Kirby Lover7485: The Recuse of Kirby is a game that is releaed on September 8, 1992.


Nazo has captured Kirby! Now, Kirby Lover7485 must risk everything to save him.


  • Kirby Lover7485
  • Kirby
  • Nazo
  • Silver Kirby Lover7485
  • Mystory Koopaling (Lavora's eairly form)


  • Mine Craft
  • Aqua Beach
  • Moldy Mount
  • Green Plains
  • Crystal Egg
  • Grand Finale


  • Whispy Woods
  • Lololo & Lalala
  • Kaboola
  • Kracko
  • Lavora's Eairly Form
  • Nazo's Huge Closer


  • Lavora appeared before New Super Mario Bros. Omega

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