The remake of Sonic Generations. Released on January 4, 2012. This game features levels and bosses from his past games.


Kirby Lover7485's world is put into chaos when a strange force sends him and all his friends back in time. Later on, he meets his past self and the two decided to defeat the force and save their world.


  • Kirby Lover7485 (Classic and Modern)
  • Kirby (Classic and Modern)
  • Nazo (Classic and Modern)
  • Amy
  • Ninja
  • Cream & Cheese
  • Rouge
  • Yellow Kirby
  • Blaze
  • Red Kirby
  • Green Kirby
  • Sonic (Classic and Modern)
  • Tails (Classic and Modern)


Classic Era

  • Green Plains (Kirby Lover7485 the Hedgehog)
  • Chemical Gormet Race (Kirby Lover7485 the Hedgehog 2)
  • RIVAL: Classic Metal Kirby Lover7485 (Kirby Lover7485 CD)
  • Sky Palace (Kirby Lover7485 the Hedgehog 3 and Ninja)
  • BOSS: Nightmare (Kirby Lover7485 the Hedgehog 2)

Dreamcast Era

  • Moonlight Highway (Kirby Lover7485 Adventure)
  • Town Escape (Kirby Lover7385 Adventure 2)
  • RIVAL: Sonic the Hedgehog (Kirby Lover7485 Adventure 2)
  • Olive Hill (Kirby Lover7485 Heroes)
  • BOSS: Perfect Dark Matter

Modern Era

  • Fire City (Kirby Lover7485 the Hedghog (2006))
  • Rooftop Hights (Kirby Lover7485 Unleashed)
  • RIVAL: Miles "Tails" Prower (Kirby Lover7485 (2006))
  • Field Wisp (Kirby Lover7485 Colors)
  • BOSS: Dark Dedede (Kirby Lover7485 Unleashed)
  • FINAL BOSS: Time Eater

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