Like most Kirby games, Kirby D.I.Y has enemies which sometimes give you a special ability called a Copy Ability. A Copy Ability lets Kirby use the enemy's ability, Such as a beam from a Waddle Doo. In the DS Version, these copy abilities use the same buttons as KSSU, however, In the Wii Version however, There is alot of use with the Wii Remote to use abilities. You can go to the menu to see how to execute the moves.

Name Of Ability Artwork of Kirby with the Ability In-Game Description Controls for the ability (DS) Controls for the Ability (Wii)
Beam N/A

The Beam which takes

Electricity to the next level!

Charge up your beam and

eliminate your enemies!

Beam Whip - Press B

Beam Blast - Hold B and


Beam Gale - Dash and Hold


Beam Flurry - Dash and Hold

B (Mid-Air)

Beam Whip - Bring up the Wii

Remote and wave it down.

Beam Blast - Bring up the

Wii Remote for a 3 Second

period and Wave down.

Beam Gale - Pull back the

remote and Push it forward.

Beam Flurry - Dash and

wave left and right. (Mid-Air)

Fighter N/A

Kwaah! Destroy

your enemys with

the skills of a seasoned

Fighting Champion!

Vulcan Jab - Repeatedly Press

B quickly.

Flash Kick - Press B for

a longer time than Vulcan Jab.

Vulcan Jab - Hold the Wii

Remote forward and push it

forward in a jabbing action


Flash Kick - Bring the Wii

Remote up quickly.

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