Kirby Kreator is a Super Mario Maker style level creator.


NOTE: this is taken directly from the instructon manual.

"Welcome to Kirby Kreator! Here, share your level making skills with the world in the style of Kirby! There are two ways to play: ether make a level and share it with the world, or play user made stages from around the globe. Hope ya have fun!-Nintendo".

Making a level:

Unlike Super Mario Maker, you have two options: make a level from scratch or use a non-user made level as a base. It's sugested to do the base thing first, but both are fine.

The making controls are nearly identical to SMM, with things being placed via stylest. There are a Undo and Redo button, a reset button, and a menu button.

As for the puffball himself, he plays depending on the style you chose.


  • Platform (Non-eatable): These are the things that kirby can stand on, but cannot eat.
  • Platform (eatable): This is the same, but Kirby can accualy eat it.
  • Star block: These things are destroyable. When destroying one, you gain a star.
  • Metal star block: These things cannot be destroyed under normal means.
  • Spikes: These things will hurt kirby if you come in contact with it.
  • Fans: The fan platform will lift Kirby into the air.
  • TBA


  • Waddle dee's: Like in-game, they walk left to right. Eating them will give kirby nothing.
  • Spear Waddle dee's: There Waddle Dee's, with spears. If eaten, they give kirby the spear power.
  • Gordo's: These are the only enemie that cannot be killed or eaten.
  • Waddle Doo: These guys walk around and shoot. Eating them will give Kirby the Beam power.
  • Scarfy: This thing will look inocent at first, but will turn bad when you show up.
  • Sword Knight: These guys swing there sword around. Eating them will give Kirby the Sword power.
  • Wheelie: This thing will zoom around the stage. Eating it will give Kirby the Wheel power.
  • Poppy Bros. Jr: This guy will throw Bombs around. Eating him will give Kirby the Bomb power.
  • Knuckle Joe: It's Knuckle Joe. Eating it will give Kirby the Fighter power.
  • Rocky: This thing will jump up and try to crush you. Eating it gives kirby the Rock power.
  • Kabu: Its Kabu.
  • Rusty Walrus: A adable boss. Hit him about 5 times to beat him and gain the Ice power.
  • Bonkers: TBA
  • This page is work in progress.

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