The game's boxart for the Zenze. Credit to Gaming Designz for making it.
Developer(s) Power Paintbrush Productions
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) 3DS
Wii U
Thermo Z
Release Date(s)
2014 (Internationally)
Main Mode
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E Cero a YfgPEGI 3.svgUSK 6
Genre(s) Endless Run
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby Star Runners (Japan)
Kirby Runners (outside Japan)
Successor N/A
Media Included 3DS Game Card
Wii U Game Disc
Thermo Z Game Disc
Digital Download

Kirby Light Runners is an endless runner Kirby series game for the 3DS and Wii U internationally in 2014. It was later released for other consoles, such as the Thermo Z and Zenze.

Similarly to other enless runner games, the main point is to run constantly to reach the finish line or defeat the boss of the level, as this game does not have you run endlessly. However, along the way, the player will face off with mid-bosses and bosses, and each character has special classes to change up gameplay a bit. The characters can also use Copy Abilities, allowing them to change up gameplay even more, such as the Water ability allowing you to move across water or the Sword ability allowing you to deal damage by slashing your sword.



Like other endless runners, the player must simply run through the environment while dodging obstacles and collecting items.

The player can press A to jump in this game. The Circle Pad can be used when you have a Copy Ability in order to attack. Press A in mid-air to double jump or ground pound (if your character class allows it), and hold A in mid-air to glide (again, if your character class allows it).

Collecting Star Points during the run will increase your final score. However, if you take damage, you'll lose some of your Star Points. If you get attacked when you have 0 Star Points, you'll have to start the level again.


There are a total of 13 playable characters in the game. 3 of them must be unlocked to be used, and 1 is only available via downloadable content (added after the release of "Kirby: Planet Robobot").

Each character has two character classes. Each class comes with a certain bonus for the character.

  • Speed Class Characters can perform a Double Jump.
  • Fly Class Characters can perform a Mid-Air Glide.
  • Power Class Characters can perform a Ground Pound.
  • Hero Class Characters get a Running Speed Bonus.
  • Royal Class Characters get a Jump Height Bonus.
  • Wild Class Characters get a Damage Resistance Bonus (they don't lose as many Star Points when damaged).
  • Robobot Class Characters get a Copy Ability Duration Bonus.
Character Image Class Bonuses
Kirby KTD Kirby walk Speed/Hero
  • Double Jump Ability
  • Running Speed Bonus
Meta Knight Meta Knight KRTDL Fly/Hero
  • Mid-Air Glide Ability
  • Running Speed Bonus
Knuckle Joe KnuckleJoeSSB4 Power/Hero
  • Ground-Pound Ability
  • Running Speed Bonus
King Dedede KING DEDEDE Power/Royal
  • Ground-Pound Ability
  • Jump Height Bonus
Bandana Dee Bandana Waddle Dee KTD Speed/Royal
  • Double Jump Ability
  • Jump Height Bonus
Waddle Daa Waddle Daa Fly/Royal
  • Mid-Air Glide Ability
  • Jump Height Bonus
Adeleine Smash adeleine transparency by locomotive111-d90xsvo Speed/Hero
  • Double Jump Ability
  • Running Speed Bonus
Wheelie WheelieBike Speed/Wild
  • Double Jump Ability
  • Damage Resistance Bonus
Bonkers Bonkers Power/Wild
  • Ground-Pound Ability
  • Damage Resistance Bonus
Magolor KRTDL Magolor Speed/Fly
  • Double Jump Ability
  • Mid-Air Glide Ability
Taranza KTD Taranza Artwork Royal/Fly
  • Jump Height Bonus
  • Mid-Air Glide Ability
Prince Fluff Fluff Hero/Royal
  • Running Speed Bonus
  • Jump Height Bonus
Susie KirbySusie Fly/Robobot
  • Mid-Air Glide Ability
  • Copy Ability Duration Bonus

Copy Abilities

Each Copy Ability lasts for 8 seconds (12 seconds if you're playing as a Robobot Class Character). Press L and R/ZL and ZR to initiate a Copy Ability.

Ability/Image Ability Star Description
Sword Kirby

Ability Star Sword
Allows the player to swing their sword by using the Circle Pad.
Cutter Kirby

Ability Star Cutter
Allows the player to throw cutter boomerangs.
Fire Kirby KDL3D

Ability Star Fire Allows the player to get extra jumps by exploding.
Spark Kirby KDL3D

Ability Star Spark Allows the player to grapple onto enemies with lightning bolts.
Water Kirby KRTDL

Ability Star Water Allows the player to surf, slightly increasing speed, and also move across water.

Ability Star Ice Allows the player to ice skate, slightly increasing speed, and also allowing them to move across lava as well as freeze it in the process.
Leaf Kirby3D

Ability Star Leaf Allows the player to create a vortex of leaves, damaging any obstacle that touches it.

Ability Star Hammer Allows the player to do a dashing hammer swing attack.
Mirror Kirby PlanetRobobot

MirrorKirby Allows the player to shoot crystals at enemies and obstacles.


Area Name Themes Bosses Special Missions
Pop Star Plains Swamp Castle Whispy Woods Coily Ratter King Golem Patchland Rhythm
Rock Star Desert Cave Factory Mr. Dooter Wham Bam Rock Metal General
Icy Star Beach/Underwater Ice Airship Gobbler Ice Dragon Galacta Knight
Mass Star Sky Garden Ruins Kabula Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Chameleo Arm CROWNED Rhythm
Energy Star Mountain Volcanic Dungeon Kracko Pyribbit Dark Matter Taranza's Test
Metro Star (DLC) Mechanical Office Building Space Holo Defense API Haltmann Star Dream Susie Combat


Name Image First Appearance Attacks
Sphere Doomer Sphere Doomer Pop Star 2 Uses swoop attacks and shoots purple energy balls.
Mr. Frosty Mr Frosty KDL3D Pop Star Swamp 1 Attacks with snowflakes and tosses ice cubes.
Poppy Bro Sr. Poppy Bros Sr KDL3D Pop Star Castle 1 Tosses bombs and throws a boomerang to attack
Fire Sphere Doomer Sphere Doomer red Rock Star 2 Attacks the player with fireballs, swoops and rush attacks.
Spark Sphere Doomer Sphere Doomer Spark Icy Star Beach 2 Attacks the player with electric energy orbs, swoops and lightning.
Ice Sphere Doomer Sphere Doomer Ice Mass Star Sky 1 Atacks the player with snowstorms, icy orbs, warps and swoop attacks.





  • Mirror Kirby's design is based on Kirby Super Star Ultra in the 3DS, Wii U and Thermo Z Versions, but is instead based on Kirby: Planet Robobot in the Zenze Version.
  • Kirby Light Runners is a sequel to Kirby Runners, released for the GameCube in 2003. However, since the original Kirby Runners didn't sell well, its sequel, Kirby Star Runners, released in 2005 for the DS, was Japan exclusive.
  • Taranza was apparently "thrown into the game at the last minute", according to KirbiMiroir.
  • The game's main worlds spell out the word "PRIME".