Kirby Racing is a game in the Kirby series, It is very simalar to Mario Kart.  

Playable Charcters

Kirby - Light - Ability: Inhale

Gooey - Light -  Ability: Slick

Meta Knight - Light - Ability: Sword

Squeaker - Light: Squeak

Waddle Dee - Light - Ability: Waddle Doo-Doo

Chilly - Light - Ability: Frost

Marx - Middle - Ability: Poison Hearts  

Mr. Frosty - Middle -  Ability: Frost

Galaxia Knight - Middle - Ability: Sword  

Daroach - Middle - Ability: Squeak

Doc - Middle - Ability: UFO

Gao Gao - Middle: Animal

King Dedede - Heavy - Ability: Hammer

Storo - Heavy - Ability: Squeak

Dynablade - Heavy - Ability: Fly

Marx Soul - Heavy - Ability: Poison Hearts

Big Metelum - Heavy - Ability: Harden

Kracko - Heavy - Ability: Thunder cloud


  • Green Greens
  • Halberd
  • Mt. Dedede
  • Dreamland
  • Dynablade's Nest.
  • Whispy Forest
  • Rock Star
  • Kirby Hill
  • Warp Starship


Light - Food Zoom, Warp Star, Road Halberd, Trailer Speedy, Cake Buggy, Mini Dedede

Middle - Boss Bammer, Old Flyer, Squeaky Wheels, Cheap Ride, Invincible Racer, Power Hal

Heavy - Dedede Mecha, Giant Star, Dedede Craft, Powerup Powrace, Squeaky 3.0, U.F. H Mk. 2


It is very simalar to Diddy Kong Racing DS, Except R makes you use a special ability if your gauge fills. A is Engine, B is Brakes, X is Zoom Zoom, and The Arrows Control You.

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