Kirby Maker

Kirby Maker is a 2017 level editing game for the Wii U. Inspired by Super Mario Maker, it allows the player to create, play, and share their own Kirby levels, in the style of numerous different Kirby games.



Kirby's Dream Land

Kirbys adventurd

Kirby's Adventure


Kirby Super Star

Kirby and the crystal shart

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards


Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Title Screen

The title screen starts with Kirby in a randomly generated stage, with the options of "Create" and "Play" at the top, as well as "KIRBY MAKER" in big black letters. If the player presses create, they will be able to edit the randomly generate stage and save it as their own. If they press play, they will get to play through the stage. If they press start, they will open up the main menu which will allow them to access either the level editor (in which they create levels), the level player (where they can play levels they already created and saved), or the online level player (where, if they have internet access, they can play other people's levels that they have shared onto the internet).

The title is interactive, like in Super Mario Maker and Mario Paint. Each letter causes a different effect when tapped on:

  • K - Gives Kirby a random copy ability
  • I - Turns Kirby into a Waddle Doo
  • R - Causes a rocket to fly down from the top of the screen and zoom down pass the bottom of the screen
  • B - Causes a swarm of bumblebees to fly past Kirby
  • Y - Causes the letter "Y" to fall out of the title logo
  • M - Turns Kirby into Meta Knight
  • A - Causes Kirby to jump up to the top of the screen and come falling back down to the ground
  • K - Creates two duplicate Kirbies who stand beside the first one
  • E - Causes Kirby to temporarily morph into a pink letter E
  • R - Causes a waterfall to come down from the top of the screen and splash down on top of Kirby


Mystery Enemies

Mystery Enemies are pink Waddle Doos with large question mark symbols on their body instead of an eye. When Kirby inhales them, he will transform into Costume Kirby, gaining a new appearance and a new copy ability.



Costume Kirby

Costumes unlocked in game

Costumes unlocked by Amiibo

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