This game allows you to make your own Kirby games and levels using the impossibly simple level and map editor. This game will be released on the Wii U in year 20XX, and on the 3DS and 2DS in year 1I2D3K.


Pre-made Playable Characters

Kirby The most heroic puffball you will see in the history of gaming. This character has the ability to suck in enemies and can swallow them to gain their abilities.
Hero Waddle Dee This waddle dee is the most expirenced Waddle Dee in the universe. With the help of his permanent spear power-up, he is sure to live.
King Dedede King Dedede used to be a crazy villain until Kirby showed him the way of nice. King Dedede is also helpful because he has his own permanent hammer power-up.
1608 render metaknightrendermine
Meta Knight Meta Knight was also once a villain until Kirby came. But when Meta Knight became good, he never lost his permanent sword power-up.
Fan-art Needed Queen Dedede Queen Dedede is basically a purple King Dedede. She is only playable if King Dedede is a boss in the current game.
Fan-art Needed Giga Knight Giga Knight is basically a grey Meta Knight. He is only playable if Meta Knight is a boss in the current game.

Pre-made NPC's

Yellow Kirby Yellow Kirby is a NPC Kirby with a default class as a Healer NPC.
Blue Kirby Blue Kirby is a NPC Kirby with a default class as a Sidekick NPC.
Green Kirby Green Kirby is a NPC Kirby with a default class as a Shopkeeper NPC.
Red Kirby Red Kirby is a NPC Kirby with a default class as a Fencer NPC

Making a Level

The main part of games are levels, right? So you need to make levels for your game to get anywhere. This section will teach you everything you need to know right here. (Please note that the most popular enemies are already pre-made. Same with the bosses.) 

Custom Ground

The first thing you will want to do is to make ground right? If you are using pre-made ground then skip this section entirely. 

When you first tap 'Custom Ground' you should see that all it's slots are empty, so we need to make one now. Tap 'Add' and it should bring up several options.

  • Choose Ground Templates:
  • Slope? Yes/No
  • Slippery? Yes/No
  • Slowing? Yes/No
  • Color Wheel
  • Dangerous? No/Yes/Insta-kill
  • Settings Apply to: Players/All/Enemies
  • Done

So you have quite a few options to mess around with there. If you want a real tileset, you will need to mess with that for a while. But when you are done, tap done. Then tap 'Custom Ground' again, and you should see your ground tile. Then you can start placing it.

Custom Objects

Even though you have your pre-made doors, warps, walk-ons, and health-ups, you may want to make your own, too. So tap 'Custom Object' and see the magic of emptyness - None! Tap 'Add' and you should see several options popping up.

  • Door? Yes/No
    • Door's Label:
    • End Point:
  • Warp Star? Yes/No
    • Tap End Point in Level:
  • Walkable? Yes/No
  • Breakable? Yes/No
    • Includes Items? Yes/No
      • Tap on the items it will include:
  • Done

When you are done, tap done. Tap 'Custom Object' again, and start placing it/them!

TBA: Taking a break.

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