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Kirby Lover7485 and the Pokemon World/List of Worlds and Pokemon

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Here are all the worlds and the Pokemon that is in it. You can move on once you get a total of Pokemon.

To see the walkthough click here.

Intro World

  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Charmander
  3. Squirtle

Beach World

Water Pokemon live here. You need 1 Pokemon to enter here.

  1. Squirtle
  2. Wartortle
  3. Blastoise
  4. Pysduck
  5. Golduck
  6. Poliwag
  7. Poliwhril
  8. Poliwrath
  9. Tentacool
  10. Tenacruel
  11. Slowpoke
  12. Slowbro
  13. Seel
  14. Dewgong
  15. Shellder
  16. Cloyster
  17. Krabby
  18. Kingler
  19. Horsea
  20. Seadra
  21. Goldeen
  22. Seaking
  23. Staryu
  24. Starmie
  25. Magikarp
  26. Gyarados
  27. Lapras
  28. Vaoreon
  29. Omanyte
  30. Omastar
  31. Kabuto
  32. Kabutops
  33. TBA

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