Another 2.5d adventure of Kirby. In the main story, a pair of evil showmen arrive on Popstar with a set of flying orchestral stages, 6 in total. One especially large one ends up in the center, while the other 5 end up on either corner. Once they land, a spell washes over Popstar, hypnotizing most of its inhabitants into dancing rulers, ruled under the king of the newly named "Popstar Pop," Dancing Disco Dee, formerly Dedede. The land transforms into musical themed areas. Worse still, the planet's energy flows from the stages stationed at each corner, and flows into the central stage. It's up to Kirby to deactivate these stages and eventually stop the duo's plans.


  • Kirby: our main hero, a being of infinite power capable of absorbing the abilities from enemies he swallows.
  • Sharps: the main man of the showman duo. A tall man that got his hands on a dangerous relic that requires the energy of planets to charge up: the Reality Baton. Once landing, the batons energy flows through the planet, forcing them under its control, thus creating a music-centric planet.
  • Flats: the right hand man to Sharps. A stout showman that hung out with Sharps since childhood. He seeks to do what he can to see his friends plan through. He's typically seen playing jazz instruments.
  • Classica Knight: formerly Meta Knight, the old masked warrior now dresses as a white knight and wields a rapier. Throughout Kirby's adventure, Classica Knight will ambush the Pink Puff with a slew of his crew, all dressed like classic knights like he is.
  • Dancing Disco Dee: formerly King Dedede, the dancing king seeks to eliminate Kirby, because, as he puts it, he's "ruining our funky time!" Throughout the game, he forces Kirby into ambushes and is seen sending out the five bosses positioned at the five stages.


  • Music Sheets: Hidden in each level are multiple musical sheets. These are you used to open the pathway to each area's respective boss. When all sheets in an area are collected, a secret stage opens up.
  • Poster: Like stickers in Robobot, posters are a common collectible, ranging from common to rare, that often feature familiar Kirby scenes, as well as "musical" versions of certain scenes.

New Abilities

Image Name Description
Punk Kirby Punk Oh no! Kirby's developed an attitude! Now, on top of wearing ridiculous shades and constantly crossing his arms, he roughs up opponents with harsh punches and kicks. Even when he's right next to enemies, he'll go as far as to grapple the enemy and pummel them before he throws them away. Oh won't someone put him on the straight path again?!
Sensu Kirby updated Sensu Kirby sports a pair of paper fans. Along with his methodic movements, he's now able to throw his fans like boomerangs, able to throw two at a time. He can smack up enemies up close, dashes allow him to throw up to two fans, and he can throw them down onto the ground when he's in the air. He can even throw the fans in front of and behind him at the same time. The fans are capable of cutting.
In Progress Baile Now sporting a fancy red dress, Kirby dances quickly, flicking the skirt out like a whip, showing fast footwork, and jabbing downward with his feet while in the air.
Figure Skater Kirby Figure Skater Wielding a pair of ice skates, Kirby practically glides across all surfaces with his skates, sweeping a blade in front of him after a dash attack, create a mini ice tornado when he jumps. Changing direction while dashing has him skid, kicking up icy dust, before gliding the other direction. When you're not dashing and in the air, Kirby can quickly kick his blades in front, behind, or perform a midair splits.
Pom Pom Kirby Pom Pom Showing off cute pom poms, on top of jabbing forward with each pom, he can try to throw his arms about to try and spell letters. One combo has him spell out H-A-L, another has him spell D-D-D, each spelling results in damage from contact.
In Progress Jazz Boasting a saxophone, trumpet, a drum set, and a trombone, Kirby uses his skills to attack enemies with damaging notes. He can use the saxophone to blast a shockwave of notes at an upward angle, use the trumpet to unleash rapid fire notes, use the trumpet for added range while dashing, and he can hold the attack button to unleash an earth shattering drum solo.
Pianist Pianist Boasting a neat bowtie, Kirby is able to summon up piano keys. He plays them while swinging them about, causing notes to fly out in the directions he swings.
In Progress Flutist Sporting a flute, in addition to unleashing rapid fire blasts of notes, certain tunes allow him to call forth animals and/or birds, either forwards or upwards.

