Kirby And The King Of Dreams is an upcoming video game set to be released in late 2013 on the Wii U. It is currently being developed by Retro Studios, the same people behind metroid prime and Donkey Kong Country returns. It is also the first 3D platformer in the Kirby series.


That no-good King Dedede has REALLY done it this time. Not only has he stolen the Star rod, he's also  kidnapped all of Kirby's friends and and  stole Kirby's food hoard!  With the help of Meta Knight, Kirby must save his friends, get back the star rod and  his food hoard, and  uncover the mysteries of the legendary King of Dreams, the creator of dreamland and master of dreams themselves.

 Gameplay And Worlds ( And Bosses)

In  the game, you can switch between kirby and meta knight in a star, similar to how you can select characters in a barrel in DK64. Kirby and meta knight both have different  moves. Kirby has the ability to float in the air and sallow his enemies and gain their abilities, and   Meta knight can flap his wings in the air and swing his sword around.  You also have to collect  ballons to unlock new worlds, kinda like the stars in Mario 64 and the jiggies in Banjo-Kazooie. There are 6 balloons to collect in each world.   There are 48 balloons in total.


1.Whispy's  Mountain

Boss: Whispy Woods

2.Chocolate Coast

Boss: Lololo And Lalala

3.Snowcone Valley


4.Bread Boardwalk

Boss: Poppy Bros. Sr.  and Jr.

5.Spicy Seas

Boss: Chef Kawasaki

6.Seaweed Shores

Boss: Fatty Whale

7.Dedede Industries

Boss: Waddle Dee Train

8.Dedede's Castle

Boss: King Dedede

9: Secret World

This  world can be unlocked ONLY if you collected all 48 balloons.


Kirby's  animal friends; Rick  The Hamster, Coo The Owl, And Kine The Sunfish,Chuchu the  Octopus,Pitch The Bird,Gooey The Blob,and Nago the cat also make an apperance.

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