Dear Kirby Lover7485,

I have invited you in a Pokemon Party in a different universe,

Yours truely,

Trainer Ozan

Pop Star

You start off entering the Dream Land Castle. Then talk to Kirby who will power up the universe portal to the Pokemon World.

Route 1

Once in the Pokemon World enter Ozan's House and talk to him. He reviles that he was actually Nazo and the Pokemon Party was just a plot to destroy Kirby Lover7485! The two saw three Pokeballs. You get to pick first. Here is the Pokemon you get in each ball:

Right Left Middle

O <---Squirtle O<---Bulbasaur O<---Charmander

Which ever you pick Nazo wil choose the following:

Kirby Lover7485 Nazo
Bulbasaur Squrtle
Squrtle Charmander
Charmander Bulbasaur

Trainer Battle

Trainer Name: Rival Nazo


Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Leaf Whip (Bulbasaur), Fire Breath (Charmander), Water Canon (Squirtle)

EX: 50

Training Room

After Nazo is beated, he takes Kirby Lover7485 to the Training Room to lear how to train his Pokemon, catch Pokemon, and defend against attacks.

Lesson 1: Attack

Lesson 2: Pokeballs

Lesson 3: Defence

Lesson 4: Healing

Lesson 5: Battle Nazo's Pokemon

Lesson 6: Catch Squirtle and Bulbasaur/Charmander and Bulbasaur/Squirtle and Charmander

Route 1 (revisit)

Now you have all 3 starters, time to go into the Beach World to get the first badge. Go over the beach bridge to enter Route 2

Route 2

The gate will only open if you have at least one starter. Once you do, you can go into the Beach World.

Beach World

Time for the Pokemon catching begin!

Route 3

The intro to the Beach world you will encouter a few wild pokemon here.

Wild Pokemon


HP: 30

Attacks: Tackle, Water Canon

Wild Pokemon


HP: 40

Attacks: Tackle, Duck Tail, Growl

Wild Pokemon


HP: 35

Attacks: Water Wave, Tackle, Tail Whip

Route 4

Talk to Ninja and he'll open the bridge for you to cross to Route 5.

Route 5

Again , you will battle more wild Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon


HP: 60

Attacks: Tail Whip, Tackle

Wild Pokemon


HP: 52

Attacks: Tackle, Water Canon

Route 6

You encounter a Waddle Dee who will fight you in a Pokemon Battle.

Trainer Battle

Waddle Dee, Cutey

Pokemon: Lv. 8 Squirtle, Lv. 7 Marill, Lv. 10 Horsea

Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Tail Whip

EX: 125

Beating Cutey will let you advance.

Wild Pokemon


HP: 70

Attacks: Water Wave, Water Canon, Watr Gun

Route 7

Follow the path to the special pokemon at the end.

Wild Pokemon


HP: 50

Attacks: Tackle

Route 11

After Routes 8, 9, and 10, you finally encouter the specail pokemon and he'll battle you in a fight.

Boss Fight


HP: 250

Attacks: Water Laser, Water Canon, Water Gun, Tackle

EX: 300

Defeating Kyogre will make him yours! You can now move on to Route 12.

Route 12

The wild pokemon you'll find here are as followed

Wild Pokemon


HP: 100

Attacks: Water and Ice Laser, Tackle, Water Gun

Wild Pokemon


HP: 80

Attacks: Water Gun, Water Laser, Tackle

Wild Pokemon


HP: 87

Attacks: Stinger Lasers, Water Wave

Beach World Gym

We finally reach the gym of the Beach World.

Trainer Battle

Waddle Dee, Aqua

Pokemon: Lv. 15 Tenacool, Lv. 11 Squirtle

Attack: Tackle, Water Gun

EX: 235

Trainer Battle

Waddle Doo, Water

Pokemon: Lv. 16 Spheal, Lv. 20 Wartortle, Lv. 14 Unknow

Attack: Water Canon, Growl, Water Wave, Tcakle

Finally, you reach, Gym Leader, Sonic. Wierd, because he doesn't like water!

Gym Leader Battle

Sonic the Hedgehog

Pokemon: Lv. 28 Watortle, Lv. 24 Tenacruel, Lv. 26 Spheal

EX: 450

As prize, you get the Aqua badge from Sonic. You can move on to Poison Jungle (where poision types live) if you have at least 15 Pokemon. Or, you can look for more Pokemon on Island Hidden Beach.

Route 13

If you decide to go to the Hidden Island you must pay a Toad to give you a ride to the island.

Island Hidden Beach

The other water types are here so here we go!

Route 14

You have to enter the Water Cave to find the others.

To see more go here.

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