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Shroobyright This is a fan game made by Shroobario! Please make NO edits except for spelling, Thanks.Shroobyleft
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Kirby Combo Blast (Kirby Double Power on europe)is a upcoming game for Nintendo DS. It has many aspects from Kirby: Squeak Squad and Kirby 64.

Combo Powers

As in Kirby 64 you will be able to combine 2 powers. When sallow something, the power will appear in Kirby's belly in the touch screen (like in Sqeak Squad) but it'll be half transparent. When you touch it'll be normal, you'll loose it power but it'll still on Kirby's belly. Therefore if you swallow another power the same thing'll happen and when touching it it'll turn it off and you are holding 2 powers in youur belly and you can change it any time. If you loose life while using the power the power will turn into a star and start bouncing as usual. You may hold 5 items/powers in your belly (you can hold items on your belly and combine them to make them re-store more life). But that's not all when you drag two powers together they will combine into a new power like in Kirby 64. Not all combinations of powers make a Combo Power. Some do a random power like most of Kirby games.

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