Kirby Doom of Dreamland
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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) Wii U, NX, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2.5D Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby: King of Dreamland
Kirby Doom of Dreamland is the successor to Kirby: King of Dreamland and the second game in the series to be co-developed by Darklight Studios. It follows the final fight between Kirby & Zero and the Dark Matter Army.


After the supposed defeat of Dark Zero and the destruction of the Dark Matter Army; Kirby, King Dedede and the rest of Dreamland returned to normal, however Meta Knight sensed a great darkness growing in mass not too far from Popstar, going to investigate, he found that the seven orbs of energy that had summoned Nova in Kirby Super Star were whirling around a giant black mass, suddenly a large eye opens in front of Meta Knight asking why he has come. Mega Knight knowning the being to be a Dark Matter, tells the mass that he will destroy the mass due to its intentions, however the mass simply laughs, and then quickly grabs and engulfs Meta Knight.

Following this, the camera cuts to Kirby who is practising with Dedede for some sort of play, with several Waddle Dees and a few Waddle Doos frantically running about with stage props. However just as Kirby was about to fall gently from the top of a tower prop, a giant earthquake causes him to fall flat on his face, causing Dedede to laugh. The king suddenly stops laughing after he hears a massive bellow and everything goes dark.

Kirby wakes up shortly after to find that Dedede's Castle along with many large chunks of Popstar and other planets are drifting in space, held together by the Dark Matter Mass, Kirby hears a bellowing voice telling him that he will be destroyed should he try to come rescue Dedede from the Diamond Tower at the pinnacle of the masses of land.


Much like any Kirby Game, Kirby moves around and can jump as well as float indefinetly by inhaling air. In addition to this he can inhale enemies and in some instances, take their abilities. Through this he can solve simple puzzles and find many secrets. On his way he'll need to use these abilities to defeat some enemies where inhaling doesn't work, the levels are often also filled with stage hazards, so Kirby has to watch where he steps.


Story Mode

1 Player

The Main mode of the game that has Kirby traversing the various landmasses to rescue Dedede and the others from the Dark Matters, along the way he'll encounter bosses both new and old as well as a variety of enemies from Pop Star and beyond.

The Arena

1-2 Players

A Boss rush area where up to two Kirbys can face every boss and mini-boss from the Story Mode in a back to back boss rush with a few healing items and a selection of any ability (prior to the first round only).

Meta Knightmare

1 Player

In this game mode, the player plays as Meta Knight trying to escape from Dark Matter's clutches, along the way he fights stronger variants of the bosses found in Story Mode and instead of Fighting Zero, fights Shadow Kirby, this game mode actually lines up with the Story Mode as after Kirby defeats Galacta Knight, Meta Knight appears from Galacta Knight's body indicating that the two stories run parallel.

The True Arena

1 Player

A second Boss Rush, this time only one Kirby can fight all the bosses and their stronger forms as well as the True Final Boss. This Arena is significantly more challenging that The Arena as it has over double the amount of bosses and less recovery items, in addition all limited use Abilities are locked from use.

Sound Boom Crew

1-4 Players

This mini-game has up to four kirbys creating a band, each member can decide on which copy ability they will adopt which will give them a particular instrument, for example the Mic makes that Kirby a Singer, Hammer makes Kirby a Drummer & Sword gives Kirby an Electric Guitar. The player must then perform with the other Kirbys performing well-known Kirby songs by pressing particular buttons to defeat attacking enemies.


  • Green Greens
  • Gourmet Go Go
  • Checker Knights
  • Dedede's Theme
  • Dark Matter Theme
  • Masked Dedede's Theme
  • Dark Meta Knight's Theme
  • Planet Popstar
  • Distant Traveller
  • Squeak Squad Appears!
  • Sectonia vs. Hypernova


  • Archer - Cello
  • Asteroid - Grand Piano
  • Beam - Flute
  • Beetle - Violin
  • Bomb - Cymbal
  • Circus - Harmonica
  • Cutter - Acoustic Guitar
  • Disguise - Timpani
  • Fighter - DJ
  • Fire - Bass Guitar
  • Glass - Viola
  • Gravity - Oboe
  • Hammer - Drum Set
  • Ice - Trumpet
  • Lance - Trombone
  • Leaf - Piccolo
  • Mike - Vocals
  • Moon - Double Bass
  • Needle - Triangle
  • Ninja - Electronic Drums
  • Parasol - Ukelele
  • Sand - Rainstick
  • Serpent - Double Neck Guitar
  • Shadow - Sound Effects
  • Sleep - Back Vocals/Orchestral Vocals
  • Spark - Galactic Horn
  • Stone - Bass Drum
  • Sword - Electric Guitar
  • Tomahawk - Trombone
  • Tornado - Didgereedoo
  • Water - Steel Drums
  • Wheel - Cannons
  • Whip - Saxaphone
  • Wing - French Horn