Main Adventure Areas

  1. Baritone Badlands- once very green greens, the transformation transformed the area into a land full of woodwinds constantly bellowing in the area.
  2. Adagio Alps- a series of volcanoes. When Kirby reaches the stage, he finds a bunch of spotlights lighting the floor and a bunch of cardboard cutouts behind. Then, Disco Dancing Dee comes in and calls forth "Boarior," saying the stage's calling him. Then comes a boar dressed up like a Viking.
  3. Treble Tropics- a mostly aqueous area featuring marine wildlife. It also features a tropic beat, and, later, a latin beat During the battle at the stage, Kirby approaches it to find its control panel at the bottom of a large, sparkling lake with a rainbow hanging over it. Before he can destroy it, like with the stages before, DDD approaches and sends forth Mortissimo to chomp up Kirby.
  4. Ornament Outback- a dessert like area. The lands feature stampeding animals, along with traditionally tribal instrumentation. As Kirby gets closer and closer to the stage, the tribal instruments seem to be replaced by rocking tunes as the stampede becomes even more ornery than before.
  5. Nonet North- a very chilly area featuring a nutcracker patrolling. As Kirby travels, the sound of ballet songs cover the area, getting more and more intense as Kirby gets close to the stage. Part way through his travels, Nutty appears and chases Kirby. He's unable to battle the ballerina nutcracker right now, so he has to run.
  6. Sharps and Flats' Traveling Orchestra- The ship Sharps and Flats personally travel in. Now that the other stages have been deactivated, the energy of the planet is flowing along the walls and to the tip, forming a swirling rainbow of a musical sheet along the outer walls. Despite it being a very high tech machine to be able to travel across space, the inside is decorated like a series of orchestral theaters. The walls shine like gold, stages feature grand velvet curtains, it's like Kirby walked into an orchestra. As he travels throughout the stage, warding off security and Classica Knight ambushes, he eventually comes face to face with Classica Knight, who engages him in a "duel among gentlemen" atop an orchestral stage. After defeating him and traveling through more of the traveling orchestra, he eventually comes across the interior of a disco themed tower, where he battles the midbosses, before being challenged by Dancing Disco Dee. After defeating him, its time for the top of the orchestra, off to Center Stage. All of the energy is flowing to the baton as Sharps waves his hands like he's conducting an orchestra. Flats steps in to challenge Kirby. After beating him, Kirby tries to stop Sharps, but Flats uses the last of his strength to intercept Kirby's attack, collapsing in response. That's the time Sharps needed, the Reality Baton absorbed enough energy, and Sharps boasts that now "the galaxy- nay, the entire universe marches to MY beat!" He demonstrates by moving a cluster of stars the two can see from a nearby window. Then, Center Stage flies off, Sharps riding with it.
  7. Sharps' Universal Orchestra- Kirby rides the warp star up to Center Stage, poised to hit Sharps with a surprise attack. However, with a gentle wave of the baton, a "ripple" is sent across space, forcing Kirby in front of him. Space starts to look as if someone turned it into their musical sheet. Center Stage engages Kirby in battle. After defeating it in battle, Kirby flies over to it, landing onto the stage as Sharps shakes the cobwebs out of his head, readying himself to duel the pink warrior. After defeating him in one on one combat, he ends up tossing the Reality Baton off of the stage. Upon doing this, he acts strangely, asking aloud "Where am I?" Kirby's confused, until the two notice the Reality Baton moving on its own. It taunts that it was able to manipulate Sharps the moment he laid hands on it, forcing him to conduct the energy of many planets into it until it was became as powerful as it had. It then tears a hole in reality around Center Stage, Kirby barely escaping and Sharps disappearing into the void. Now, Kirby has to destroy the artifact manipulating reality itself.
  8. Kirby! A Musical Production!- Upon collecting all of the Music Sheets, a new pathway opens up to the cosmos brings Kirby to a brand new traveling, Broadway style musical. This stage boasts a proud musical score, resembling classic Kirby scores, as Kirby and other patrons check out the pink hero's past adventures, represented by cardboard cutouts of Kirby and the respective allies, enemies, and villains. Kirby explores the story of his first adventure through Dreamland, his struggle against Dark Mind and Zero, his adventures through Milky Way Wishes, his battles against the forces of the Mirror World, and his dealings with the Squeak Squad. Each stage ends with a battle against a cardboard cutout of the respective villain. At the final stage, Kirby walks along a red carpet to a mighty tower (abilities shown over head). As he walks, fireworks launch into the sky, forming Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Dee as he walks to it. Upon entering the tower, he rides it up, a long ride. Upon reaching the top, he's greeted with a stunning view of the colorful cosmos, before spotlights shine upon him and above him. From the skies, a pair of gloved hands with cuff links on the wrists come down to the roof. These two are known as Master Pianist and Crazy Pianist. When Kirby defeats them, the two fly off into the distance, exploding into a grand firework show, revealing an image of a bunch of waddle dees, Meta Knight, and King Dedede standing around Kirby. Then, the elevator lifts even more, bringing him into a building featuring the exit, and various waddle dees, dressed up like various abilities Kirby can use, dancing in sync.

