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Kirby America
Developer(s) PumpkIn Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii Deluxe, 3DS
Genre(s) Superheros Action
Release Date(s)
December 31st 2018, December 1st 2018
Story Mode
Age Rating(s)

(Credit to the picture below goes to PAabloO on DeviantART) Kirby America is a Superheros Action game based off the Kirby series. It's the first Kirby America game in the series. It was scheduled to release December 31, 2018 published by Nintendo.

Intro Cutscene

One day in Dreamland, where everything was fine. The evil King Dedede broken the Power Crystal, a item of unlimited power. It split into 10 different shards scattered across the world, each giving the holder a unique evolution.

It then cuts to Kirby Fishing when a Power Shard falls on his head knocking Kirby out. Then, Kirby began to change. First it was minor giving him the shield of Captain America, but then his helmet fell on Kirby making him... KIRBY AMERICA!



(These are the events of how the game begins, It does reveal one of the antagonists though)

One day in King Dedede's castle, a little Waddle Dee walks up to the king and begs for forgiveness after letting Kirby get away. King Dedede sends him to the dungeon and sighs. "Thats the 100th one that survived but didn't get Kirby" He says. He brings out the power crystal and examines it.

"All this Unlimited Power could be mine..." He touches it and suddenly a waddle dee nearby becomes Hypnotized. It rushes for it causing it to fall and picks up a Shard. The waddle dee eats it whole and mutates, eventually throwing King Dedede out of his castle and into the sea.

Playable Characters

Name Moves Special Ability/Unique Feature
Kirby Copy, Slide, Punch Can copy enemys
King Dedede Hammer Time Can throw his Hammers
Ybirk Explode Can explode instantly killing anything, but also kills herself
Queen Dedede Royal Smackdown, Hammer Time, Punch, Slide, Fly Can fly for short periods of time
Metal Kirby Copy, Slide, Punch, Shoot Can use a built-in gun to kill enemies

Copy Abilities

Name Abilty/What It Does/Description How To Obtain
Hammer Throws Hammers Inhale Hammer Man
Sword Allows you to chop your enemies up Inhale the Link boss
Archer Allows you to shoot enemies with a bow Inhale the Archer miniboss
Microphone Instantly kill enemies with a noise (Dubstep, Rock, Heavy Metal) only 3 times Inhale Mike 
Helicopter Fly Kirby fly! This allows you to fly until you get hit. Inhale Heli-Man
Stomp Wa-hoo! Stomp your enemies to kill them! Inhale the Mario boss
Plumber Death by: Plunger Inhale the Luigi boss
Fry ...Become a Fry on a grill that attracts enemies. When enemies take a bite out of you, they instantly die Inhale the Fryboy boss
Copy Suck in any enemy to gain their ability! Inhale any horrible enemy recolor




Chapter 1: Tutorial Forest

Chapter 2: Lost At Sea

Chapter 3: Bean Bean Mountains

Chapter 4: Retro World (3DS Only)

Chapter 4: Modern World (Wii Deluxe Only)

Chapter 5: Possessed Castle

Chapter 6: The Final Flight

Chapter 7: The Final Flight 2

Chapter 8: Sacrifice

Chapter 9: Bonus World


The game got moderate reviews. Nintendo Power gave it a 8/10 saying 'A witty superheros action game kids are sure to love'. While IGN gave it a 6/10 saying 'Way too short'.


This was based off of a Google Images picture I found.

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