Kirby Kart is a kart racing game for the Nintendo Wii it uses the Wii Wheel. Now owned by megablaster7 don't edit useless a spelling error or with permission.


The gameplay is your average kart racer which plays similar to Mario Kart Wii. Race along a variety of courses with items to help or hinder.


Unlockable Characters


Chef Hat Cup

Paint Blob Cup

Maxim Cup

  • Quilty Square
  • Treat Land
  • Lor Starcutter
  • Rasin Ruins
  • Stage from Kirby: Mass Attack

Food Cup

  • Yoghurt Yard
  • ice cream island


  • Chef Hat - (Puts all of the food-related items on the course in random areas.).
  • Dance Beat - (Sends 1st place doing all sorts of moves).
  • Paint Blob - (Like a Blooper).
  • Water - (Makes a big spill, causing anyone who runs over it to slip).
  • Food - (Like a Mushroom).
  • Star Rod
  • Yarn Whip - (If a player is ahead, behind or to the side and hit, it will cause the power to spin out, it can also deflect items).

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