Main Adventure midbosses

Image Name Description Ability
In Progress Punk-in A pumpkin with attitude and carved to look like he's wearing shades. He constructs vines to deliver a slow yet harsh punching combo, spits seeds as if he's spitting gum onto the sidewalk, and blows fire throw a hole on top of his head. Punk
In Progress Dodoreireimimi A pink dodo that can flap her little wings to stay in the air momentarily before crashing onto the floor belly first. She also charges head first, tries to kick the player, and squawks out damaging notes in front, diagonally upward, and upward. Rock
In Progress Suseal A purple seal with fins that look like the fans Kirby wields when he's using the sensu power. In addition to leaping about, it can throw its fins like boomerangs. Sensu
In Progress Fluter A living flute that plays itself at Kirby, sending out blasts of notes and calling forth birds to home in on him. Flutist

Main Adventure bosses

Image Area Name Description
Whispy Woodwinds 1-5 Whispy Woodwinds Whispy's been turned into a fat clarinet. He essentially has three mouths pointed at Kirby, and his eyes will shift between which one he uses. This allows him to emit damaging air from alternating heights and angles. He can also cause apples and gordos to fall by using the upper mouth to blow at some trees. At half health, he uproots himself, exposing the nozzle underneath. He hops at Kirby, resuming his previous attacks.
In Progress 2-5 Boarior A boar wielding a large axe and sounds as if he's in an opera. He swings about his axe, sometimes even tossing it like a boomerang, and he tries to charge the hero. When he's taken down to half health, the spotlights start to move around, and the pieces of the stage move to where the spotlights move. On top of that, Boarior can now send off lines of fire with each swing of his axe. The pieces of the stage tend to change position throughout the match, and where they move is telegraphed by where the spotlights move.
Mortissimo Updated 3-5 Mortissimo A large, rainbow colored eel. He's so large, the fight actually takes place on his tail while his head tries to strike down our hero. Along with sharp bites, he unleashes torrents of water, bubbles that explode into damaging water splashes when they hit his tail, and sending out electric notes. After taking out half of his health, he whips his tail out from under the hero, leaving them to fight on top of marble columns raising out of the lake. His main body hangs out in the background, while, on top of sending the previous attacks, whips his tail to try and strike you, or fly over to one side, only to dash across the arena at high speeds.
In Progress 4-4 Heavy Lobster The Heavy Lobster has been repurposed into Classica Knight's steed. The Knight rides in on the flying machine during a stampede section, sending forth rockets, lasers, flamethrowers, and claw slashes in tune with its theme. Kirby has to avoid the attacks accordingly while launching forth attacks upon the steed. At half health, segments will appear where the tempo speeds up, its attacks speeding up and slowing down with the music.
In Progress 4-5 Accalermadillo Kirby stumbles upon a stampede, some of the animals resembling musical notes as they travel at varying heights. Meanwhile, Accalermadillo travels faster than the crowd, slowing his pace to be level with Kirby. He rolls like a wheel, leaps up to try and strike Kirby, and quickly spins in place to generate a tornado, forcing Kirby to leap to another animal. After he's knocked down to half health, he'll zip off the side of the screen, only to zip towards Kirby from the other direction, knocking over animals as he zooms by.
Nutty 5-5 Nutty A giant nutcracker. He ordinarily moves as if he's in a ballet to try and harm Kirby. Sometimes, he goes to one of the edges of the arena to kick balls of snow at parts of the stage. After half health, Dancing Disco Dee tosses him a musket, with which, he not only shoots in front of you, but sometimes jumps to the background to fire at you.
Classica Knight 6-2 Classica Knight Formerly Meta Knight, the landing of center stage led to the knight being transformed into a white knight wielding a rapier instead of his classic Galaxia. When the cutscene preceding the fight finishes, he throws a sword to the center of the arena, prompting you to grab it. He enters a guarding stance while he waits for you to grab it. If you do, he'll stop guarding and start the fight proper. If you attack him while he's guarding, he'll guard the attack, the sword disappears, and the fight starts proper. He fights with the speed of Meta Knight, except with an added range. He also frequently guards. He performs quick sword combos, shockwaves resulting from sword slams, Along with summoning up raging tornados and dashing across the stage with a single swipe, he's also able to curl his white cape around himself to warp to other spots of the stage. After taking out half of his health, he tosses his cape, exposing a set of wings. He can now ascend to the air, is even faster than before, and can flap hard enough to create a blaring wind while sending of crescent shaped sword beams. He can perform a drilling sword strikes, a looping sword dive, and he can spin around like a tornado.