Playable Characters

Character Name Image Information
Kirby DoD
Kirby is the hero of Dreamland, constantly fighting against invading forces and the evils within Dreamland. He is very friendly but equally dangerous, so don't get on his bad side.
Meta Knight
250px-Meta Knight SSB4
Meta Knight likes to keep to himeslf, he is very secretive and his origins are a mystery. He looks strikingly similar to Kirby though.

Non-Playable Characters

  • King Dedede
  • Zero
  • Dark Matter Forces
  • Bandana Dee
  • Nova's Spirit


Kirby Doom of Dreamland has the most Bosses of any Kirby game with 15 (excluding alternate forms).

Boss Name Image Location
Fernaggle - Dragon of Life
Darkened Swamp
Frosty Woods - Frozen Rooted Monster
Frosty Woods
Oak Tundra
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright - Corrupted Solar-Lunar Duo
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
Oblivious Tower
Solarmeleon - Camoflauged Eclipse
Magic Jungle
Titanium Cobra - Metallic Serpent Fiend
Titanium Cobra
Ornate Factory
Starpick - Evil Copy Abosrber
Fiendish Mountain
Jet Blackwave - Flying Security Robot
Jet Blackwave
Destructive Airbase
Pyrataur - Flaming Mega Horse
Raging Volcano
Nerum Trinita - Cursed Maxim Tomato
Nerum Trinita
Entrenched Castle
Arachesert - Ancient Sealed Evil

Arachnid Desert

Thunder Kracko - Doombringer of the Skies
Thunder Kracko
Maddened Clouds
Dark Matter - Vile Monster from Beyond
Dark Matter
Lively Graveyard
Galacta Knight - A Good Soul Sealed Within
Galacta Knight DoD
Atrocious Spire
Masked Dedede - Corrupted King of Dreamland
Masked Dedede
Nocturnal Castle
Zero - Resurrected Menace of the Universe
Zero DoD
Zero Two DoD
Zero Three
Zero Perfect
Dreaded Path


Like all Kirby Games, Mini-Bosses are scattered throughout various levels across each world and challenge Kirby, giving a specific ability upon defeat. There are 30 Mid-Bosses.

Boss Name Image
Hammer - Bonkers
Mr. Frosty
Ice - Mr. Frosty
Fire Lion
Fire - Fire Lion
Sword - Razorwolf
Spark - Buzzerret
Fury Wheelie
Wheel - Fury Wheelie
Ribbon Archer
Archer - Ribbon Archer
Whip - Checoconda
Disguise - Neojell
Shadow - Lockjaw
Asteroid - Olymastrid
Beam - Asglogem
Bomb - Chargepoint
Hot-Chill Wrecker
Circus - Hot-Chill Wrecker
Cutter - Mantireign
Fighter - Charistaut
Glass - Arctilass
Gravity - Cosminarry
Lance - Helmalance
Leaf - Chillipot
Mike - Boomwire
Moon - Englipse
Needle - Needloth
Sand - Radiasert
Serpent - Atmorpent
Stone - Golagaurd
Tomahawk - Downber
Tornado - Skymare
Water - Aquagore
Wing - Floosma

Copy Abilities

In Kirby Doom of Dreamland there are 35 Copy Abilities, four new ones and 31 returning, they are listed below. In addition 10 Abilities have EX Forms. All returning Copy Abilities act identically to how they did in King of Dreamland.

New Copy Abilities

Gravity - Kirby is able to summon mini-Black holes to pull enemies in and their projectiles, he can also increase gravity, immediately causing any enemy that is jumping to fall directly down.

Lance - Kirby gains a giant lance which he can charge with, in addition he is able to perform upthrusts and use it to bounce on spikes like a pogo-stick.

Moon - Allows Kirby to shoot out mini-stars or when charge a cresent shape. This ability also allows Kirby to fly with a protective shield around him.

Sand - Allows Kirby to create a small wave of Sand to surf on which he can also use to hit enemies and also create temporary platforms.

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