hand man while providing help to the pink puff in some games.


Stage Levels Theme Boss
Coconut Canopy 7 Forest Whispy Woods
Sizzling Sands 7 Desert Giga Knight
Tofu Tundra 7 Frozen Francisca
Eerie Edgelands 7 Haunted Zan Partizanne
Vinegar Volcano 7 Volcano Flamberge
Cotton Clouds 8 Sky Kracko
Lunar Landmark 8 Space King Cometon
Forgotten Kingdom 8 Castle

Copy Abilities


Name Ability Star Flavor Text
Beam (icon)
"This ability gives you control of electricity itself. It looks like a simple ability, but science cannot yet explain how it works.”
Ability Star Sword
“ The undisputed king of melee weapons. Drill Stab, Down Thrust, Spin Slash--the list goes on. You can even pretend to be the legendary green hero!”
Ability Star Fire
“This flaming ability allows Kirby to spit out fire! Light the fuse and ignite yourself to produce an even more powerful flame.”
Cutter (Icon)
“A boomerang that returns to your hand after being thrown. You can charge it up, steer its flight path upward or downward, and use it to cut ropes!”
Freeze Ability Star New
“ Freeze enemies with Ice Breath. You can also glide gracefully along the ground with Ice Skate.”
Ability Star Stone
“ Kirby rocks with the Stone ability! Slide down slopes and squash your enemies in seconds flat! With so many possible transformations, who knows what he'll turn into next!”
Ability Star Spark
“ Mash on the +Control Pad, charge up your power, and create an energy barrier! With the Spark ability, you can even fire plasma shots through the terrain!”
Ability Star Needle
“ Cover yourself in pointy needles to poke your enemies and attach to walls! You can also poke needles into the ceiling and floor!”
“ A giant hammer on loan from the king himself. Pound boulders into dust, or knock stakes flat into the ground. Send out a fiery burst with the decisive Hammer Flip!”
Ability Star Hi-Jump
“ Leap into the air with a Hi-Jump! Zoom back down with an unstoppable high-speed Rocket Dive! A hero has made his debut!”
Magic Ability Star New
“ Gather 'round and look closely! Nothing in my hand! Nothing in my sleeve!”
Paint Ability Star New
“ Now's your chance to use it! No longer a onetime Copy Ability! Paint all the town of 7 colors with paintbrushes, buckets, and more!”
Ability Star Tornado
"Round and round you go! Tornado Kirby will continue spinning and bouncing violently off of obstacles until he comes to a stop!"
Ability Star Parasol
“ Guard against falling objects, or take a floaty stroll through the air. You can also spray water to attack enemies or put out fires.”
Ability Star Wheel
“ Put pedal to the metal, and surge ahead with a Dash! As long as you've got speed, you're invincible, baby! Just watch out for potholes!”
Ability Star Mike
“ Music usually has a comforting effect, but that depends on who's singing. Luckily, Kirby has only enough energy to sing three songs.”
Ability Star Crash
“DANGER! Use caution when handling this ability. It can be used only once, so make it count!”
Ability Star Sleep
“ Sleep is definitely important, but it can be dangerous if you doze off in the wrong place! Luckily, you can wake up quickly by button mashing!”
Ability Star Bomb
"Raise a huge bomb above your head, adjust the angle, and throw! Detonate from afar...or drop a bomb right next to an enemy. BOOM"
Ability Star Ninja
“ Excelling in the art of covert combat, this ability contains various moves found in ancient documents from foreign lands. Science cannot explain this ability.”
Ability Star Jet KPR
“ This high-flying ability full of aerodynamic power makes its return! Charge it up with B, and then jet toward enemies at extreme speed!”
Cook Ability Star New
“ What's on today's menu? Gather your ingredients and start cooking to your delights!"
Ability Star Fighting
“ This ability raises your fighting power to the max! The supersonic punches and kicks Kirby unleashes bring about infinite fighting capabilities.”
Ability Star Mirror KPR
“ This is a rather dangerous ability for all life-forms, organic and otherwise. It can be used to attack enemies with a corrosive liquid that contains damaging substances.”
Ability Star Water
“ Look out -- you're a water wizard! Ride the waves and cool down hot flames! Your Water Gun is supercharged too!”
Ability Star Leaf
“ Be a leaf on the wind with this sharp ability. Spin up a torrent of dancing leaves to slice and dice, or activate your Guard and-- Hey, where'd you go?!”
Ability Star Spear
“ The spear is a true warrior's weapon. Multispear Attack! Spear Throw! Moon Drop! The spear ability puts all these moves and more at your disposal. You can even use the spear underwater!”
Ability Star Archer
"Wait for the right moment, and open fire. Hide in the shadows, and become a Sharpshooter! Your precision aiming will let you shoot through tight spots"
Ability Star Bell
"Ring dong, ding dong! It's a golden bell. Shake it, and a strange tone issues forth. Talk about stunning conclusions--get a load of the Ding Finale!"
Ability Star Beetle
" A flash of light reflects off its horn as the king of bugs soars through the sky! After charging your enemies to grab them with your horn, you can slam them into the ground!"
Doctor Ability Star New
"Knowledgeable in medicine and the sciences, Doctor Kirby has a variety of quick and devastating attacks!"
Ability Star Poison
“ This is a rather dangerous ability for all life-forms, organic and otherwise. It can be used to attack enemies with a corrosive liquid that contains damaging substances.”


Name Ability Star Obtained from Flavor Text
Knight Ability Star
  • Metal Knight
  • Lance-Lot
"Become a knight and venture into the world, throwing your giant mace around and dash across the land with your trusty steed which you can summon at any time."
Frog Ability Star New
  •  Hoppers
  • Ribberto
"Hop in the air and swing with your incredibly long tounge while climbing up walls like an actual frog."
Bone Ability Star
  • Strong Bone
  • Skeleton Bro.
"Toss bones at enemies and use them to solve mysterious puzzles. Work yourself "back to the bone".
Ability Star Top
  • Spinner
  • Topper
"Instead of spinning yourself, you can spin these little twisting toys of chaos. They can even cut through metal"
Hydra Ability Star
  • Hydraco
  • Breather
"Soar in the sky with your majestic wings and breath fireballs and ram with your horns."
Party Ability Star
  • Fun-gi
  • Poppy
  • Disco-Bam
"It's a party in here! Join the fun, there's party poppers, streamers, everything!"
  • Attracter
  • Magneum
"Bring enemies and metal objects to you. Solve puzzles with this mysterious ability.
Jewel Ability Star
  • Rubbert
  • Jewelery
"Utilize the power of gems and craft a shield out of it. Try not to get distracted by there beauty."
Quick Ability Star
  • Quicky
  • D-Sher
"Gotta go fast! Run all the way while knocking away enemies. You can even perform tricks.
Sport Ability Star
  • Sporti-Champ
  • Sockick
"Become a sports champion and kick soccer balls, footballs, swing tennis balls, and more"
Chicken Ability Star
  • Cock-A-Danger
  • Roost
  • Feather Fiend
"Cock-a-doodle-doo! Wake up your enemies with a loud yell. Lay eggs to hatch allies that will help you, and launch eggs.
Pirate Ability Star
  • Capt. Popbeard
  • Peggy
  • Patcher
"ARRRGH mateys! Man yer battle stations and blow them away with your cannon. Fire! Shoot em' with yer pistol.
Bee Ability Star New
  • Buzzer
  • Pollenstinger
"Fly like a bumblebee, sting like a bumblebee. Buzz, Buzz!"