Disco Dancing Dee 6-4 Dancing Disco Dee Formerly King Dedede, he acts as a sort of enforcer to Sharps and Flats. In battle, he wields a mike stand like his hammer. He swings it about, spins it around him, trips over himself, sometimes even sings into it to send a stream of electrical music notes forward. He can even try to inhale Kirby. After taking out half his health, his backup dancer dees press a button, summoning up a disco ball. He uses his previous moveset, except now the disco ball sent causes lasers to sweep across the stage, and DDD can even use his reflective clothing to redirect a laser at Kirby.
In Progress 6-5 Flats Sharps' second in command. Flats leaps onto the circular arena around Center Stage. He wields a trumpet that he uses to quickly fire off shots that travel half away across the arena, or he can use a trombone to fire a shot from all the way across the arena, he can even wield a saxophone, which he uses to either fire up into the air, or turn himself upside down to fire upon Kirby from above. When he's knocked down to half of his health, he leaps onto Center Stage, summoning up four drums that replace parts of the circular arena. Through these drums, he commands them to send out devastating shockwaves, at varying heights, to try and destroy Kirby. Sometimes, he signals a quick rhythm he's going to play, and the drums follow suit. In between trying to destroy Kirby with devastating drum strikes, he uses his trumpet to try and fire upon Kirby rapidly. Kirby's target is each drum. Once he destroys them all, now there are four holes in the arena, and Flats jumps back onto the circular arena with Kirby. After jumping onto it, a musical score forms in a ring above the arena. In addition to his previous moveset, he plays on a newly equipped guitar that sends a set of devastating musical notes across the musical score, allowing him air control.
In Progress 7 Center Stage The base of operations for Sharps the entire invasion. Kirby battles it upon his warp star, firing stars into the background at it. The stage brandishes portraits of Whispy Woodwinds, Boarior, Mortissimo, Accalermadillo, and Nutty. Each portrait periodically lights up, the background switches instrumentation and tempo accordingly, and it adopts the appropriate moveset for each portrait. For Whispy Woodwinds, he summons forth the clarinet crook himself before having him blast out a beam that sweeps towards Kirby and spit out here puffs of air at once. For Boarior, a spotlight aims at Kirby before the boar tries too swing at him. For Mortissimo, it hangs in the background before whipping its tail across the screen. For Accalermadillo, a series of horizontal lines run across the screen like a music sheet before multiple copies of the monster run across the screen at varying heights. for Nutty, he performs graceful kicks as he approaches you. Note, the stage itself is the target. Each portrait represents a fifth of Center Stage's health. After taking out its health bar once, it refills, and the stage brandishes portraits of Classica Knight, Dancing Disco Dee, and Flats. When the Classica Knight portrait lights up, a line quickly flashes across the screen before a Classica Knight clone slashes along the line. He can also teleport near Kirby and send out moon shaped boomerangs like Marx could. When the Dancing Disco Dee portrait lights up, a copy spins his mike around himself, trying to tornado into Kirby.
In Progress 7 Sharps After landing on stage, Sharps comes out from behind the conductor's stand and challenges Kirby one on one, Baton in hand. In battle, Sharps summons up Kirby copies that attack for a short time. He can form three hammer Kirby's to try to hammer at Kirby, similar to one of Dedede's attacks in Robobot after he's first split up. He can also spawn a plasma Kirby near him to create an electrifying barrier around Sharps for a short time. He can also summon up musical scores and send multiple wheel Kirby's zipping along at varying heights. After being knocked down to half his health, Sharps increases the tempo, making the Kirbys he spawns attack faster than before. In addition, he can now flip the screen horizontally or vertically. He can even force the camera to look in from directly behind or directly in front of Kirby.
In Progress 7 The Reality Baton It seems the conductor's been the conducted this whole time. The Reality Baton eliminates Center Stage and Sharps and Kirby has to deal with him from atop his warp star. The goal is to fire upon it enough. Before the battle starts, the baton waves about, and a single lavender dot forms behind it. As the fight proceeds, the ball gets larger and larger, until it envelopes the background. If it gets to that point, an unavoidable laser strikes Kirby for an instant death. In the meantime, it summons homing lasers, balls that eventually unleash lasers, shooting stars, and even black holes that try to suck up Kirby.

