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Characters, enemies, and bosses

  • There was originally going to be a goopy slime-like boss in the game. The boss was never named and was removed for unknown reasons, but it somewhat resembled Salvo the Slime.
  • Because of Bloopers and Cheep-Cheeps appearing in the game, there was going to be a giant eel enemy that couldn't be defeated, instead Kirby had to outswim it. It was removed for unknown reasons.

Abilities, powers, and worlds

  • A new Black Wisp was supposed to appear in the game, but it was removed because AdamGregory03 could not think of an ability for it to give Kirby.
  • The Invincibility Candy was supposed to appear in the game but was taken out because it was replaced by Super Stars.
  • Early concept art shows Kirby in the Penguin Suit. It was removed for unknown reasons.
  • There was supposed to be a world most like Asteroid Coaster. Why it was removed is unknown.


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