Bonus Stage Bosses

Image Area Name Description
In Progress B-1 Nightmare A cardboard cutout of the infamous nightmare of Dreamland himself.
In Progress B-2 Dark Matter A cardboard cutout of the persistent force of evil the solar system time and time again.
In Progress B-2 Zero After defeating Dark Matter, a cardboard cutout of the villain behind the dark matter attacks appears.
In Progress B-3 Marx A cardboard cutout of the deceptive jokester that tricked Kirby to summon up the mighty being, Nova.
In Progress B-4 Dark Mind A cardboard cutout of the villain behind Dark Meta Knight's invasion. After taking down half of his health, the cardboard breaks apart, revealing his spherical eye form.
In Progress B-5 Dark Nebula A cardboard cutout of a dark force sealed in a treasure box. He starts the fight in his infamous form, but, after losing half its health, the one form splits into three cutouts, one fire, one spark, and one ice.
In Progress B-6 Master and Crazy Pianist Two hands that challenge Kirby at the end of his adventures through his own Musical Production. The arena is the circular roof of a mighty tower, the outer edge lined by piano keys. The two hands have their own life bars. They can play the keys on the edge of the roof, causing burning lines to spawn opposite wear they play, creating a burning line that Kirby has to avoid. In addition to that, the two tend to swipe themselves at Kirby as if karate chopping him, punch the ground, or grab at him. They can even spawn up spectral piano keys with musical scores leading opposite the spectral keys. Crazy Pianist aims from above while Master Pianist aims from the side. When they play the keys, orbs of plasma travel along the score, attempting to strike Kirby from the side or from above.

EX mode

In this, players play through a much harder version of the original adventure, featuring harsher enemy placement, more powerful midbosses, and powerful "Crescendo" versions of preexisting bosses.

EX bosses

Image Area Name Description
In Progress 1-5 Crescendo Whispy Woodwinds Sporting a back coating instead of his brown coating from last time, Whispy Woodwinds features more dangerous attacks. In addition to his previous attacks, he can blow into the trees to send down gordos, worms, and poisonous apples. Furthermore, sometimes Whispy Woodwinds spits out tornados. The second half of his battle is largely unchanged except for the attacks he came with.
In Progress 2-5 Crescendo Boarior Boarior boasts a purple skin instead of red skin. From the beginning of the fight, his axe's powered up with purple fire, allowing him to send of firey projectiles from the start. After being taken down to half health, the stage will again split up and go wherever the spotlights go, except the lights actively move, forcing the segments of the stage to move as the spotlights do.
In Progress 3-5 Crescendo Mortissimo Acquiring a "darker" rainbow pattern, Mortissimo fires off water blasts and musical notes faster than before. In addition, his eyes light up a split second before his entire body electrifies. If you're in the first phase, you have to jump or you'll get electrocuted. If you're in the water in the second stage, the entire water gets electrified. Also, in the second fight, he can smash some of the pillars, which will be replaced later in the fight.
In Progress 4-4 Crescendo Heavy Lobster Classica Knight rides in on Heavy Lobster, who is wearing a platinum coating. The first half is the same as before, but when half of its health is taken down, it transforms into a robotic suit. On top of now earning sweeping claw strikes in addition to its other attacks and the tempo periodically changing, sometimes the tune skips to a certain section, the attacks acting in sync to the music.
In Progress 4-5 Crescendo Accalermadillo Same as before, except a) the first half of his Crescendo form is the second half of his main story form, and b) for his second form, he appears to travel so fast, there are two of him. That means he can pull off the same attack twice at different areas.

Kirby's Musical Adventure

Another mode. In this, Flats appears to be telling a story about Kirby's adventure to vanquish evil. The game plays like a turnbased RPG, using 3d models and cardboard backgrounds. At the beginning of each story, Kirby can select one of a few abilities to take with him on his adventure as he proceeds. After an encounter, Kirby can buy the services of sell swords, from common helpers like waddle dees, waddle doos, and sword knights, to more rare helpers like bonkers, Dedede, and even Meta Knight. Each story has a certain amount of encounters, ending with a boss fight with a classic Kirby boss. All characters, including Kirby using other abilities, is redesigned to resemble a classic medieval setting, certain characters wearing knight armor, peasant garb, etc.


  1. Slay the lion!- This adventure has a 1 star difficulty rating. At the start, it offers sword, hammer, punk, and doctor. You go through three encounters before you encounter the boss: Fire Lion.
  2. Defeat the queen!- This adventure has a 5 star difficulty rating. At the start, Susie, dressed up lick a classic princess, offers her services to you.


  • Part way through Treble Tropics, a remix of Secret Island plays
  • During stampede sections of Ornament Outback, a remix of Sky Sands plays
  • When Kirby gets chased by Nutty, a remix of Frozen Hillside plays
  • During the fight against Center Stage, the background resembles a music sheet, complete with notes traveling across it. These notes represent the composition of the theme that plays during the duel with Center Stage.

(Feel free to leave suggestions for powers, bosses, subbosses, etc.)